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My experience with cleansing foam so far had never been so good, hence I switched to a very gentle facial cleanser that produce no bubbles at all like Cetaphil (even though in fact it still contains SLS but somehow my skin liked it so much!). However if any of you have tried a super gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, you might feel that it doesn’t really do the cleansing into a deeper level of your skin – because sometimes it even barely cleanses the surface! That’s the main reason why I still hunt for cleansing foam because rubbing your face with foam/bubbles simply makes it feel squeaky clean. Agree or not? ;)

This Laneige cleanser has been in my wish list for quite some time because I was intrigued to see the good reviews. Now that I managed to buy it (after reading a lot reviews and hesitating for one month already) please let me review it for you based on my experience with it ~

Product Info
Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture
Where to buy: Laneige counter and Sephora Indonesia site
Price: IDR 230,000 (at Sephora ID's website, plus free samples!)
*** Last updated June, 15th 2017 ***



This product comes with outer box packaging, like the other Laneige products do. At the back side of the box you will find the ingredients list and the description of the product.

Inside you will have this big pink plastic tube (it is huge even though it only holds 180ml product inside) and a leaflet containing some product descriptions and directions on how to use them.

This cleanser is so creamy and thick in texture, which is great since this kind of constituency in cleanser is a sign that it would lather a lot and make dense foam/bubbles. When using cleansing foam, I suggest you to use foaming net to produce the thick and dense bubbles and not using hand to minimize frictions between your palms and the delicate skin. With this product it’s good to work both ways – with bare hands or foaming net – but with hands, it won’t produce any foam or bubbles instead it would work just like a nice creamy lotion cleanser on your face.

pearly-white thick cream cleanser! only this much and it's enough for whole face~

Apparently this product also has nice floral scent to it. I actually love scented products and my skin doesn’t react badly to fragrance so it’s okay, but personally I feel the scent is quite strong for my liking.

Now into the most important question/part of this review:
does it work on me?

It feels really, really nice to wash your face using this product. If you have dry skin and have hard time finding cleansing foam that would not leave oily/sticky residue but still could maintain the skin’s moisture and not making it feeling tight after the wash, yes this is the one that you should grab right away. It doesn’t make your skin feel tight but still you can feel it’s squeaky clean but not dry at all. Big plus point indeed.

How could this cleanser do that?

Here’s an explanation: When you look upon the ingredients list at Cosdna, you will find there’s a lot of substances that has high scores on the acne column, mainly the acids which serves as surfactants. Lauric acid has the highest score on acne column plus it still has 1 score on the irritant column. Actually acidic cleanser is better for skin as long as it’s around pH 4-5.5. Anything that has pH below and above that is not very good the skin, as a healthy skin is slightly acidic at the level of 5.5. This cleanser would work great on dry skin, because people with dry skin has a slightly too alkaline face thus lacks of the acid. And not only acids apparently, this cleanser also has Shea Butter ingredient inside which we know it's all goodness for moisturizing purpose. It lives up to its name tho: Foam Cleanser Moisture – for dry to normal skin type.

On my dry-combination skin, this cleanser works great at cleansing but sometimes I can feel that it causes me several new pimples. On cooler days however, when my skin acts up and turns to be drier than usual, this cleanser does great job to maintain the moisture and causing me no breakouts. After washing my face with this cleanser, my face will appear brighter and not dull, even though the result is temporary. But with regular use I notice that my skin is brighter than usual! Totally lives up to its claim too, eh?


Last Words?
Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture works great to remove all the dirt and light makeup on your face right away in one wash, yet it would maintain the moisture of your skin and doesn’t make it feel tight afterward. For people with sensitive/combination skin, this cleanser might be too acidic and leads to several new pimples or redness & irritations due to high acid contents. This cleanser is not meant to clear up acne, and yes it doesn’t help to calm down the skin. Using this cleansing foam regularly will result on a brighter face, so goodbye dull face ~ !


I want to love this cleanser but…it works better in rainy season, so I think I should keep it away for few months and I gotta find new cleansing foam for hotter summer days. Do you have recommendations for a non-drying cleansing foam that is gentle, (preferably slightly acidic too) and non drying for hotter days? Please drop your comments below and let me hear what you think of this product and please, your recommendations too!

♥ xo

*** Last updated June, 15th 2017 ***

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