Fashion Styling: Feeling Red with ESYE

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Phew! It was a crazy week for me, but at least I’ve got my Bachelor degree now 😉 Thank God that I can make it in only 3 years and a half in Accounting major, now I’m ready to face the harsh adult world fo sho~

To celebrate this and also the wonderful Christmas season, I have a very elegant holiday outfit look to share with you girls today. It was the outfit that I wore at Surabaya Beauty Blogger’s 2nd Soiree – slash the Holiday Celebration. Well, shall we take a look at it now?

Here’s the hosts for the second soiree, minus Ce Fanny which was still on her way when we took this photo Our outfit was sponsored by ESYE, a Singaporean brand with a ton of whimsical and super girly collection. Psst, it’s also available at Indonesia ya know?

What I love from ESYE is that they have big collection of high quality items, with super nice material that feels so soft on skin. At first, I thought they only have dresses for mom-and-daughter-coupling only, with sweet and very girly design which I never imagine I’d actually wear with this dark, grunge personality inside. Yes, I love cute and pinky stuff, but for clothes I prefer something more casual and basic to those flowy feminine dresses. But, the moment I stepped into the store and took a look at their items, I actually fell in love with most of them! They also have edgier pieces like the one that Claresta worn, or another piece that are quite simple but still looking elegant like the top and bottom combination worn by Chelshea.

For me with this petite 4”11 figure, actually it’s quite hard to find a piece that perfectly fits me from the adult collection. Perhaps it’s true what people have always say, especially Ko Candra – I should’ve searched in the kids section Luckily, Chelshea who’s also a Senior Designer at ESYE (how cool is dat riteee) told me to try on this red dress that ran small than most Small sizes in other items. She was right – this dress fits oh-so-perfectly as if it was tailored and made only for me!!

This dress is mostly made of soft tulle fabric which I usually kinda hate. Tulle looks lovely when worn, but sometimes, with the stiffer and cheaper one, it can be very itchy on skin and makes me very uncomfortable during the wear. But thank God, as mentioned earlier, ESYE only uses high-quality material that’s combined with perfect cutting, so this tulle dress doesn’t bother me AT ALL because it’s oh so soft and nice on skin!! I also got a looooot of compliments too that I wore this dress in red, because somehow your girl right here pulls of red oh-so-amusingly gorgeous 😉 #ahem

I think I start growing some love for Victorian neckline, just like the one that I worn here in the first Soiree. Oh, I love the flowy peplum detail on the waist and the mini sleeves too because they’re just so cute and classy! Its timeless design is also combined with nice color palette as well, as the combination of red and gold looks very elegant and appropriate any for festive season: from the jolly Christmas to the (ahem) Chinese New Year that’s coming up next 😉  

To match the golden accent on my dress, I also wear this big headpiece from Lovisa Jewellery. It’s only RM 18 lol but looks like RM 200 or something! For my shoes, I wear my new red ankle-strap heels from Zalora that I (also) bought on sale. But still it looks gorgeous right, right? #salehunter

earrings and clips were also from Lovisa!

That’s all for this post, I hope you like my holiday and Christmas style with ESYE 😉 Tell me what you think about it in the comment section below. 

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Until next time Ladies,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

Surabaya Beauty Blogger wishes you happy holiday!

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