Review: Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara #3 Dancing Blue

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What do you think if you happen to see a woman at public place, wearing natural, pretty makeup BUT her lashes are painted blue like, electric blue? Is she insane or is there anything wrong with your eyes? That woman could be anyone, for example: me? Because today I have a special blue mascara review for all of you, and believe me, this is my favorite mascara for past few months~

Unusual Range of Color Selections in Korean Mascaras!
Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara is not very popular but it seriously offers mascara shades of what other Korean mascaras don’t. Clear and blue shade, for example, which is common for US and UK brands. I’m totally excited about the blue—over the clear, of course—so I purchased it right away at Colormix during my HK trip last year.
Here’s the official ads of it:

Clear mascara, ah there’s always next time. Brown, too mainstream. Black, undoubtedly boring. Blue….wait what, blue? Dancing Blue is the name? I’m totally sold!

Check Out the Ingredients List, ALWAYS DO THIS
The tube is dominated by black color with metallic printing on the body saying the product’s name. Mostly tube products like this only have its ingredients list put on a sticker label attached to the outer plastic seal that’s wrapped all over it, so you might want to check it first before buying. And yes, it contains alcohol which some of you with sensitive eyes—not me, not really—might bother to use it. The alcohol scent bursts out as you open the tube, though it’s not very strong either.

Electric Blue, Babe!
The wand is a brush type wand, one kind that would help add volume to your lashes. However, it adds no volume at all but tends to clump sometimes. Just a little bit of lengthening effect. Very little! You can see the blue color is pretty striking; it’s totally an electric blue color! Awesome, just as expected. The formula of this mascara is pretty dry, it dries quickly on your lashes than it is when swatched. If you want to coat over your lashes for the second or third time, you better do it quick before it dries and you will end up flaking the first coat. Being dry on the formula also has its own advantage of holding up curl well without weighing the lashes down.

It’s totally waterproof and smudgeproof, flaking issues only occur if you happen to rub your eyes very hard like if they were very itchy. That feeling, remember? But that’s quite rare. You won’t mess your eye makeup by doing that. What an amazing staying power it has, albeit it’s also very hard to remove. Every attempt of getting rid of this mascara will always cost me one, or two strands of eyelash. Dry formula must be the bad guy here! I still would have lashes left if I happen to wear this mascara everyday, wouldn’t I? *terrified*

As shown in pictures above, it is electric blue that’s on your lashes. Don’t worry, the color won’t be so obviously ‘electric blueeeee’ unless someone is only 40-50 cm away from your face. At least it’s not very noticeable from a distance of 1 meter or more, promise!

This mascara retails at HKD$50 at Colourmix, and other retail stores that carries Lioele brand. Pretty cheap for mascara…YES IT IS CHEAP THIS ONE HAS 7G IN IT LOL I’M REPURCHASING


Last Words?
Overall, Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara is awesome, it comes with unusual range of color selections and has great staying power Korean brands don’t usually do. Sadly this mascara contains alcohol, which stings on some with sensitive eyes. Removing and building this mascara up can be a little hard due to its budgeproof and dry formula, but still this one is a cheap alternative for those who want a perk up in their eyes during the summer season! Completely wearable, not whore-able. You know you can trust me!

C’mon, give fun and daring colors more shots. Winter season is going to get over itself very soon, we’re going to back to those sunny, bright days! Blue can never be wrong, it’s the color of our sky!
So what do you think about this? Will you give it a try, or a nay? Do comment, because you guys know how much I love to hear it from you. XOXO

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4 kisses

  1. I find it quite hard to find blue mascaras here where I am! Though I dont have the guts to use coloured mascara out in public even though I love the way it adds some spice to some makeup looks. I would probably get some weird looks from my parents and my friends if i did use it haha :)

  2. Oh~ i never had the guts to wear a mascara that's not either black or brown >.< But it looks really good! It sucks it contains alcohol which is definitely not for me. :( But I like how it's waterproof and smudge proof! Best thing everrrr~ Thanks for the review! :D

    Love, Aimee

  3. birunya cakep linnn :3 punya holika2 jg ada yg wrn ungu ^^

  4. hmm i'm all for colored mascaras but this smudgy-ness of this is a bit of a pass for me. too bad. that color is pretty awesome.

    A Beautiful Zen