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Who can resist palettes? Especially if they’re in mood for nudes—the nude eye looks, eye shadows are so in lately! I think I should own one too…. It’s pretty late, I know, but it’s worth the time spent waiting. Now please take a look at this beautiful baby, LORAC PRO Palette!

PROfessional Palette!
The box this palette comes with is a simple black box, with dazzling and glitter pattern printed on it. I found it not boring, quite eye catchy tho! At the back side of this box, you will find some descriptions about this palette.

LORAC PRO Palette was created by a MUA named Carol Shaw—wow it’s quite an almost similar name to mine, ahem forget that just now—and has 8 shimmer colors plus 8 matte colors. For those who craves more—or at least, the same numbers of matte and shimmer in one palette—like me, this palette is just awesome! You will get 16 eye shadows (each 0.02oz) in one palette consisting of both most craved finishes of eye shadows. Not only that, they also included a mini size of Behind The Scenes Eye Primer (0.17 oz) A sweet treat, by the way!

This palette has a black, matte packaging which is made of some kind of rubber which reminds me of NARS’ products. This rubber material is I should admit I kinda have difficulties dealing with it. Has that silver coated LORAC PRO palette on its lid, making this whole palette looks exclusive and very professional. Surely looks expensive also!

Being quite thin and made of cardboard, this palette surely feels very lightweight. Yet, it’s thin!

LORAC PRO Palette is made of a sturdy cardboard then is wrapped with this-kind-of-rubber. The lid closes not too tight surprisingly, it has magnetic closing on lid but surely it’s slightly looser than theBalm’s. This palette has mica plastic inside it to separate the mirror from the shadows, and I found out the plastic was actually sliding out of this palette!

Matte : Shimmer = 1:1!
Inside there is a big mirror, yay for that! All the eye shadows on the first row are all mattes, and all on the second row are all shimmers. Not a specific name they gave for each shade, the names are just based on what colors they are actually. The shades’ name is written just below them.

 ( top row) White - Cream - Taupe - Lt. Pink - Mauve - Sable - Espresso - Black
(bottom row) Nude - Champagne - Gold - Lt. Bronze - Pewter - Garnet - Deep Purple - Slate

PROmising Formulas and Staying Power!
Surprisingly, all the eye shadows are super smooth, finely milled, and super buttery! It’s super blendable too, and won’t look muddy on eyes or dead. They have superb pigmentations too, for each shade! The matte ones are super smooth, yet the color payoff is awesome. It tends to fall out due to its smoothness, so be gentle to them! Try to use a dense but soft brush. These eye shadows are very finely milled, that’s why harsh brushes will cause some fall out.

White - Cream  - Taupe - Lt. Pink

Nude - Champagne  - Gold - Lt. Bronze

Shimmery ones are more buttery, what; it’s like a half cream shadow for me! It’s super smooth and…awesome! These ones are less powdery if to be picked with harsh brush, but I do, do recommend you to use soft, gentle brush instead tho. 

Mauve - Sable - Espresso - Black

Pewter - Garnet - Deep Purple - Slate

The staying power, what else should I say? It has a super great staying power on my lid, even without primer! It won’t lose its own color, yet not turning into muddy too, which is just awesome Here I’m attaching some photos of mine using shadows from this palette. FYI, all the eye makeup below is done WITHOUT EYE PRIMER

Gold - Lt. Bronze - Slate - Black

Champagne - Taupe - Gold

(Oh and for the mini size primer given, I let it go on my blog sale LOL because I had already own the full sized one. Will do the review on another post, soon!)

PROmising in Such Price!
To those who want a comparison between this and the famous NAKED palette, which one to grab first—I’d say you gotta grab this one. This palette has more color range for the shadows, yet the formulas of the shadows are awesome, better than those in both NAKED palette. NAKED palette is for $50 (containing 12 eye shadows + mini UDPP/lip gloss), and LORAC PRO Palette is for $42, (containing 16 eye shadows + mini size primer.) Surely this palette is a bargain!


Last Words?
For the colors, I think I’ll have nothing to rant about. All of them are very compatible to each other, and they work really great both on people with warm, cool, and neutral skin undertone that they bring the range from pink to a garnet color! The only thing to complain about is, the palette’s packaging. The rubber plus a not-so-tightly-closed magnetic lid is a loss for me. Despite of the minus, this palette has got my heart with the quality of the shadows and the color range. Overall, this palette is my HG nude palette so far! Good job LORAC, for moving my heart from NAKED to this PRO palette!

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  1. Still need to get this baby and add it to my nude palette collection :)

    1. of course! well, i'm thinking of grabbing another palettes too. nude is sure addictive

  2. this stuff looks so good!
    really want it but i already have naked palette :(
    the UD naked palette has more shimmer shades than matte shades, and some are too shimmery x_x
    anyways, nice review :3

    1. it's good! ha, don't you say? i want naked 1 palette after grabbing this and naked 2. yet, i'm grabbing nudetude just now...oh girls.
      grab this, i beg you, this is worth every penny!

  3. i want this! thanks for reviewing and spreading the 'poison' hahahaha....

  4. I love this palette, i don't own it unfortunately, but i thinks it's AMAZING, great pigmentation and lovely colors :X Maybe i will be able to buy it soon, i would really like to have it in my make-up collection :D

    1. go grab it! it's worth your money (okay i've repeated this line a lot...) more than naked-s sister does!

  5. Cantik! Belinya dmana ya ini? :D anw I just followed your blog, would be happy if you could drop by / follow mine too :D

    1. beli di MP say :D hehehe cantik, indeed! thankyou, i will :D

  6. Aaahh want! Superb review, thankss caroline :*

    1. should grab thisssss steph! >w< welcome, glad you like it <3