Blooming Bouquet

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Hola, Angels!
How’s your Monday going? Is it light blue, bright as the sky or maybe…as dark as the sea? 👀✌

If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram (if not, WHY NOT, follow now @deuxcarls!) perhaps you’ve seen some photos that I post here already. Two weeks ago, I went to La Freya Patisserie in West Surabaya to join Ce Mindy and the other Aphrodites members to have a photo shoot session there.

Knowing that the caf̩ would be super pretty and had strong sophisticated girly vibes, I picked up some even cuter outfit and my old but brand new, tie-up yellow wedges. The idea of this outfit was inspired by Lolita girls, and some unwearable-sexy-summer-tops that perhaps had sit forever in your closet because you live in a big city like me Рand we have no good beaches around here. Great. Those bandeaus or off shoulder cropped tops could be too revealing and looking inappropriate for just a casual walk at mall, right?

I paired an off shoulder cropped top with a cute, flowy floral dress. I picked only white and pinks for the main colour palette. Even though the pinks of the overall outfit were not all the same, I coordinated at least two items with the same lightness/hue to avoid colour clashing.

For example, the colour of my big warm-pink bows and the sling bag is the same. Next, my leather ring choker and the off-shoulder top has the same hue too: a cooler light pink. I also worn ombre fuchsia lip tint to match the floral patterns on my dress 😊

I coordinated the overall colours of my outfit well to make one item be the main point of this look – and it’s obviously the cute, long-forgotten tie-up yellow wedges! Uber cute, aren’t they? With natural rattan wedge heels, indeed it’s impossible to wear them to the actual beach. Instead, wear these gorgeous pair for café-hopping or strolling during daytime on summer 😉 I promise you’ll get lotsa compliment hehe!

Dress - Kitsu Boutique
Top - Bershka
Choker - H&M
Bow - Daiso Japan
Wedges - AliExpress
Bag - Accessorize


Alrighty, see you next time on another outfit post! It’s easier than making *ahem* reviews or arranging items for haul post…so yeah, I think I will post my OOTDs and how I style my 4”9 figure in this blog more often. Besides, it means more update from me and this blog isn’t dead anymore eh?

What do you think girls? 😉
Would you like me to do more fashion posts?
Until next time, XO!

bonus pic: with kak Redha and Ce Mindy's Back LOL~

hint: we're doing a fashion styling collaboration very soon. Curious about it? Please stay tune on my blog
and follow my Instagram @deuxcarls, will post it there once it's up on here!

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