OOTD: Cute Potato-ing for Sick Days

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Currently I’m exploring my fashion style a liiiiiiitle bit more.
Okay that’s a lie, actually it’s easier to post and OOTD post rather than typing a 2-pages-long products review. Oh what a great potato I am.

chubby potato.

But don’t expect a swaggy, cool-kidz or chic-Lady lookbook from me.
Told you that I’m a marshmallow! I can never dress too classy or too mature, all thanks to my petite (and chubby) body figure. Bwah.

booty up, you sick hottie.

So I’ve been sick like these past 5 days. Just can’t stop sneezing and cough. Wuff wuff. The exam weeks had passed, but the dark and intimidating aura stayed still. How magnificent the power of bonds amortization table is.

Wearing a cute, sparkly sweater from Disney Store to cheer and warm myself up.  Don’t ask why I paired it with ripped short pants from F21 even when my nose was Rudolph-like. I just can’t find a logical answer, really. I still look cute, don’t I?

I love beanie hat but have nothing else than this one from Bossini. Yes it’s made of 100% sequins only – thank God it’s black and just glossy, not being metallic – and not really cute, but whatevs I can’t find any other cute beanie here in local store. Buying a fashion item online is not really an option to me because, you know why, rite...

Sweater – Disneyland Store
Pants – Forever 21
Beanie Hat – Bossini
Mini Sling Bag – Unbranded (only $1 in my local store and it’s BRAND NEW HAHA even tho it’s not really useful it’s cute anw)
Shoes – Ash Footwear

And I’m a fan of Ash Footwear, can’t you tell? The design is just so edgy and cool! It may look weird for you but anyway I love it. This brand really deserves all the attention. Not just sporty-looking, they actually are so comfortable to wear even the heels are like 6 inches!


Okay just ciao for now, head’s so dizzy I think I’m going to crumble into pieces just like a broken cookie.
Poor cookie, pity me.

XOXO, see you on my next post! Promise it would be beauty-related. Promiseeee.
Don’t forget to comment down below – you knowwwww I need it. 

Every blogger does.

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