Coming Back Soon......hopefully?

by - 7:49 AM

Hayyyyyy girls! I’ve been MIA these last few days eh? My laptop’s adaptor was broken la, it had electrical shock inside the adaptor body itself like years ago but the damage just took its toll by now..gee. Have not bought the new one, because I still get no time to go outside and shop. Bah.
 And also by this post, I’d like to tell all of you girls that I’m going to be MIA again in next few weeks….until the unknown certain time! The reason? house is under renovation, and I don’t know when exactly they will finish with stuffs!

I hope I could be back here soon, as soon as possible girls! Hopefully I can write some posts during my camp too which is going to start tomorrow, because I will be bringing my laptop with me—well bringing this buddy is all because I will work as the video editor along with my friends for the sessions there asdfghjkl, so let’s hope I could find free time to work on my reviews.

Here's a sneak peek for the upcoming posts!

Now let’s wish me a goodbye and  luck for tomorrow’s camp as I will be the coordinator of documentation and publication there. Gotta be a busy bee. Ciao for now, XOXO to all of you!

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3 kisses

  1. Be back soon! You have new readers to welcome. Hurhur. xoxo

  2. Come back soon dear!

    Btw, join my MsDressy giveaway and have the chance to win USD $80 gift voucher! <3
    Bisous :*