Review : KOSE Sekkisei Supreme Loose Powder SPF12++

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As for Japan Brand, my family has trusted Kose for a long, long, long time! My granny, my auntie, and Mom are all using Kose. Me? Still finding for the right skincare because Kose doesn’t have the range for troubled and sensitive skin like mine….*get slapped*
My Mom is the most loyal user of them all LOL. When I shopped with her like….back there in November, ahem, I got this loose powder for my own.

Beautiful-Useful Cap!
The packaging is sleek, comes in a pearly white jar with a mirror-like cap which can reflect things. I lost the box when I took these photos, boo me~

The bad from this mirror-like cap is, it will easily get stained of your finger prints and it’s so easily to get scratched! The good is, I often use this cap as a mirror because it reflects things out pretty good la, hohoho. The cap also closes tightly too, and the container overall is made of sturdy plastic and quite strong.

Here’s what inside, there’s a smooth, super soft white puff which I really love! It has super good quality too, not like the other puff which usually comes along with loose powder; this one is not easily getting rough or loosened its original shape even after getting through washing for several times.

Sealed = More Trustable!
Like other loose powder, this one also comes with a shifter made of thick plastic. The shifter’s holes are covered with white sticker as a seal, to keep the product inside sterile and hygiene before using. Don’t forget to ask for an exchange if you soon find out the seal inside is broken that you haven’t even touched it!

Kose Sekkisei Supreme Loose Powder has SPF 12++ for your UV protection. I’d say it’s just an additional protection, because it’s in loose powder and loose powder usually gone very easily. Go for a real sunblock underneath before using this powder for a serious, real UV protection!
Despite of the real quite big container it comes with, this powder only has 14g in it! Blah, we need more eh?

Has Beautiful Shimmer!
The powder is white, with very fine shimmer. Don’t worry the shimmer won’t make your face look like a disco ball, it’s super fine you can barely see them once applied on face. It will leave you with a glowy skin on photos and in real life.
It’s also finely milled as it goes on smoothly on face and not set into fine lines or laugh lines. It also doesn’t crack at the end of day, phew! The powder are super lightweight and the coverage is almost zero I’d say, because it has translucent with glow (because of the fine shimmer!) finish.  I personally think it’s just a setting powder for me.

As what I explained before that this powder has spf in it, some may think that taking photos with this powder might be a bad idea. I would not agree on that statement! I tested out this product with my camera plus its flash before buying it—okay now you know how important is it to grab camera and have it with you whenever, and wherever you are—and guess what, it photographs beautifully. I was left with beautiful glowy skin, not a scary whitecast.

Oil Control? Check!
Lasts on me for 3-4 hours before started wearing off, the oil control is quite awesome I should say. I have combination-oily skin which sometimes can be very annoying once I used the products that just don’t suit me and my skin well. But with this powder, there were no excessive oil nor greasy looking on my face after hours and this powder simply didn’t break me out which made me sigh out of a relief.

Oxidize………okay just a little bit.
Oxidize a very little bit is the only down side point for this product! It does oxidize, even for a slight bit, but it does oxidize one me. Maybe it is something to do with the SPF?


For the price, I believe this powder ain’t cheap yo. It’s for retail IDR 599,000 or around $60. No cheap, eh? Japanese products are quite expensive outside Japan, but I believe it is sold in Japan way cheaper! But wait, KOSE Sekkisei Supreme is one of their high-end range both for the makeup and skincare range, so the price is quite reasonable for the price eh?


Last Words?
It gives you a glowy, healthy and radiant skin look once applied. This powder contains shimmer, a very fine shimmer which just blends beautifully with skin but still does the glowy job. If you hate shimmer or want a matte look, this powder almost is definitely not for you!

So, would you or have you tried this powder? Giving it a try?

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  1. I love this review! I am currently finding the suitable loose powder for me... But it's the way TOO expensive for poor uni student like me! ;A;
    Thanks for the review ^^ ♥

  2. Great review! I've always wondered about these higher end Kose products.
    I love the subtle shimmer and the blendability.

  3. Mehi bener dah...
    Kembali ke Marck loose aja deh he he he #cubittangan

  4. For me.. Better but kose sekkisei lotion.. It's very worth the money for the quality its given. :p