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For some people—especially those who are hygiene freaks like I am—it’s just a little bit not convenient to use fingers to apply complexion products onto the face. I prefer tools like brushes and sponges (of course the clean ones also!!) to apply the product. Like what I got from back there in…..err, December if I’m not mistaken, this super amazing and loved flat top brush is one of my favorite tool to apply complexion products!

Raved Everywhere, Indeed!
Sigma F80 is raved everywhere—who doesn’t know this brush? LOL just kidding! It’s so popular like almost every makeup junkies have one. The brush actually came with a clear plastic that works to, what, keeping the bristles out of dust and so? I lost mine, boo meeeeee….
The handle is sleek, black and glossy, yet is made of wood. It’s not a long handle, but it fits my palm perfectly! (I have a small palm, btw, some people might find it shorter in their liking) It has Sigma logo printed on it along with the brush name. On the silver metal ferrules they also have Sigma logo carved on it, which I personally think it’s beautiful (``OO) This brush is made in P.R.C.

High Quality aaaand, Super Dense!
Comes in synthetic SigmaX bristles, it’s being good for cream and liquid products. The bristles are incredibly soft and not harsh at all for me, and my sensitive skin loves it so much! It’s also super dense, no, not the densest brush I have ever found but the density is just right. It transfers a good amount of product onto my skin evenly, without leaving cracks or streaky lines on face. This is a good thing from a flat top brush! The coverage provided is more into the medium to full coverage using this brush, despite the density of its bristles.

I have been using this brush for more than 3 months before start writing on this review, and I have not experienced any fall out bristles, nor discoloration on the bristles. It has not loosened its shape even if, ahem, I sometimes just not shape it back in the brush guards. The shape is just as perfect as it’s in the first place~

To use it, I just pour some amount of my complexion product—let’s say a liquid foundation here—to the back of my palm and dab the brush into it. Remember to always dab your brush in the depth of white bristles only, as it’s getting harder to wash your brush cleanly when the product is left in between the brown colored bristles!

Takes a lot of Time To Dry
I’m mostly not to let the complexion product left on the brush too long, I will have washed it clean in 1-2 days. The only down point is for this brush, it surely takes a lot of time for it to completely dry because the density, once again! It ever took me 1 day to completely dry in rainy season….but in general it usually needs only 4-8hours to dry.

Cheap but Awesome!
For the price, I think it’s quite cheap because it’s really a great product! Compared to the MAC brushes in price range, mostly Sigma brush are more affordable and better in my opinion. F80 is sold for only $18, you can get it from Sigma’s official website (find the button in my right sidebar!) or just like me, grab it from If you’re Indonesia residents, I totally recommend you to visit Make Up Brush on Facebook as they sell the BEST.PRICE.EVER for makeup brushes far as I concern! I swear by!


Last Words?
What else can I say? I totally love this brush, I know you can tell! Despite the density of the brush, you better wash it pretty often especially if you let it stands on a brush holder rather than keeping it inside a brush case. Synthetic bristles are sure anti-bacterial, but you don’t want you to be a cause of your own breakout right?

So, do you own this brush? What do you think about it? Is it your HG, or do you know any other kabuki brush that could work as amazing as this brush? Share your thoughts below! <3

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  1. my favorite too! love love love it

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  3. Great review!

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  4. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Sigma F80, try Jessup. A set of 10 brushes (5 kabuki face brushes, 5 small brushes) for $9. I wrote a post about it on my blog