Wednesday Wish #1: Wishtrend Birthday Wishes!

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Hello June, hello everyone! I have always loved this month since ever I could remember. Not only that I’m going to have my birthday in two weeks (what a #kodekeras indeed LOL but I didn’t mean it to be, or….did I?), but also the truth that June is the last month of the first half of 2015. Phew, time flies eh? It’s like the New Year eve was just yesterday and poof, today it’s June 3rd!

As the title of the post, I’m going to start a new bi-weekly post series: Wednesday Wish. I will post anything on my current wish and buy lists in this post. And to celebrate this very first post of #WednesdayWish, I’m going to have my wishes from Wishtrend!

Wishtrend is a South-Korea based online store which sells mainly Korean makeup and skin care products. They, however, sell ‘exclusive’ brands (Berrisom, Elishacoy) rather than the famous and popular one like Tonymoly or Etude House. If you’re curious about exclusive or hard-to-find-around brands from Korea, Wishtrend may have them! That’s why I’m super excited to build my wish list from their site. Another good thing is, they ship to Indonesia! WORLDWIDE free shipping also will be given if you shop above $69. How cool is that?

What if you want to shop their bestselling products, but don’t want to spend until $69 to get the free shipping offer? Chill, my friends! Just click the free shipping tab, and you will quickly be on a page showing the bestselling items of Wishtrend, and you will be eligible for free shipping on your  order regardless the amount of your total order. How cool is that?

That’s why I cannot wait to say my wishes! After spending like 30 minutes trolling on their site, I finally have some *ugh* items that I really want – and soon buy it as a self-birthday-gift:

Since the hype began, yet until today I haven’t had the chance to get this baby on my hand. Sigh. I’m super duper curious about this peel-off lip stain, as some reviews say that it’s really fun to peel off – like peeling of a sticky tape from your lips, but with an ease – the lip tint! I had my eye on two shades, which is 01 Bubble Pink and 08 Virgin Red. The red one seems so promising with that very vibrant red on the lip swatch, don’t you agree?
How could I miss that…
Okay I should really order this soon.


I really need scrub slash exfoliating product in my stash, like seriously. My face is so sensitive that I can’t even use natural sugar to exfoliate it, but I know I need something that is a liiiiittle bit harsher than the regular oatmeal that I usually use to exfoliate my skin. This Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Scrub might be the answer. I’ve seen many positive reviews about it and it’s not too expensive, so I will try this one very soon too!

This pore brush from Korea is so raved until some people made a knock-off version of it. It must be so good that they even make the knock-offs, right? But in Wishtrend, you will get the original and most authentic Tosowoong brush for only $20! It’s cheap enough I think, because it works really great to your skin according to the reviews I’ve read. How could you not invest $20 on brush for your skin’s health but spend $50 on a cheek brush to apply blusher…it doesn’t really make sense, eh?
I would likely buy this one very soon and I will tease my mom to get one too for this brush is doing magic. Can’t wait to try~

(by the way, the wish list is still growing – and I start to get confused which one to get first. OMG.)


Natural sponge! Yay for natural sponge! You may not know for I have been a facial sponge lover all these times. I love facial sponge to clean/dry my face because it’s very gentle – and believe it or not – it helps to soothe and calm my acne and face irritations due to its gentle and soft texture. Tosowoong also have these facial sponge which are made of sea creature (some kind of coral, I bet?) and is very, very interesting. It’s highly rated and well raved, so how could I, a facial sponge freak, restrain from this one?

Unique lip tint indeed, eh? The lip tint itself is separated into two layers, the top one is moisturizing avocado oil and the bottom layer is the color pigment itself. You can use it without shaking the product for a vivid color or you can shake and use it for a regular lip tint finish. It’s very moisturizing – due to the reviews – thanks to the avocado oil! As a lip product junkie, how can I miss this one? *wink wink*


And that’s all my wishes from Wishtrend! Have you got an eye on the products above too? I suggest you to troll around their site and find yourself the things you need. I am most curious about Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Scrub and the Tosowoong Natural Sponge, maybe I would get those two first for this month. What about you? Have you started to list down your wishlist out of Wishtrend?

Don’t forget that they also offer free shipping for the bestselling products. Ugh. What a great deal it is. I might have more on the list but…let’s keep it simple this time, okay? A simple wish from my wallet. It cries hard now.

Happy Wednesday Wishing everyone! X♥

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  1. I love wishtrend! I made a huge haul from there ($300+) and still ordering more LOL i;ll be posting a haul post about it soon! I did get 5 shades from the berrisom lip tint line that you listed <3