Review : Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush

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Got this Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush at their last event here along with the goodies bag. Sorry for the super late review, because I have to try this for more than just 4-5 times to make sure my skin loves it!

When I first told my Auntie that I got this from the event, she was like all so hysterical about LOL because this is her most favorite powder which she’s been using like from 10 years ago! She loves it very much, so, will I love it too? Check out my thoughts on this product below

Sturdy and Sleek Packaging
It looks very clean, professional, yet sturdy at the packaging. It’s made of a thick and kinda heavy plastic, the good quality one that is very sturdy! I love that the cap is not flimsy at all too. It’s like a blurry metal cap and you can see your (blurry!) reflection on them.

The box it comes with is very mature with the floral patterns like that. And it’s super colorful, not boring at all.

Universal Powder for Everyone!
As stated in the box, this powder is Allergy tested yet 100% fragrance free! Woo-hoo! This is definitely a super friendly product to a sensitive skin. Also, as mentioned in my event post here, Clinique has 4 types of products for each skin type. But this powder, is meant for all skin type, from oily to dry skin! An universal product, eh?

Super Love the Texture!
It’s finely blended, the particles are finely milled, and they set into my skin super great. I love how fine the powder is, it’s super soft and smooth also. Setting my face using this powder is also great, since it won’t set in fine lines instead of making them more invisible.

A Lot of Products Inside!
Usually face powder only have the 14g products in each, but this one has a lot, it’s 35g in one jar! Yay! Been using this product for a while, and I haven’t seen if it’s going to run out soon LOL. I think this will last on me until the end of 2013 XD

Oil Control? Check.
I got mine in 08 transparency neutral (MF) and since it’s transparent, it should not give any coverage. It mattifies your skin without making it looks flat. But I soon consider you can add a little bit coverage with layering trick. This powder has super greaaaaat oil control too! Love it!

˟ Brush Matters?
It comes with a retractable brush too for a travel need! The brush bristles are made of natural hair. They’re not really soft in my opinion, kinda harsh instead I think? But the good is, that they don’t smell fancy after the wash. So remember to wash any of your brushes first before start using them up! Talking about the size, it’s way too small too in my liking. I wish this powder would come with a puff, or a kabuki brush instead LOL *get slapped*

this picture is taken after 5 hours wearing the product as setting powder! Notice there only few place to be blot.

This powder doesn’t exaggerate allergy on my skin (it’s allergy tested, and now it’s proven!), nor making it produces more oil. I love how it doesn’t exaggerate my acne too as some face powder do. This works great as a setting powder, I usually use it as my makeup-free days too, as I use it for school also, because it has great oil control and gives no cakey and heavy look. I super loveeeee the texture which is finely blended, yay for that! Psssst, I even transferred some into a mini loose powder case I got from random store and keep it in my bag. Touch-up purposes!

“They say nothing is perfect, they just haven’t met this one!”

Last Words?
All I can say is that I love this product! My Auntie loves it as well, since years ago, think I now know why! This product deserves that much love, and a perfect score. The 100% fragrance free formula is also great, I can use this powder daily without being scared of it will worsen my skin condition! And yes, this is great for anyone with any skin type. Totally recommended!


I’m sure I will not stop buying face powders, looking for another HG LOL! But this one is already great la? I will repurchase this, as this product is very friendly to my hypersensitive skin. Stay tuned, because I will surely bring up some reviews this year. More, and more more more useful posts than last year. And by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR ANGELS! *hug*

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21 kisses

  1. eee..ini bagus yaa? tadi gw dah pegang tarok pegang tarok di counter..
    Makasi ya buat review nya! besok gw grab ini di counter..^^

    1. aku sukaaa ci, bajuss! <3
      grab grab grab it \(^O^)/

  2. you look so pretty dear...I should try it too...
    thank you for review...:)

    1. thankyouuu ce dewi >.<
      yes, this one is great! great for sensitive skin too, like me :D
      you're welcome, hope it helps. happy new year!

  3. you look so pretty me so jealous :P hihi..
    i want to try this but too expensive, my mom won't buy me clinique :P lols

    1. no wayyyy you're so pretty! and me envy you too XD
      yes, why great loose powder is usually expensive? i'm eyeing on NARS too! *_*
      but she buys you MAC, something my mom won't do because she's a lover of japanese and oh-sounds-so-dermatologist-and-healthy-makeup brands!

  4. OLLLLLIIIIINNNNN...... Ada nonik2 cantik di dapur darimana ituuuu? :P
    Great powder yaaaa >.< Hohoho.... Jadi pengeennn T_T muke saya brekot gini pake itu pasti tetep tenang2 aja yaaaa T___T


    1. aaaaa dari surabayaaa *kedip kedip* cece dari mana? :p
      iyaaa, great powder! try it try it ce sab, hehehe. aku juga pake ini, super love it!

  5. Aku kok ga cucok ya sama si clinique ini? Perna nyicip creamnya muke malah breakout.. Hiks...
    Tp Muke Ente muyusss beb :*

    1. aku skincare belom coba ci renn, ini br coba face powdernya aja, sukaaaa <3
      ah, itu pake primernya kose.. sama bb cream, sama face powder ini. jadi muyusssss XD emang beda ya kalo pake primer ci? :p

  6. bagus kayaknya lin hehe ^^
    sayang ya brushnya kasar >.<
    btw your English is getting better day by day!! <3

    1. bagussss ce shel >w< hihihi iya, mending dapet puff, soalnya brushnya kasar. aku ada beberapa brush clinique, yang natural hair emang kasar, synthetic mereka lumayan halus sih.

      aaaa thankyouuu!!! I read a lot >.< jd beauty vocab nya bertambah~

  7. I used this before but just onto me...
    I felt so khaki with it ;(
    But it looks good on you!


    1. maybe you should find another base? or another color from the range? >.<
      hope you will find your HG face powder soon! :)

  8. Tell me, did I see someone in the kitchen with her fierce gaze??? hihihihihi :)

    Yuuuuuhhhhh,, so this product has a great oil control? Nyay~ I should try it soon XD

  9. Nice review. I love Clinique stuffs too.
    I am hosting an International Giveaway on my blog where you can win Korean Skincare products. It would be great if you could enter.
    Hina. xx

  10. hi boleh tau harganya berapa? terimakasih :)