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One of the items from this month haul is a pair of eyelashes from Lioele. I should say this is my very first fake lashes ever! Every time I went to saloon to get my makeup done (few years ago before I learnt how to do makeups LOL) they never put fake lashes on my eyes. Yeah they said that my natural lashes are quite long and have good volume too, so I’d not need fake lashes because they would make my eyes look heavy (-__________- “)

But to be honest I’ve been wondering how it feels to have fake lashes on my eyes! Those with fake lashes appear to have bigger and brighter eyes, and their eyes look very outstanding from other features on her face. So without my mom knowing this (sorry Mams!) I bought a pair of this lashes from my first visit to Lioele’s counter. Let’s wonder no more la!

 I got mine in #06, and no additional information, sorry! All written in Hangeul and I DON’T HAVE A SINGLE IDEA WHAT THEY MEAN LA T__T

Why buying this? Because I planned my look for Halloween was a ‘wicked’ version of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and this one looks really close to her falsies here in this photo, so that’s why I chose this!

It comes with a glue too, YAY so I don’t have to spend on buying eyelash glue LOL *get slapped*

An instruction to put on falsies. Should pay attention to the picture carefully, from step to step, because I don’t understand Hangeul yet this is my very first time of wearing falsies la!

The hair is really smooth, and it’s very lightweight! Since this is my first falsies, I don’t know the comparisons between this one and the famous Dollywink falsies. Should buy another fake lashes soon! The length of the hair is not too long or too short, I think it’s more into natural look, maybe because this is a Korean product? LOL (~*o*)~

I used this falsies on my Halloween FOTD, “Voodoo Doll”. Check it if you haven’t, here’s one photo as a sneak peek! XD

excuse my chubby cheeks!
See how natural is it? I think it’s not long enough to get dramatic eyes LOL but my eyes are slightly bigger, and notice that I wear no contact lenses atm! \(^o^)/

            CHEAP. Only IDR 45.000 for a pair!
            GOOD QUALITY. I can use it up to 3 times without messing up with the shape.
            NATURAL. Good for those who want a cute bigger eyes without looking too much.
            LIGHTWEIGHT. It’s not heavy at all!
            COMES WITH A GLUE.
            CUTE PACKAGING.

            ˟ THE GLUE WHERE THE LASHES ARE STUCK INSIDE THE BOX IS TOO STRONG. It’s very hard to pull them out, which makes me to pull them harsh so it can damage the lashes (;A;  )

see? X(


YES! This lashes has natural look, and sometimes natural and ‘normal’ lashes are needed in some occasions :p

Lioele Eyelashes is a great product overall. Despite of its glue where the lashes sit inside the box which could damage this product when you pull it out for the first time, I don’t think there are any other cons about this product! It gives a natural look but still cute. Go buy yourself one, because I’m grabbing other series as well! It comes with a glue too, so you can bring this to travel without bringing eyelash glue which means more space.

Give a try to this product! It’s cheap yet the quality is very good. Lioele is surely one of my favorite Korean brands. You can order it online too, just go visit their Facebook page here or Twitter. The shops are opening soon in some cities in Indonesia, so worry no more!

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16 kisses

  1. so cute!
    tapi kq sebelah matamu kyknya gak rapi :p
    kamu monolid ya?

    Visit and folback my blog yah!

    1. eh....iya ya yang kiri kok rada copot *syok*
      ada lipetan, cuma kecil gitu jd pake solasi lg hihi XD *ditabok*

      yes, will do! thank you for visiting yaa, xoxo ! XD

  2. cuteeee..:D

    itu eyelashes yg di mata kananmu kayanya nempel di bagian tengah nya aja ya.. kalo ga salah liat :o
    tapi baguss.. keliatan natural ^^

    1. yang kiri dev, yang kanan nempel cakep hihi :p
      iya, malu-maluin banget pasang falsies jelek amat, kudu latian lagi *autoteks semangat*
      hihi :D thankyouuuu!

    2. maksudnya mata kanan dari tempatmuu.. haha.. :p
      aku juga masih belum bisa.. lama" pasti bisa ^^

      fotomu terakhir ekspresinya nggemesin banget.. pengen aku cubit" wkwkkw..~ :p

  3. Ahh sesama nubie falsies he he he...
    Iya suka keras bgt lemnya, falsies yg aku beli kemarin rusak satu gara2 kenceng bg lemnya.

    1. iyaaaa >.<
      aduh jelek banget falsiesku yang kiri ya kak.....*mbatin* *termenung*
      hiks ._.
      sayang, cakep2 tapi lemnya terlalu macho hihi!

  4. Great blog
    Ifound you on blog hop

    Do you want to do a follow for a follow?

    If you do please let me know :)

    Thanks jane


  5. hey Caroline! thank you stopping over at my blog! i love these lahses! they are really pretty! i like how you did your eye makeup in the voodoo doll look. how in the world did you get the texture on your eye lids? lol

    1. hey miss! thank you for visiting mine too :D
      yep, i love the lashes as well too. tee-hee~ you don't know it eh? it's a eyelid tape, Asian women usually have monolid eyes, and we use eyelid tape to make double lids so our eyes will appear bigger and rounder XD LOL!

  6. Great look for you. Dont worry abt mistakes. It took awhile to master putting eyelashes on. I, too, still have problems or make mistakes.

    1. thankyou ce rose~ XD i didn't realize the mistake until somebody told me, gah T___T

  7. syang, itu yg kiri agak krg nempel yg dket inner corner hihi tp maklumlah krn ini fake lashes pertama xD

    1. iyaaa ce ga nempel bener >.< aaa~ sudah terlanjur di post, tak apalah.. lain kali diperhatiin dulu sebelum upload! :P

  8. why!!! WHY!!!! why you so cuteeeeee!!!!!! >_< love u!! and love ur 1st lashes too!! uber cute!!! :*

    1. so are youu aprilia! \(>__<)/ i love u too! XD it's very cute, even it looks very natural. get one! <3