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Today I’m going to review something different than makeup and skincare items. As the title suggests, it’s a hotel that I’m going to review! To be honest, this is the very first written review of a hotel on my blog, because usually I write my review it on sites like Agoda or by mouth only – so I’m kinda nervous today, will you guys like it or not. So, without further ado, let’s start ~

The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel
No. 30 Jalan Beremi, Off Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Front view of this hotel
Your gardening anime bae.
The hotel that I’m going to review today is the one where I stayed at during my Malaysia workcation – work + vacation, geddit geddit? 😉 – it’s the Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel! This hotel is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, but the location is quite hidden so your perfect beauty sleep’s not gonna be disturbed by car honks and any big city’s hustle and bustle!

This nice boutique hotel is also only 3 minutes away from big MRT Station and big bus stops, and 5-8 minutes away from big shopping malls like Lot 10, Sungei Wang Plaza, Pavilion, and Jalan Alor which is known as the food heaven! If what you seek from a city is mostly shopping malls (like me, ahem), you’ll thank me for introducing you to this hotel, because you can save those money you’d spend on taking Uber/Grab ride and walk instead! Being Indonesian, we really don’t walk around much – which then makes us very very lazy thus complain a lot when we must go somewhere by foot LOL. But, it’s very convenient to reach some well-known places in KL, since the location of Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel is very strategist yet the streets around this hotel are pretty much safe and crowded, so no worry!

Me having Instagram moment at one of their iconic, Instagrammable wall!
What I love the most from this hotel is the atmosphere. It has that nice, hip modern vibe, but there’s also a touch of elegance mixed in it. This is definitely the hotel that will quickly win youngsters’ heart, but not the one that the elders in the family are going to complain about 😉

The receptionist area. I love how the employees are all wearing casual denim shirt instead of boring formal suit!
The hip and happening lobby
Neon sign are happening again!

Since we travelled in a group of 5, they kindly gave us two rooms: Superior Deluxe (for two persons, with one King size bed) and Double Twin (for three persons,  with one Queen size bed plus one single bed).

The Room - Double Twin
Here’s Carol, Mindy, and Cynthian’s room for the next 4 days! We stayed at the Double Twin Room, which is less spacious than the Superior one but still quite big enough for the three of us and tons of stuff we bought and got during this trip 😉

Left: Queen size bed - Right: Single bed
they also provide bath robes and safety box for us in this little corner
Loving this side-bed essentials! This JBL Bluetooth Speaker x Clock had been a good friend of mine during my stay, I usually played my jam here while doing makeup!

You can also order food on room service too!
And here’s the bathroom. To be honest I was super excited about the bathroom because it’s quite big as well and their shower stall had two types of shower: the regular one and the unique, rainshower type over our head!

They also kindly provided us with shampoo and body wash which smell so good!
Loving the big-sized mirror and good lighting!
The amenities are all inside this cute little acrylic drawer.
What I love the most from this hotel is how peaceful your stay’s gonna be, as you wouldn’t hear people walking or talking at the corridor outside and the bed is so, so gooood and comfortable to sleep on. The pillows were so soft and kinda reminded me of…Conrad’s pillows!

Us posing our heart out, showing how much we love our stay here!
That’s all about our room, now it’s time to move onto other Instagram-worthy places in this hotel:

Kedai Kopi Journal
This is the restaurant on Lobby floor, next to the receptionist, and it is where we had breakfast everyday. The area is quite big, and there are lots of instagrammable spot too 😊

Outdoor space, which is, super . duper . instagrammable .
Indoor area.

Find some magazines/newspaper here! 
Everyday they serve different food here, so make sure you check out every corner possible before start filling your tummy!

They also serve different bite-sized pastries too!
Big Breakfast. My favorite set of other else! 
Me having pretty breakfast moment.
French toast with refreshing strawberry slices!
Breakfast situation. Flatlay setup by yours truly!
Pancakes. Not really fond of this one, I prefer fluffier type of pancake.
If you don't feel like having the food on the stalls... there's a menu set that you can order separately! 

If you want to have some cocktails or beers, spending your day wisely by having good drinks… come to Terrace Bar and Grill on the 1st floor!

Terrace Bar and Grill
It has strong Bali vibes with this outdoor setup and rattan chairs, eh? I really love to hang out here, and this place is so Instagram worthy as well, both on day or night time 😉

Terrace Bar and Grill - Night time

Terrace Bar and Grill - day time.

The manager of F&B, Jimmy, kindly arranged Western menu set for our dinner. Actually he was so kind and about to ensure our tummy's full and happy for 4 days, but sadly we were so busy with our work there so we couldn't make it back to the hotel on time at lunch/dinner time. 

Spring Chicken. The best of all! The chicken was so tender and juicy~
Beef Rib

Jimmy also made us one of their best-selling cocktails: Assam Boi Mojito! I had the alcohol version – what do you expect, I’m a pretty good drinker loh – and it was far better than the non-alcoholic one! This beverage tastes super good and refreshing by adding sour and mint sensation to it with dried plum and some crushed mint leaves.

Assam Boi Mojito. Love it so much, so refreshing!

Workers' Union
The hotel's business area. Here you can rent the studios, or mini gallery for business event or fancy meeting! Luckily when we got there at the last day, an event was going on so I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a pic and two - not too much so that they didn't get disturbed 😊

Very spacious! Love the quirky chairs too!

Overall, I think my experience in Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel was nice and the service was superb. Few things that I want to note are:

·       The air conditioner in room 910 (my room, the Double Twin) was not quite cold. It’s not a problem for the three of us because none of us could really stand cold anyway but it may be bothersome for some people that really loves that chilly, crazily cold air in hotel room. The housekeeping came and did something to the filter, it helped, but it's still not very cold and quite warm if compared to room 912 which air conditioner worked properly.

·       Perhaps the management should re-check and make sure that all appliances in each room are in their best shape and working well, so that the incident of burned clothes like what my sissy Bella experienced here won’t be happening again. I can safely say it was the iron that was faulty from the start, because I also bought some clothes with that exact same material (polyester, the cheap one) and I had them ironed – nothing happened.

That’s all my thought about this hotel, overall I would totally recommend for those who are going to visit Kuala Lumpur soon and looking for a nice, not too expensive boutique hotel, convenient but peaceful stay: Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel is your best choice. Oh, anyway for those who wonder why there’s no pictures of the pool area… it was still closed until July for renovation, so I will look forward to visit KL Journal again and see how awesome the pool’s gonna be – because the management and GM said it’s gonna be amazing – and share some Instagrammable pics that I take there!

So, how do you like this post? Am I also good in writing reviews and sharing experience beside the ones related to beauty? I’m kinda nervous to hear your opinion but please share some in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you guys!

See you in the next post Angels, ciao and Happy Fasting for my Muslim friends!

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