How to Look Fresh and Radiant After a Bad Night's Sleep

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Hello, Angels!

Have you been overworking yourself? Taking tasks home with you, or maybe struggling with getting good rest because of the heat? Maybe you’ve got children who don’t conform to your sleep patterns.

These are just a few examples of why you could be feeling tired and lacking in sleep. The downside to not getting enough sleep is that you run the risk of not feeling fresh or feeling radiant after a bad night's sleep. 

A green tea or a strong black coffee do all they can to boost your energy, but that’s not the answer to overcoming that look and feeling associated with a shortcoming of sleeping time, which can make you look like you’re ageing faster than you are!

Studies have found that people are observed by others as ‘not as healthy’ and ‘not as attractive’ when they aren’t banking enough time in the Land of Nod. If you are worried that this is you, then worry no longer, because here we have some wonderful tips that you can hang on to that can be used as a lovely, handy go-to whenever you feel the previous night’s sleep just didn’t cut it!

We hope this helps!

Get some exercise in
This sounds like the last thing that you want to be doing when you’re tired or looking like you’ve just got in from a big night out when you wake up, but hold on a second, because exercise is a super way to reverse the signs of tiredness.

You don’t have to go running a marathon or anything; you can indulge in a brisk walk or jog with friends, do some Pilates, bodyweight exercises, or even some stretching. Allow yourself around half an hour if you possibly can, as this is the daily recommended amount for an adult to exercise.

It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do in the world when you’ve slept poorly the night before, but it will certainly help, and once those endorphins have been released, along with the blood pumping around your body, you’ll have glowing, radiant skin and a smile big enough to mask the lack of sleep you had. No one will ever know!

Keep yourself constantly hydrated
This one goes hand-in-hand with the point about exercise, but even if you can’t manage some physical activity, there’s no excuse for not keeping yourself hydrated.

Begin your day with a large glass of water at the very least. You can sip this from the comfort of your bed. The 'Sleep Advisor' team talk about this all the time, and once you’re up, a freshly-made smoothie is also a nice option, if you can, although water will suffice.

Throughout the day, drink water with either lemon or peppermint leaves in it (or both), and this will help to keep you refreshed, as well as helping to make your skin look revitalised.

What’s more, your levels of energy will increase, and the antioxidants lingering around your body will be flushed out with every sip you take.

Stimulate a dull-looking face
You’re probably being hard on yourself, but if you think you look like the bride of Frankenstein, why not try simply splashing cold water on your neck and face to help the complexion become refreshed?

Doing this will help you appear more awake than you possibly feel, and while this point may seem like a basic tip, it does, in fact, assist in improving blood flow, which will result in your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Let your diet help you to look good
Junk food and lack of sleep are not a good combination whatsoever. The sodium and fats found in fast food cause fluid retention, which in turn leads to a puffy-looking face. Instead, feed yourselfup on vegetables, fruit, some nice, healthy whole grains.

Remember to just think fresh here. If you eat fresh, you’ll feel fresh. Don’t take the tempting route and pass by a drive-thru on your way to work or you’ll just feel worse for it and your skin won’t be any better either, so it’s a lose-lose situation you can easily avoid.

Shower yourself fresh
As soon as you’re awake in the morning and able to function, go and enjoy a shower. Once you’re in, alternate between hot and cold temperatures, as the cold will improve circulation and also invigorate your body, while the hot water will loosen you up and relax the muscles. 

Use moisturiser to support nourished skin
Post-shower, massage your skin using a light moisturising cream. Don’t use anything too heavy or your face will appear greasy.

Try leaving your moisturiser in the fridge for half an hour before you apply it, as this will assist with reducing swelling and the constriction of your blood vessels too.

*** Written by Sarah Cumming from Sleep Advisor ***

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