Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo in 02 Cobblestones

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 Not only the facial cleanser but also this duo eye shadow palette was inside the goody bag from the last event of the store launching! The women in my family are all the fans of Estee Lauder’s makeup, even me myself were using their eye shadows on the first time I tried using some back there when I was just 10 years old LOL. Since now I have the Estee’s palette for my own, let’s see if the love would go down also to the third generation, shall we?

Estee Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow Duo (.12oz/35g)“Art for your eyes. Two shades made for each other. One accentuates, the other contours. Wear together, or each alone. Long lasting. Ophthamotologist-tested.”

Most Luxury and Beautiful Packaging, Ever.
The outer box was made of such a luxury glossy, reflecting navy blue card, while the words are printed in gold. It was kinda hard to photograph the box due to its material, but also very sophisticated at the same time.

The gold lid is made with a gold mirror material like such, with the Estee Lauder logo printed on it in a soft, blurry doff material. Unfortunately also with this mirror material, indeed it does attract fingerprints as well. For me the gold is an old favorite color for the classic picks, and yes it still is until today. The packaging sure looks luxury and classic, but not the old-schooled one, more into the modern classic style.

Earthy Tones are Still Versatile!
I got this in shade 02 Cobblestone, they don’t have the name for individual shades but only for the duo name—possibly that’s because Estee Lauder doesn’t have individual shades sold separately instead of putting the colors together in one duo and or quad palette.

The lighter shade on the left is a frosty light beige color, and the one on the right is a shimmery light/medium brown color, all with the warm undertone. I actually prefer at least one matte color in every eye shadow palette especially for the darker color, but the light beige color in this duo has such not too overwhelming frosty which could look matte sometimes in low light room, so I think I can still bear with this palette and bring it on the go.

Not Really Impressing, but…
For the color payoff, I should really say I’m not a fan of Estee Lauder’s colorful makeup, I mean for lipsticks, eye shadows and etc. The color payoff is super shy, it won’t pull up the color easily and not without the primer! Wearing primer is a must, but with Estee’s product it’s a double must! If you ever tested any super pigmented eye shadow like LORAC, MAC, Sleek, maybe you would find Estee is a total disappointment. The color is too shy to show off, even with primer I found myself got to use the sponge applicator included as we know sponge one is better to work with those shy shades. Yes, it’s that shy happened on the light/medium brown color too.

Some people like my Mom, Auntie would like the color payoff the most—they love the natural-almost-bare-eye-look. I do recommend this product for those who want the classy look, almost unseen eye makeup but I’m unfortunately not one of them. For the formula, I should say it’s soft enough, and no fallouts have been occurred so far. Texture is not very smooth like LORAC which is so buttery and creamy, it’s less creamy than Urban Decay’s NAKED shadows indeed. Maybe the texture is on par with UD’s single shadow, but the color payoff is indeed still so far.

The price is around IDR 300,000 for this duo, it’s kinda expensive LOL it’s definitely not so budget-friendly! I personally don’t think I would repurchase this in any other color, but I think I would most bring this along with me during some trip. Yet the design is very versatile, the shades inside are also neutral enough lol.


Last Words?
Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo has the most luxury feeling ever, with the color gold dominating the whole packaging of this duo. I love the packaging, it’s very classy and beautiful, yet the shades inside are also made for complimenting each other. Unfortunately some may find the color payoff is not very good, I can’t say much but some people are actually fans for the low pigmentation of shadows but this duo is not for those who look for the opaque and rich shadows.


So, what do you think about Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow Duo? Have you ever tried it? Tell me in the comments box below!

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