Review : Too Cool For School Angel's Hand Cream in Shea Butter

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Hey ~
I’m gonna review one of the bonuses Cosmopolitan Indonesia attached along with their latest magazine in September. Yeah maybe you guys had seen my ramblings and others’ gratitude that was sent to the official twitter account of Cosmopolitan ID at @Cosmo_ID. About this month’s issue, it was a big, and bulky package of magazines and stuffs that you cannot buy separately: 
-          2 magazines of Cosmopolitan,
-          1 full size of Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel,
-          and Too Cool For School Angel’s Hand Cream in Shea Butter!

 It was only IDR 98,000 or $10 in total! It was more than okaaaay even though they had surpassed the price. Imagine what you will get, darling! OMG I heard about this when I was still at school back there. I was all panicked, knowing that it was September 10th, it was almost the second week of the month, could I still possibly get that magazines (I mean the BONUSES LOL) etc. etc.  I was so ignorant at first but after knowing that they’re giving us the FULL-SIZE version for every product attached, I definitely was driven insane and mad to get the magazines! Thanks to you, Cosmo. YOU ROCK! I wish there would be such bonuses for the upcoming editions LOL *evil grin*


I’m gonna do a quick review for Too Cool for School Angel’s Cream in Shea Butter today. It was a hand cream that claims to make your hand feels smoother because of the shea butter ingredients, and contains grapefruit peel extract to peel of your skin and make it soft and smooth.This cream is around $8. Kind of cheap, because it has 40 ml.

Here’s the packaging, come in silver box, kind of cute. The box is kinda pressed, it was caused of stacking the bulky package of magazines too much at the bookstore T__T But it’s okay, because the cream itself is not spilled lol

see that? Piggy is sneaking behind the cream LOL, it must be curious about this product too!

Some description of the product, but it’s in hanggeul (am I writing this rite?) so I have no idea about what it says *bad poker face*

This hand cream comes in tube packaging. The tube was made from some kind of, idk, alumunium? LOL I really am belong to social class for being this blind about kinds of metal!

I can slightly smell a nice, soft scent, the Shea butter scent after the application. So calming. My palms feel smoother and softer also. Perfect!

my palm is freakingggggg fat eh T__T short fingers too, that's why I didn't capture them!

LIGHT TEXTURE. It’s easily absorbed into the skin.

˟ THE TUBE IS MADE OF ALUMUNIUM. This kind of packaging would get pressed easily, especially during the travelling and sure that some amount of the cream may be spilled out.


Possibly. I’m not a type of person who likes hand cream tbh, but I long for the smoothness after all!

This hand cream is not that pricey, I can say it’s pretty cheap enough. The product itself is great, it moisturizes your palms without leaving sticky residue at all. The texture of the cream is also light yet creamy, and easily absorbed. I would possibly repurchase this one, and get another one for my mom!

It's insane that I post this late, because I'm going to go to church by tomorrow morning! Got to go now, goodbye and XOXO! *sneak under the blanket* 

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