Haul : Tony Moly x bntNews May Package!

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When the finals and jobs are done, it means….blogging time! Sorry for my absence lately girls, I was very, very busy. Phew. I am now still busy preparing my birthday party and (ahem,) losing weight, but yeah I’m quite glad I can make at least few posts today.

To start with, I am here having my haul, and it’s a Tony Moly haul from bntNews again! For this May package, I had received it during my finals like a week ago but I just got the chance to blog about them just now, so sorry girls *sob*

For those who are still confused and curious about bntNews, it’s a website that provides information, like all information to your Korean liking! From the entertainment, arts, beauty to the latest fashion trends there! Don’t forget to drop by their site, you can visit them here~

Here thanking Joy from bntNews (hello again, Joy!) and all the crews that have been working hard to get this package to my home safe and sound! This package is of course, and as usual is neatly and nicely wrapped. All items are wrapped safely too using thick bubble wrap, so they won’t be damaged during the shipment.

This month what I received are….. *drum rolls*

The much hyped product lately, it’s a CC (color correction) cream! Woo!
Joy has promised us this cream, and she and the crews had worked sooo hard to get us this cream as the hype was also very huge in South Korea. Thanking them again now for the CC cream is now on my hand. <3

Tony Moly Luminous Aura CC Cream SPF 30 PA++
Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick in OR03
Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack
Tony Moly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact #2

So, do you have any request for the review? I’m planning on doing a review for the CC cream first as it’s a quite hyped product lately after the big hype of BB creams. Tell me which product you want me to review first, I will try my best to do the review soon as possible ‘kay? It’s like I got so many things to be reviewed but I just…got no time to try on them and to write down the review. 
Okay, gotta write reviews now. 

Ciao, belle! X 

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8 kisses

  1. wuaahhh its your birthday will come up? dont forget to post about your birthday party... Im excited to see about that ^^

    if you search about photocorner
    you can contact them... believe me.. their service its awesome... I never look their frame in other photocorner... ^^ its cute and adorrable...

  2. Wow lucky you, but do the review of the egg first or the lip stick?

  3. Everything looks so cute! I'm curious to see how well the egg pore mask and CC cream works. Can't wait for your review on those!


  4. cc cream review will be great :D

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    Luch Luch Craft OASAP Giveaway Click here :)
    Hope you will join :)
    visit my blog ^^

  5. I love how asian cosmetic companies are able to provide reasonable pricing with high quality and creative packaging where as a lot of western companies have boring standard packaging with sky-rocket prices to boot! They need to take a hint from their competitors who are slowly creeping up and stealing some business from them!

  6. the egg-pore so cute! adorable!

  7. I'm always curious with the egg pore tightening pack because the packaging is too cute! I also have the Tony Moly CC Cream but haven't used it yet ;)


  8. I really envious you guys coz you don't have any problem with customs :( All of my package from Joy was always held in customs and been asking to pay for the tax.

    Been hunting for your blog for quite a long time, Hahaha good thing that you're my friend in FB. I Followed you on Bloglovin btw. Will wait for your reviews! :)