Review : Tony Moly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact SPF25/PA++

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Summer is here! Woo! As from my last “did you know” section which you might have read, you would know that I’m going to go to HK a.k.a Hong Kong for my holiday trip this year. Yay for thaaaaaat!!!! Okay. Yay for everything but the hectic schedule I will have there and for the rage of my Granny which allow me not to bring any of my complexion product, especially foundation because like blah-blah-blah, it’s too heavy for my skin and blah. Maybe one compact powder is okay, she said. Not losing to her, I think I want to cut down from the “compact” to “pact”. It’s still okay, right? ;)

So! bntNews, a Korean site which like has-it-all information about the latest things going on in South Korea, kindly  sent me one pact from Tony Moly in the May Package. It’s the Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact, with SPF25/PA++. Let’s take a look into this product more!

Who Can Resist Cute Things?
About the packaging, I should really say I screamed quickly as I revealed it. It has a pretty pale blue box with kind of hologram stuffs in the “A” word, representing for Aqua Aura. Also it’s great to have a Korean product with description and ingredients list using English, so it’s easy to know what’s inside if problems occur later.

The pact is super pretty laaaaa~ I love the mirror-like lid it has, even though it surely made me frustrated when taking photos of it because it keeps reflecting me. Ermh. Ignore my reflection there… Yet overall the packaging is very sturdy, it has this very cute ribbon button to reveal what’s inside.

Quickly you will notice this product comes with a puff on above, and the pact itself is on the bottom of this compact. In between the puff and the product there’s a clear sturdy plastic separator which just looks like another lid. The puff is so soft, even though I prefer a separated kabuki brush to use it because well, another hygiene reason. The puff is great for touch-up too anyway, so don’t throw it just right away!

Yay for the Sun Protection Factor!
Good thing is, this product has SPF in it! It has SPF25/PA++. Each has 10 g of product in it too, quite a lot for compact products~

I got this pact in #2, it has this kind of yellowish undertone in it. This pact is so soft, yet is finely milled. I can slightly smell a fragrance scent to it, like a floral scent. And when I looked back to the ingredients list, yes it has fragrance in it.  For some people this may be a minus especially for those with sensitive skin like me, but I don’t have any issues with allergic to fragrance so this is okay for me.

Pact 101 : Be Light-Handed!
This pact has a matte finish, and it doesn’t cake if you keep using it light-handed. It has a light to full coverage, depends on the applicator you use to apply this product on. If you use the puff it comes along with, the coverage provides will be medium-full, yet if you use kabuki brush like I do, the coverage will sure be sheerer. Don’t worry to go with kabuki brush because this product is buildable! (yet don’t forget to still, be as light handed.)

Build It Up…with patience. Yep.
Having such a buildable coverage, this product yet doesn’t feel heavy on skin. One thing to highlight is still, use this product light-handed! Using puff and building up the coverage doesn’t mean you cannot go light-handed, right? ;) I experienced breakout once from using this product while using it heavy-handed and….well get the cakey look on. Ugh. Be super patient and build your way up, don’t just puff here puff there and here the cake comes…

Unfortunately also, this product does transfer when I dab my forehead with tissue (to absorb the sweat, of course!) in those sunny days. Aww, it doesn’t melt but it does transfer!

Do Not Forget the Moisturizer!
On my NC20-25 skin, this product has a right amount of yellow tone in it. (I’m not very yellow but yet I have warm undertone) #2 is still slightly lighter than my actual skin tone, but it still looks good on without looking weird or overly white. I found out this pact oxidizing a little bit, the staying power is quite great for around 4-5 hours on my combi-oily skin. This pact may accentuate dry patches, so do not forget (never do!) moisturizer underneath.

Repurchase...still considering.
This product is retailing for IDR 150,000 to 180,000. I'm still thinking if I will repurchase, because I'm not so into this product. I love the coverage, I love the packaging, but not the transfer it may does and it does cake if the application is not right.


 Last Words?
Ready, Set, Go! This product works well as a base—I mean a powder foundation—also as a setting powder! Being buildable, you can always build the coverage also from light to thick just in your liking. Build your way up patiently, and remember to always be light-handed! Yes it doesn’t melt in humid days which is a perfect BFF for your summer and sunny days, but beware of the transfer!


Don’t forget still, visit bntNews’ site as well! They have everything to fulfill your Korean daily dose, so hesitate no more. The social medias are always our best friend for daily updates too, subscribe and follow them also!

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It’s super cute and it’s not pink, it’s blue! Blue is the new lovely color to me, after seeing the packaging of this pact. How can’t you love it? It’s sooo pretty, much prettier in person So tell me, have you tried Tony Moly’s Aqua Aura range? Comment below!

Did You Know?
my hair loss is SUPER AWESOME, one day I would make a post asking for the advices and help from you girls about this problem of mine. Gee. I want to reduce the amount of the fallings, but I don’t wanna cut my hair!!!!!!

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