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Confession here! I’m no way a good beauty blogger la (;A;  ) it took me super, superrrr long—almost a month! Ha—to make an event report. As you girls know my depression, ahem, and my sickness has brought me absence, a full 2-almost-3-weeks absence back there in December. And now after things get better, I got back blogging again, finally I managed to write this report. Phew!

So let’s go back on December 12th 2012, The Body Shop was holding a gathering for bloggers and the Body Shop lover! (or should I say their loyal customers? :D) The gathering itself took place in Rollaz Café in ground floor, Tunjungan Plaza 3, Surabaya.

When we first came in, Ms.Galuh as the Body Shop’s representative warmly greeted us. She’s a super nice yet lovely woman, woo! After registrating, we were about to take seat and order some food. What? I was like this à (‘’ ?) The Body Shop provided meals for us, very kind of them right *nyem nyem*

Spaghetti Bolognaise!
So the topic was about “Go Green!”. We talked a lot about it with Ms. Galuh first and some chit-chat about The Body Shop and its campaign. Collaborating with Komunitas Nol Sampah (Zero Trash Community) in Surabaya, TBS wants their customer to also participate by recycling unused bottles, to reduce the amount of plastic garbage. I love the idea, and how TBS gets very concerned in global warming issues. Wow! And every participation will get a 25% discount reward for all TBS items sold at the counters \(*O*)/

image credits belong to missbelanjaonline.blogspot.com

image belongs to The Body Shop Indo's twitter
 Then she explained there would be some makeup demo from two talented Make Up Artist from TBS.

This is Mr. Iman, he was going to make a beautiful new year party look. A dramatic look, he described. He picked Ms.Kiky as his model.

She’s a very pretty woman, I swear by! And she really has similar face with one Indonesian actress. LOL Naysilla Mirdad, in case you’re wondering!

While doing the makeup demo, Mr. Iman also explained about the products used. We surely got a lot of information for TBS’ makeup products, since TBS is well known for their skin and body care products it’s really important too to promote their makeup range. Great job, The Body Shop!

And here’s the final look of Ms. Kiky! A beautiful picture by me, or is it the model? She’s soooooo pretty la, I enjoyed taking her pictures, seriously I took a lot LOL

And the second demo was presented by Ms. Nadia, and ce Hana took this chance to be a model! Ms. Nadia would do a natural makeup look, for everyday and for office look.

She used The Body Shop’s Shimmer Waves a lot! Contouring, powder eyeshadow, highlighter, for all those things above only needed one product, and Shimmer Waves was! What a multifunction product, eh?

And here comes ce Hana, after the makeover :

image credits belong to ce Hana

The gathering was over around 9 P.M. and it was quite late since I would be picked up around 9! I didn’t have much time to take photos and to shop at the bazaar, poor me leh bcs they have tempting sale atm -____- only managed to take these photos before the final call finally got me home XD

spot ce Lina? XD

And here’s the group photo, I took this from ce Shelvi’s blog because I don’t have group photos in my camera! My bad, eh?

my face is super ugly leh, this is my bare face in case you're wondering!

Overall I would like to thank The Body Shop for the gathering! Surely got a lot of experience and knowledge from it. How we do beauty, with heart, without harming other creatures in this world. Isn’t that the true beauty for us?

The goodies bag of the day! Haha I will review some of them as soon as possible, so please stay tuned. Thankyou for reading, bye for now!

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