I'm Now One of the 1st bntGirls! Yay!

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Yay for that! Yay for what? Can’t you guess it already from my blog post? I’m telling all of you now, thank youuuuuuuu my readers, I’m now a part of bntNews’ International Official Bloggers! Along with another girls from Asia’s another countries, it’s quite a pleasure to be bloggers who represent them into the whole world. So, what is this bntNews by the way?

bntNews is an online media site, presenting latest news about Korean! From the dramas, the actresses and actors, latest tips & hits of beauty and fashion in Korea, etc. To be honest, ahem, if you’re really paying attention I’m not so into Korean hypes. I know much about Western products, cultures and people LOL (I’m being honest! Seriously!) But after joining their first global project, well I know a lot about Korean stuffs right now. Don’t you think it’s good, since you readers would expect to hear more things from me about what's on trend in Korea now, rite? ~(‾‾ᴥ‾‾)~

Got contacted by their representative, Joy Kim (hello Joy!) around 3 months ago, I was told that I was chosen to be one of their International Bloggers. YAY FOR THAT! Alongside with Rini, both of us are the bloggers from Indonesia representing bntNews. Woo! I’d like to thank Joy, and all the bntNews crews who had been working hard so we can enjoy the package for this month. We were supposed to receive our first package by last month, but well if you know the customs here in my country…….is a little bit err. Errr. I had to pay taxes and else beyond my responsibility. Both I and Rini decided to give up the package. So here’s the second package from bntNews, but also our first!

Comes up in a quite big box, I wonder what’s inside? \^o^/

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner #2 Brown
Tony Moly Anti-Aging Peach Hand Cream
ReSkin Solution Mist Glacier Express
Tony Moly Help Me! Lip Balm

So, which one do you want me to review first? Think I will go for Tony Moly Help Me! Lip Balm as it’s the most unique one, than go straight to ReSkin Mist as it’s very popular in Korea and a best-selling product in the internet. Woo!

Don’t forget to check bntNews then, they have the latest news and information all about Korea for those who are craving for them! They have Facebook and Twitter to, subscribe and follow for a real-life update. Here's the link to their socmed site :

Website : bntNews.co.uk
Facebook : bntNews
Twitter : @officialbntnews

Until next time, I’m working on my haul post now. XOXO!


Psst, they're now having an event. For all of those BigBang lovers out there, how can you happen to miss this one! I, will join too!  

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7 kisses

  1. akirnya ya Lin stlah menunggu lamaaa :DDD

  2. uwaaa... big thanks for the event info!!
    Hope I can win one CD! >_<

    and congratulations for you!
    I'm interested in the Tony Moly hand cream, review please ;)

    1. you're welcome, hope you'll join too! :D

      thank uu so much, okay, i'm writing on it now~

  3. congratzzz dear.. u're so lucky. backstage is my fav. it's really good n affordable

  4. big baaaanggg \^^/
    wuaahh.. keren abis... congrats ya buat kalian berdua

    salam kenal

  5. waaa congrats linn \^^/ what a great honor :3
    review tony moly gel linernya dong