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 Canmake Cream Cheek is so popular between us, but I never had a chance to try one until I did a mini haul back there on my trip to Hong Kong. From all the shades sold there, there was one that attracted me the most and it’s a true red color. Interesting, so I bought one and here’s the review for you!

Jewel-like Pot!
The packaging is made of clear plastic material and not very thick which makes this product so lightweight, and very travel friendly as for the size it’s also small—very convenient! It has a very cute jewel-like design, some people find it cheap looking but it’s cute for me LOL

This one is CL01 Clear Red Heart, and I believe this color is permanent. Canmake released their Canmake Cream Cheek Clear series last year, but this range seemed not to cause the hype like the original cream cheek series did. Hmm…that’s why I’m curious much about it.

Not Like the Original Ones?
If you’ve already tried the original cream cheeks from Canmake, you must realize how stiff and not pigmented this blush compared to it. Clear cream cheeks has a totally different formula to their original series: it’s more translucent in color payoff, less creamier, and no shimmer or glitter inside. The texture is a gel-like—you know, when you press your finger on the surface and still it won’t left a deep hole trace there but the surface will bounce up back—and it’s very lightweight, making it’s easy to blend and to build up without ending up so messy with too much product on face…and you can never do that, because you gotta build from one layer to another to get the desirable color.

Most Natural Flush on Cheeks, Ever.
While these may be pros and cons between cream blush lovers, I like the clear series more tbh. It comes out very natural on face, definitely a no brainer blush for everyday! The tool you will prefer the most to apply this product is your very own fingers, as I found out using brush wouldn’t help much in building the color up instead of making the layer of color sheerer.

(L-R) 1 swipe - 3 swipes

The photo above just doesn't do the justice, it's more brighter in real life! The finish is dewy and translucent; the texture of this blush tells you all already. It doesn’t dry to a powdery finish, it stays dewy all the day! CL01 is a true red and contains no shimmer/glitter, so it’s great making your face looks healthily flushed with barely seen blusher on. Looking scary on pan, this blush actually shows up beautifully on face. I swear it stays more than 4 hours on top of foundation before starts fading up too.

Retailing for HK$76 (580 yen) it’s quite cheap for a tag of drugstore blush. I will definitely grab more shades from this range!  (Psst, I heard Canmake will release one new shade for the Clear series and it’s O.R.A.N.G.E.—gotta have it!)


Last Words?
Cream blush is really for those who want to achieve a healthy, very natural flush on cheeks without looking overdone. If you’re new to the cream blush world, looking for the most no-brainer great product, Canmake Clear Cream Cheeks is the right one for you! It’s super blendable but also buildable, yet very convenient in size making this product perfect. The staying power is also great plus the color range it has is pretty unique ranging from a true red, to an odd red-orange color. Will definitely collect them all if possible! XD

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