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As promised in this the first part of my monthly haul here, I will write a review about Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry. There are a lot of reviews for this product, and this has been some people’s HG lipbalm too! Not only because of its price which is super duper cheap, it also has a great quality and is able to moisturize lips well. And maybe some of you have known that I have sensitive lips too beside my super sensitive skin! (;A;  ) which makes not all lip products work well on me. I heard this product got so much positive reviews so….. let’s give it a try!

I bought two products; one is for my mom, the Anti-oxidant Berry one, and the Smoothing Cherry one is for me. Today I will only review the Smoothing Cherry—actually there’s no difference in the formulas between the Smoothing Cherry and the Anti-oxidant Berry one except for the flavor only—since my mom hasn’t tried hers out.

What it claims :
Helps improve dry lips for smooth, supple, and soft lips.
Enriched with Centella Essence, helps to visibly transform your lips:
·         Fine lines reduced
·         Smoothness increased
·         Suppleness increased

And the ingredients list \(°°)/ It contains fragrance, but well I love fragranced product so no problem with that~ 

sorry for the fugly nails! AAAAAAAAAAAA

The packaging is very cute! It comes in pink and green, this kind of tube is kinda boring yep, but I love how the color and the printed ‘baby lips’ label make it so child-like \(°°)/ 

This lipbalm is colorless, yes, even no any slightest tint. Oh, the one I got is the clear balm because the tinted ones are not available in my country (I believe in Asia as well) yet. So yeah, I love that this balm is clear and colorless, I can wear it to school without being a center of attention for wearing tinted balm (//o///) My besties always offend me in many ways—they even KNEW the slightest change on my eyes when I happened to curl my eyelash then made fun of that! LOL

This is the swatch! Okay I know you can barely see where did I swatch it—already circled it so you can notice a slight shine on my hand.

In order to write an accurate review, I’ve been using this product for a week before reviewing it out. Here’s my before photo :

You can see my lips are dry and pale. It’s not chapped but you can OBVIOUSLY see the lines! Yuck!( ۳°°)۳

After I applied the lipbalm on. You can see less lines, and the lips are more moisturized. This balm is not sticky yet waxy; it glides on smoothly on my lips. I also feel no greasy feeling after the application. It’s  very lightweight! I can see sheen only as it’s colorless. 

After a week of usage, here’s my after photo:

I apply this lipbalm everytime I feel my lips dry. I found myself reapplying the balm like, every 3-4 hours. But guess what, I found no sign of irritation that might occur! YAY! And oh, by the way, this is the picture of my bare lips with no products on! Guess what!


            CUTE PACKAGING.
            NICE CHERRY SCENT. This may be others’ cons but that I love fragranced products, so yep ~
            MOISTURIZING. Although I need to reapply it every 3-4 hours, when I left it overnight it didn’t make my lips flaky and peeled in the next morning.
            NON STICKY!
            CHEAP! I bought this only for IDR 18,900 or simply $2 in my local drugstore.


            ˟ MAY NOT BE MOISTURIZING ENOUGH FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUPER DRY LIPS. This lipbalm surely moisturizes my lips, but only lightweight. I don’t think it’s able to moisturize your lips deep and very well.


YEP. I want to try Burt’s Bees lipbalm as well, my mom has been loving it and I’d like to try one too! But I’ll surely repurchase, but maybe also in their US version which is a tinted lipbalm.

This lipbalm may not be the best of all out there, but I find this one is a must have too. It works great as a base before you apply your lipstick/lipgloss on, as stick lipbalm is not as runny as clear lipgloss is.  I need to reapply every 4 hours, not 8 hours like what they say but it’s okay la since 4 hours is quite good enough for a stick lipbalm! It has fragrance and flavor, so it might be disturbing for some people. Fine lines on my lips are visibly less by now, I hope it will be less more and more as I keep using this product until finally I get my baby lips back~ XD

I think this is my HG stick lipbalm at the moment! And yes, I’m curious about the US version of this lipbalm series from Maybelline that they have tint in the balm with no differences in the amazing formula. I will also soon give this to my mom so she can try it herself…let’s hear from her soon shall we? She has a very dry lips, and seems can’t be helped anymore. I will write another review based on her experience, so stay tuned on my blog~ hope you haven’t got bored already for reading two different reviews of one product (°° “)

So have you tried this product? Or would you give it a try? Share your thoughts on the comment section below. Take care, XOXO~

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  1. Aww glad you have found the HG lip balm, lin. I have been wanting to try this out but ATM have too many lipbalm >.<

    1. L'Occitane is still my HG, but this one could be too! :p cece punya apa aja? :p

  2. Very nice<3 I love this stuff too~


  3. very nice :)
    i want to try them so bad xD

    1. should try it! oya, di guardian sih ada promo beli 60rb bisa nebus baby lips dengan harga 8rb tempting!:D

  4. this is my favourite lip balm too :)

  5. aq juga pake ini.. hehe..
    enak jadi lembab gitu ^^

    visit back
    thankss :)

    1. yeppp, enak banget kan :D hehehe lembab dan murah XD

  6. I have one hehe. It's moisturizing as well but lil sticky for me. Yeah I really want beeswax lipbalm too. I've seen some review of beeswax so I really want to purchase too.

    Thank you for the review :)