Review : Peripera Peri's Water Tint in Orange Juice

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I know all of you must have been waiting for this post, ahem, I know you want this—both of the product and the review. Ready to see and hear what I think about ‘this’ product?
If you’ve already watched my video here where I talked about things that I brought to school everyday and ahem, I labeled it as a “favorite”. Can you guess what’s that?

Please welcome, Peripera Peri’s Water Tint in Orange Juice! Ta~daaaaaaaaaaaa

Cute Packaging!
Just like the Cherry Juice one, the Peri’s Water Tint in Orange Juice also has the same packaging as the red one. The art on the box is also done by the talented artist Mari Kim.

Strong Baby!
Still, the bottle is made of glass! Very risky to be broken once it’s dropped, but trust me I once dropped my makeup pouch accidentally and it didn’t break LOLOLOL okay don’t try this. You may not be as lucky as I was! But I should really admit, the bottle is sturdy enough. I’m a sloppy person as well, I also often to just throw my school bag anywhere. But still, ahem, this tint’s bottle doesn’t break into pieces! Also, its cap is not loose, it’s tight enough it won’t open by its own self and spills some product around. *get slapped*

Natural and Bold in One Product……Major Love!
Wonder why I don’t bring the red one to the school instead of this orange one? It’s because of the orange version of Peri’s Water Tint has natural finish on my lips! You will just need 5 dots in total on your lips to bring out a fresh, and healthy flush on your lips. Trust me it won’t be as orange as it’s seen in the bottle if you use very little amount of it!

Again, the color is true as what you see in the bottle just like the red one. I love how it turns out on my lips, it’s a very true color yet it’s very buildable! Go bold with 2-3 swipes, and your lips will turn very orange (still in a pretty way, yet!) just like if you’re wearing bold lip color.

sorry for the imperfect lips ;A;

I use this product both for my lips and my cheeks, and yes it performs really outstanding and pretty! It gives orange flush on my cheeks, really gives a playful and sweet also the fresh look on my face. It’s very great to have your cheeks and lips the same color for a natural look. Total love! No need to bring blush leh~

using it on my cheeks~ :3

˟ Said it, The Price!
The price does matter! People, including me always measure things from its size, then compare it with the price given. Well I don’t think I can end this thing up in 6 months, tho! But still, the price is somehow overwhelming for this tiny product. It’s IDR 100.000 or $9 for 6.5ml, I got this from Dreamie Chuppa on Facebook. It's quite hard to find sellers who bring this product too! Quite expensive, but worth the price I said! Moreover, a little goes a long way with this product. Remember dat!

˟ Staying Power, puh-leaase?
I don’t know what’s wrong with me leh? Many people said this tint has great staying power while me, hereby saying that it has no good staying power especially after eating or drinking! Without any activities that would involve your lips and mouth, this lip tint would stay there alone around 2 hours, max 3 hours. But boom, it just disappears after I had my meal and left no stains behind. Geh?

my puh-leaaase face XD

Loving it! I should say that I love this one far muchhhhhhh than how much I do toward the red one. This works on me in any occasions and both for day and night look, from natural to bold look. I rarely bring blush now—what am I to do with blush if I got all I need for my cheeks in it? The cute packaging is also another thing I cannot let it to be kept in my drawer, yet psssst, my friend keeps telling me that my lips is gorgeous with it and asking what product do I wear! She’s now in love with this, too~


Last Words?
Of all the good and bad things about this product, I should really highlight on this one serious matter : the bottle, is still risky, yes! I do prefer a plastic bottle instead. Despite of its sturdiness I mentioned above, I have heard some stories about this product got broken once it’s dropped onto the floor. So be careful with it! And well, I said it—I was just lucky enough to have it still okay after all the roughness it’s been through!

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  1. ini gampang di remove ngkk ? :p
    i tried a lip tint from etude house & it's so hard to remove + it stained my vanity desk :(

    1. too easy to remove! nggak long lastingggg lex ._.

  2. liiin, aku kok lebih suka hasilnya di pipi kamu ya ketimbang di bibir XD
    natural gitu jatohnya, unyuu~~ <3

  3. ini diaa,, akhirnya dibikin juga postingannya ^^
    lucu orangenyaa \(^_^)/

    btw, i like your bangs..!!

  4. cute banget!!

    visit my blog ^^

  5. I saw this tint on the shelves and the colors are very pretty~

  6. I love the look of this tint, the packaging especially, but yes a plastic bottle would be safer! I don't think this product is available in England, I would remember seeing it as it is so pretty, and it really suits you.

    I am now following you on GFC, would love you to follow back if you like.

  7. the tint isn't even blended onto your lips

  8. waaa... lagi nunggu ini liptint..
    jadi gk sabarrr