Review: Yoki Eye Strawberry 20.8 mm in Red

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I love my natural eyes, but I love wearing circle lenses too! Especially when I want to wear heavy eye makeup, I prefer to put on lenses to balance out the gorgeousness of my eye LOL but vice versa, circle lenses will still compliment your natural and simple eye makeup too. Common colors like blue, green, grey, brown…ah, they are really mainstream! But have you ever imagined red lenses for everyday wear? Do you think red is a little bit too much to work around with natural eye makeup? Ha, I can prove you wrong!

Yoki Eye Strawberry is the lens I’m going to review today! The brand name is not very familiar to me, but the ads were very cute so I agree when Dreamie Chuppa, my all-time favorite online shop of circle lenses, offered it to me. Now let’s see the product description, shall we:

Product Info
Brand: Yoki Eye
Type: Strawberry
Origin: Japan
Diameter: 20.8 mm (sure huge…O.o)
Color: Red
Water Content: 52%
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 6 months (disposable)
Availability in Prescription: Yes (from 0-800)

Coming in blisters packaging seems to be a unique signature (or standard? Will update about this later) of Japan lenses (like the one I reviewed here) and I love it as well! Sometimes vial packaging can get really rough and…hurting as well, like what just happened to my nail today when I tried to open my new pair of Geo lenses \(>< !!)/

The duration of these lenses are also shorter than regular Korean lenses—only a half of the Koreans’! I heard from an ophthalmologist that the shorter the duration of your contact lenses, the better & healthier your eyes will be. Storing and soaking them inside solution cannot kill all the bacteria that “get” and “stick” onto your lens’ surface, that’s why sometimes you feel itch or pain while putting on a quite worn lens. Therefore, basically…lenses with shorter duration are far better. Okay. One more point added for this lens! XD

As usual I got this in my prescription, which currently is -350 for both of my eyes and hoping for it not to add in any way.

P.S: I love my floral background and so do you and I hope it didn’t disturb you to see the original pattern and color of this lens clearly!

Color: ♥♥♥♥♥
Not true to the described color at all. It’s a PINK, definitely is. Even to look it inside the case, I would tell it’s a pink—obviously not red! The color is not very vibrant while worn on eyes too. People can tell you’re wearing red pink lenses, they won’t gasp like “meh…it’s pink?” but more like “wow, nice color you have there!”, thanks to the dark red-almost-black color that dominates the lens more than the pink does, only being like gradation and put behind the strong pattern lining (look at the both inside in lenses pic below!) The nice thing that puts one more heart for the color scoring is the yellow thin lines along the center area. The yellow would make a nice detail but not too overpowering there, yet it helps a little to blend the color of lens with my natural dark brown eyes.

L: Inside in | R: Inside out
Design: ♥♥♥♥♥
The overall design is actually very pretty; I believe it implies some kind of flower on the pattern. Despite the pretty design, I merely dislike the boldness of the pattern lining itself. It’s too dark, making this lens looks more forgiving while worn, that’s good, but from faraway you can barely see the pattern and the color—all just seem…what, blurred? It’s useless to have pretty floral design but you can’t really see it once it’s worn—unless people are within 45 cm near to your face.

pretty floral design!

Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♥
Definitely the biggest lens I have so far! I love how it enlarges my eyes but not in a creepy way, it’s more wearable with makeup on though. The enlargement effect is nothing like 20.8 mm, won’t you be scary as hell if you have such a large iris, but I believe it’s around 17-18 mm. Compared to the 19 mm Komilook, Yoki Eye seems to be a little biiiit smaller. The outer limbal ring is thin; the reason why these lenses are big is because of their literally-big size.

no lens

with lens

L: with lens | R: without lens
both eyes with lens
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥
It’s surprisingly, very comfortable on my eyes. It doesn't hurt, no itch at all, and worn well on my eyes without eye drop up to 8-9 hours. Lovely how big lenses are comfortable, because I found my eyes are quite not fit lately for quickly & easily getting tired of wearing lens especially those with big diameter. Yoki Eye Strawberry is far, far more comfortable than Komilook Leopard Gray, in comparison of big circle lens' comfort.

Selca time! You do the judgement yourself, it's surely a beautiful pair of circle lenses but alas, the design is not very vivid from afar :( 

please DO ignore the weird smile...okay, now you realize it

Yoki Eye Strawberry retails for IDR 140,000 or around $15, you can get it from Dreamie Chuppa, here’s their contact person:

Facebook: Dreamie Chuppa
Twitter: @depth_dreamie
Instagram: @depth_dreamie

Whatsapp/SMS: +628995693988


Last Words?
Yoki Eye Strawberry is a pretty, decent big circle lens that is wearable for everyday use. Light makeup will do pretty well along, so no worries. Those with very small eyes might find it a little bit too big, but with dramatic lashes I think nothing could come as impossible anymore! Overall it’s great and very comfortable, but the color I got is just…not true to what it’s marketed to be.

bonus pic: a decent, happy smile! :D

So! Have you tried this lens? Would you give it a try? Lemme know in the comment section below, will be back again posting something in this blog tomorrow…or maybe, 2 days from now. Still busy even though the exam is already over now. Do share some love, XOXO <3

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  1. Kmnya Lucuuuuuu.. pake bangettt!! Pake poni pula skrg jd tmbh lucuuu.. haha. Softlens nya jg lucu.. haha

  2. pas dipake warnanya keliatan natural ya? baguuuss
    aku suka deh sama selca kamu yg ke 2, cute, pretty, lovely, gemeeess!

  3. cantik banget ><
    diameternya gede banget yah, aku kira gak bakal nyaman dipakenya, taunya nyaman yaa. jadi pengen coba ^^

  4. Huwaaaa it's huge :O aku pake exoticon 16mm sama besarnya loh sama ini :3

  5. iyaaa itu besar banget >.< exoticon? boleh request reviewnya dong, been looking for local lens yang cakeep!

  6. thanks bella <3
    iyaa, ini sih nyaman, lebih nyaman dr komilook (yg paling gede yg pernah aku cb) duluu. surprised much!

  7. You look really adorable!! Such a cutie <3 Thanks for the review c:

  8. iyaa, ngga norak/serem kan malah natural :3 hehehe
    thanks rinaa! hohoho salahkan pipi ini ;A;

  9. thanks buwangett deeee! :3 iya nii salah potong poni, untung ini dibenerin temen aku -_- balik kaya zaman SD deh terpaksa poni lurus hoho <3

  10. jadi lucu lin diponi :3
    btw softlensnya gede banget yak o_o tapi bagus pink XD

  11. udah aku review. cek di blogku ^^

  12. warnanya ga gt keliatan yaa klo jauh :O
    tp bagus wrn pinknya :3 hihi
    nice post linnn <3

  13. makin imuuuttt lin <3 <3

    warnanya bener2 ga keliatan red nya ya.. tapi overall bikin kamuuu tambah unyu!

  14. cute banget!! <3 gemezzz ama olinnn.. cantikk >.<

  15. Okay, I really have to say thank you to you for posting this!:D I was looking for (i'm europian, so i need very big lenses to make my eyes look bigger..) pretty big, pink circle lenses. and then i saw these lences:DD and now i know that i should have bought these :) and i did it! just wanted to say thx :DD <3

  16. glad to have this post helpful! this lens is super pretty, i hope you are happy with your purchase once you get it <3 you're very welcome, anna!