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Today’s review will be featuring a prize I got from winning Benefit Indonesia’s BeneTwitter Race! What I got is a full-sized Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola. Thank you, Benefit Indonesia!

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss comes in 6 shades, each shade makes a good company for the 6 best-selling Benefit’s Box O’ Powder.

As Usual, the Cutest Packaging Ever!
 It looks like this, coming in a purple-plum box with Benefit logo printed on it and the name of this product. Each product has 15ml / 0.5oz of products.
It has this, super cute bamboo print on both sides of the box, which I believe is different each other regarding the shade of the lip gloss that you have! I got this in Hoola so this bamboo print is what I got ;)

Here are the ingredients of this product. By the way, you want to pay attention to the manufacture information below the ingredients list! As you might have known, there are now soooooo many fake Benefit items out there and it’s super hard just to spot the differences between the real and the fake ones. Just look at the manufacturer, and voile you will know if it’s fake or real!

The Bronzing Powder’s Long Lost Sister
Just like the famous bronzer with the same name, Hoola comes with a tropical, Hawaiian looking and feel around the packaging. This lip gloss comes in a brown-tinted clear plastic tube with slanted plastic applicator, which I prefer than a doe-foot applicator because we won’t have a contact with the product inside! More hygienic eh? Even though I’m not totally a fan for this kind of applicator since we might pour out more than the amount we could need.

Here is the description from its site :
“This dazzling lip gloss drenches your lips in brilliant shine and a burst of juicy color that’s never sticky. Loaded with crystal brilliance, color glides on smooth. Just one stroke will give you glimmering, shimmering lips!”

Sweetest Nude Lippies Ever
Hoola is described as shimmering golden nude color. The texture of this lip gloss is lightweight, even that I feel a slightest bit of sticky feeling after the application. Just as its description, this lip gloss has soft golden shimmer in it which is not very subtle and overwhelming but just nicely adds glossy shine. It has slight vanilla scent which is…..a little bit too sweet in my liking. Sometimes this scent makes me dizzy. This scent will disappear after couple minutes though.

Here is the swatch. The swatch shows up quite good color payoff, but you can still see my skin's peeking through rite? I was a little disappointed with the color payoff actually. The site describes this lip gloss to drench in lips with a burst of juicy color, but on my pale lips this lip gloss only has the glossy shine, and almost nude at all—well I know it’s supposed to be a shimmering golden nude, but it’s almost no color I can see! I love to use it to tone down some of my bold lipsticks in warmer color family. I don’t think people with dark lips will notice any “burst of juicy color” as I can barely see it too—I have pale lips!

Ahem, A little Bit, Drying!
About the staying power, I found out the gloss is gone after 3-4 hours without eating or drinking. The good thing is, the golden shimmer is still there on your lips giving a super beautiful shine! Yay for that, but this lip gloss unfortunately makes my lips feeling so dry after 3 hours, so you better reapply to moisture yet to renew the glossy shine.

This lip gloss is sold for $16, you can buy them at Ulta, Sephora, or Benefit’s Official Website. Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is a part of their permanent range.


Last Words?
This lip gloss is doing well with adding shine, and there is a beautiful sheen right after the glossy shine went away. It’s just doing “okay” for me though, since the color payoff is not as good—super sheer!—and it does feel dry after some hours. I don’t mind reapplying, but I hate that drying feeling. Yet, the scent sometimes makes me dizzy.

So, any of you have tried this lip gloss? If you happen to take a room tour with ThatsHeart on Youtube, you will see she has this lip gloss in Coralista and she’s loving it! It surely makes me curious about Coralista too, what about you? 

Benefit is going to be in town, yeay! Haven't got the exact date of when will it open here in Surabaya, but sure they will open a new store in Jakarta just in short time. Will update about this, soon!

See you girls soon, now I gotta go XOXO!

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