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So I now could say, my long dream had just come true :


And could say it's a bonus though, their tenant is inside The Grand Palace Department Store, inside my favorite mall ever, Grand City Surabaya `) The Lioele store (I mean tenant XD) was officially opened on October 13th 2012. I didn't know this issue, until I checked my Twitter timeline and found a tweet from @TGPSurabaya—The Grand Palace official Twitter account—that Lioele has opened their tenant inside the department store. Lucky me--well these last few days my luck is like increased beyond its maximum point LOL--that I was about going to Grand City to attend Amica Fashion Festival by (X)S.M.L, which means I could also visit the store too, yay!

YAY!!!!!! XD

After having lunch with some besties and Kate—well HE just got "hometown" from SG—I splitted up with the party and went inside the department store to visit Lioele's tenant. It's very easy la to find Lioele's tenant, because it's very outstanding in between any tenants else! The princess-y design and hot-pink color easily caught my attention.

CUTE! Oh, the BAs are still busy reorganizing things, as yesterday (Oct 13th 2012) was the very first day this store opened!

Here's the display! How could such a cute thingy didn't catch my attention? They put mirror in the pumpkin of Cinderella carriage, their versatile logo. Aww °•(>̯┌┐<)•°
And by the way, as you can see Lioele is next to Revlon's tenant, in case you can't find them (which is nearly possible as Lioele's the most eye-catching tenant inside The Grand Palace)

Some of their makeup products. Even the boxes are sooooo cute, almost all in pink! Black, white, and pink (some in blue, I know)
Seriously, I want their Dollish Veil Vita BB cream and Water Drop BB cream! ( ʃƪ) ( ʃƪ

The cute short jar with mirror is actually a blush! Spot also a marble highlighter, the versatile gel liner, and an eyebrow kit in black sleek case. 

Love the stand! At the top of this logo stand, you can see some products of Lioele that is covered by acylric glass. Closer look of them! 

Triple The Solution BBcream, Dollish Veil Vita BBcream, and other products from Lioele for makeup base. Psssst, tell me if you can spot a cute girl from this picture! Yep, she's................err I'm kinda bad with name, but she's a kind woman from Lioele. I'm sorry Nee-chan! *blush*

 Here is the skincare range from Lioele. Oh oh how I badly want their AC Control Trouble series for my acne, blemishes, and troubled skin (ʃ̣̣̣╭╮‾̣̣ƪ) But I kinda errrrr got bankrupt this month so yeahhh, next time, maybe? *sob*
The C.A.D Oxygen Pore line is for those who have big pores, and yep, they claim to be tighten your pore! Well my pores are big too, I'm curious about them too (¬̯͡-̮ ¬̯)͡


The white bottles are their Whitening line, and the pink bottles with very cute mirror-like cap are their C.A.D Cell line. The Pure White line is for whitening, while the C.A.D Cell line is for wrinkles and whitening care.

Also Lioele got body products! I swear all of them have nice scent: soft, sweet, yet fresh! Body wash, body lotion, body scrub, just all you need!

 They have a seriously-cute nail polishes! Honestly I'm not a fan of nail polishes, but they have really cute colors! Aaaaaa next time I drop by, surely will pick one. Say, hot pink? And the black jar with spatula is a mask, claims to be tightening your pore too. There are some mask sheets on the second row, which also got my heartt since I'm now a fan of mask sheet. Really. 

The mint green is also cute! Don't you say? XD

Another display of their products. Pssssst, the products on the table are gifts for their opening promo. Wonder to get them all? Closer look on the pamflet!

Unfortunately I only spent IDR 150.000 yesterday (º̩̩́º̩̩̀) I bought only a pair of eyelash and a sleeping pack, so yeah, no free gift. It was actually IDR 175.000 for the total amount, but I got IDR 25,000 discount from a voucher! Yay! And yet, after I'd done my payment, the BA gave me a IDR 20.000 voucher and two free samples! So happy la, I love discount so much! Oh, and you can also be a member! For IDR 1,000,000 purchase in 3 months, you will get Lioele's membership. So many benefits you will get for being one, and I badly want to be one too! Aaaaaa `) *scream excitedly*

Excuse my tired face! LOL
Last, is a secret camwhore photo of mine! Psssst don't tell the BA okay °•(>̯┌┐<)•° couldn't resist not to take self pic on their super-cute mirror.
My very first shopping experience (and shop exploring LOL °•(>̯┌┐<)•° ) was very exciting and nice! All the BAs were very kind and welcome, too bad I forgot to take some photos with them! I got much information of Lioele's products and got much tempted tbh (′ᴗ‵)  Can't wait for my next visit there, I want to buy their Triple the Solution BB Cream (a repurchase!) And maybe some pairs of eyelashes, yet their trouble care line *begging mom* Take a look at what I bought yesterday!

Visit their tenant (for Surabaya residences especially!) at The Grand Palace Department Store in Grand City, on Ground floor, next to Revlon's tenant. Will love to hear about your experience with them too! Share them with me once you've done, kay?


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  1. aduhh bahaya itu,kalo lewat counter lioele lucu" semua kemasannya >.<,aku paling ngiler liat kemasan yang lucu-lucu soalnya haha :D


    1. iyaaaaa ce! beneran, bulan ini dah bokek kek kek, tp apa dikata, pengen beli semuanyaaaa, liat sleeping pack paling gak tahan LOL :p semuanya lucu, bisa dipegang lagi, kalo online mah cuman ngelus-elus layar laptop, jadi lebih tahan buat gak beli, nah ini? XD

      thanks udah mampir! *peluk cium*

  2. Whoaaa udah ada di surabaya yach? Senengnyaaaaa akhirnyaaaa....
    Wiiiiiih mesti mampir yooooo....

    1. yepppp! akhirnya XD kamu di surabaya juga? atau jakarta? yuk kapan-kapan main bareng kesana kalo kamu di sby! :D

    2. Iya aku di surabaya juga sis....
      Yuuuk kapan-kapan main bareng hunting kosmetik unyu2..wkwkwkk
      Salam kenal sis...
      I've follow ur cute blog
      Kalo berkenan follow back yach..hehehehee
      Nice to know u sis...

  3. Very nice<3 I wish I had one at my local mall but, too bad I don't~


    1. yeppppp! XD
      where do you live EV? you can always visit Lioele store if someday you visit surabaya or jakarta. i'll happily accompany you to shop there whenever you come to surabaya. just lemme know! ;) X

  4. Woww.... LIOELE finally ^^
    penasaran banget sama produk2nya :)
    Thanks for reviewing this girl!

    1. iyaaa ce >.< you should really go there! aku beli juga produknya, meskipun dah seret banget ini kantong.. ga bisa nahan beneran! XD
      your welcome! thanks dah main ke blogku jugaa ^O^

    Kemarin liat sampe nangis terharu saking lucunya *lebay*
    ayo kapan-kapan pergi situ sma cc me <33


    1. eh btw, cc kok malah naksir cermin yang mbok pake foto itu ya?? hahahaha

    2. udah kesana emang ce? gilaaaaaaaak abis, ga nahan rasanya pengen beli semuanya! aaaaaaaaaaaa *histeris* *keliling GC*
      ayoook! gimana kalo kita main-main ke GC aja? :p hihi biar bisa belanja lioele juga *ditabok
      iya, cerminnya lucu smua, psst itu fotonya diem2 loh :p don't tell the BAs!

      kiss juga! :*

  6. mauuuuuu hehe ^^
    akhirnya udh dipost jg, thanks infonya lin ;)

    1. yepppp ce, aku mauuu semuanya! >o<" hehehe. yep, sama2, thanks udah main main ke sini ce :D XD

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  7. Ngilerrrr...drolldrolll..wuaaahh..di Makassar blm adaaa.huaa...artinya,msh bs tahan diri buat ngorek dompet..hahahaha..
    Btw,lin,cameramu merk apaan ya?brp mp?jernih bangett..hahahaha..

    1. iyaaaaa aku juga ngiler liat semuanya cee! >.< rasanya pingin beli smua hehe.. wah, semoga cepat buka di makassar ya! ato mampir deh ke storenya kalo main ke Sby LOL :p
      aku kalo main ke rumah saudara di makassar, boleh kok ce kalo mau titip.. *racunin*

      merk Canon, seri lamaaa banget ce >.< ini 12MP sih. ini jernih berkat editan brightness kok XD
      planning to buy new camera from Lumix sih, moga-moga bulan depan.. lebih jernih si Lumix, moga bisa terkabul bulan depan!

    2. seriusan punya saudara di Mks,lin? me klo main mks dehhh....aduhh,kli ini bneran keracunan hahaa..Oh iya2,ngeditnya jago loh,photoshop ya?hehehhee.Smoga Lumixnya cepet mendarat di pelukan yaaa..hahahahaa... Amin!!

    3. iyaaaa, banyak malahan ce sodara di Mks~ hehe! oke deh, ntar aku contact jadi kita bisa wisata kuliner bersama *lho* ya kan ya kaaan, tadi aku main lg ke konternya dan beli lagi! can't help self..
      nggak, cuma di photoscape doang, males pake photoshop akir2 ini dan lebih praktis xixi XD amin amin! semoga bulan ini jugaaaaaa! *maruk

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. harganya harganya gmna?? lebih murah di olshop ato storenya? lgsg capcuss kesanaa, kuliah d malang jarang plg k rumah, baru tau nih klo lioele buka store :C

    1. haiiii saras <3
      harganya, denger2 udah naik per 24 desember yang lalu. cuma aku belom main kesana lagi :( hehehe, olshop lioele official? kalo sama olshop lokal murah lokal, kalo olshop official kayanya sama dgn store :)