Review: Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser (Normal/Combination Skin)

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Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleansers (for Normal/Combination Skin) is one of the products I received inside the goody bag from the last High-Touch concept store launching here. First when I looked at it I was like, “Duh. A cleanser, a facial wash. That thing my skin will always react the fastest when I try one. Gonna get thru a hard time to review it…” And after using it for almost a month now, I think it’s already long enough to share what the result is and what my thoughts about this product!

Typical of Estee’s Luxury Feeling!
The packaging comes in a tube type, each tube has 125ml/4.2 fl. Oz. liq. The design is quite simple, but still looks luxury with the touch of gold Estee Lauder logo printed on the front side, yet there is a gold line around the flip open cap of this tube. On the back side, you can find an Indonesian description about this product in a sticker which is good, while the descriptions in other languages are found printed on the tube along with the ingredients list.

Here’s the English description of this product:

"Splash Away Foaming Cleanser for Normal/Combination Skin
Deliciously refreshing foam gently yet thoroughly cleans and rebalances skin."

This tube has that flip-open cap, but it shuts and opens well. Not like the other tube products that usually has the aluminum seal inside (right on the mouth opening of the tube, usually is hidden by the cap but seen through the hole of the opening) but this cleanser doesn’t have one. I kinda thinking this may be a lose for me, since I have always love and trusted that seal even if this cleanser already has the common outer plastic seal like mostly of all new stuffs.

(Divine) Perfumey Smell, A Hit and Miss.
One thing I quickly noticed when I first poured the product out is the divine smell! A smell that’s so relaxing, but is very elegant at the moment. I can’t really describe what scent it is, it’s kind of fresh and very airy in my opinion. I don’t have the issues with perfumed products instead of loving them especially those with great smell like this, but some of you may find this bothering (Sensitive skin, I know how you usually hate the fragrance). 

The product comes in pearly white color; the constituency is light to medium, just right in between. It’s creamy but not too thick. Pour in some drops of water before start rubbing your palms together to first create lather or simply rubbing your face with the cleanser. It lathers up to a foamy, smooth and soft constituency! I love it, but then I realized the more it lathers, the more it actually contains the soap inside.

Tighter Skin, Acne-free, but then…
After cleansing my face using this cleanser, my skin feels so divine—just like how it smells! My face feels so clean and tight, a feeling that you sure would like to have on those tiring days after wearing makeup all day. Can you guess now why I would like the cleanser that makes skin feels tight like this one? I usually skip on cleanser like this, but surprisingly it does its job well!

A pea-sized amount of it is enough for one face!

It cleanses, yet rebalances my skin. My face are hardly seen shiny now, my sebum production is much controlled now even though I only use toner and put some moisturizers on those hot and humid days.  Somehow my pimples are drying up and blemishes are eliminated, and that’s what I love! The tight feeling can sometimes feel a little bit too much on for a person who washes her face more than thrice in a day or right after I wear such pimples-drying mask. If I continue using this cleanser on those days, I will end up with some patchy area on my cheeks. My skin is sensitive, combination-oily type with normal cheeks and oily t-zone. How do I work this cleanser out then, I would use this alternately with the gentler cleanser like Cetaphil.


Sadly, after using it for more than 3 weeks by now, the acne-free-Me seemed already blown away. Not the clear skin I have now, it’s now the pimples and acne are coming back! I think it’s too harsh to work on me, I mean I tried to work this along with Cetaphil but the effect just comes by now. Ohhh how I’m writing this paragraph with tears!

Retailing for $30, it’s pretty expensive for an usual face cleanser but since it’s Estee Lauder and it is a hi-end brand, yet the price still makes sense for its regular skincare line. I don’t think I will repurchase to only use this cleanser on occasional days when I put a lot of makeup on from day to night. Sad to not be able working it out for my new HG daily cleanser! I think basics range are still for me…the ones which really are not going to do an awesome, instant effect but still are doing the good job of a lame skin regeneration. Hello, Cetaphil!


Last Words?
Estee’s keeping my sebum and skin condition controlled being at its tip-top condition, almost acne-free (only those small bumps I’m always scared to let them out using the detoxifying masks duh but some people with sensitive combi-oily skin like me might find it a little bit drying to use it more than twice in a day. Those who avoid fragrance in face product might be a little bit bothered also, as the smell is pretty subtle although it’s a nice one. Balancing and refreshing, of course the cleanser is doing a good job just as what it is marketed for but I won’t add this to my regular daily regime since it’s strong enough and as for the results for doing so, my skin breaks out now. An occasional use is okay, but for daily I think I will just pass.

Have you ever tried this product? What do you think about it? Wish I could love this one!

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  1. I agree. Splurging on a face cleanser is something I couldn't bear to do as well. I use it every day and ran through it so fast, it's just unimaginable to use an expensive one if it's just going to be a minute (max) on my face before it goes down the drain. Nice review, Line! ^_^

    P.S: I tend to splurge on cleansing oils and sunscreens. ^_^

  2. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 23, 2013 at 3:38 AM

    Oh so bad about this product!

    Usually the products from this brand are really nice!

    Thanks for your review!


    Btw now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back in Both!

  3. yup, me too! when it comes to the cleansing oils at least we will have it on our face for more than 2 minutes (i do the massage and i love it!) which i personally think is still worth for some couple bucks, right? *wink*
    and the sunscreens! LOL it's for some hours before reapplying is needed :p thank you ce phanie, hope you enjoyed it! ;*

  4. I would only splurge on facial products, because it's actual products put on my face~ Although...It really depends on the product. >.< Really nice review! And I love your blog! It's super cute!!

    Followed you on GFC~ mind check my blog out? I'm new >.<