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What does a lip balm do, while you’re in “crisis mode”? Or to make it simple, in danger? So well, it does save your lips from the “yuck-her-lips-are-flaking-yesterday-when-we-kissed” and your (ahem,) relationship, but can it do something more? Like, saving your life and your purse? \(*˙□˙*)/

The most interesting product that I received from bntNews was this lip balm! It’s from Tony Moly which is a Korean brand, as what you might know. This is a new product from them, and the name itself tells what it’s actually. So, shall we go on?

A (cute) Round Helper!
So the packaging is quite simple and made of plastic, with a pink card with some description behind it. Ahem. As I said earlier, the name of this product actually tells us what the product is. It’s a lip balm which is literally going to “help” you too, from harms beside of the flaky lips. Woo! But, how does it do….? Can you guess it already from seeing the description behind the card?

Comes in a round plastic jar with an eye-catching hot pink color and a keychain, it surely looks cute! It has the name “Help Me! Lip Balm” on its twist turn cap, printed in white cute font plus there is a megaphone picture there. Wonder what it is?

What’s the Noise?
This lip balm is not just an ordinary lip balm coming in a jar, nope; actually it’s also a self-alarm. Its keychain actually is not permanently attached to the jar, it’s actually removable as it has a plug at its another end which is attached into the jar! All you have to do is…well simply pull off the chain and then “UIUIUIUIUIUIUIUIUIKUIKUIUIKUIUKUIK!!!!” like that. So loud, so…amazing!

If you’re in danger, you can always pull off the keychain and then the alarm will ring just as the keychain is off. You wish to stop the alarm? Simply put the plug back and the alarm will immediately stop. Amazing, eh? :D 

here's where all the loud comes out from!

There is a plastic separator with Tony Moly name embossed on it. Just below the separator, here the product goes! It’s a milky white color in jar, but turns out colorless once applied. 

Cute yet Useful!
Every product has 3.2 gram in it, and what I got now is in shade #1. This lip balm comes in two shade, which the shade #1 is a colorless lip balm with the name “super moisture” while the shade #2 is a tinted lip balm. Shade #1, being made of 10.5% of natural ingredients, of course delivers more moisture just as its name. There is a slight citrus scent to it, but the scent will eventually fade after few seconds.

image credits to

This lip balm delivers moisture into my lips well, and it’s a type that sits on your lips instead of being absorbed completely. It doesn’t feel sticky after all however, which is quite impressive since the finish is glossy. The coverage is zero, of course, since it’s a colorless lip balm. The texture is soft, and easy to spread without any dragging on lips.

ignore my lighter bbc color on my face...
I could feel the lip balm started to disappear after 2-3 hours. The staying power is not the best, but I don’t mind reapplying tho. It doesn’t make your lips dry after it disappeared which some lip glosses/balms might usually do.

Jar is Not What I’m Very Keen on…
The only thing to complain about is that this product coming up in a jar! Dipping your fingers into the jar, rubbing it on your lips and going back dipping them again into the jar…well it’s not hygienic. Meh. I wish it would come along with a brush, it might make the application became more inconvenience but I’d like it that way! We could reapply as much as we like without worrying of germs or bacteria that could get into the product. Preventing is always better than healing, eh? *wink

This product is not available locally though, but you can still order it online from some, of course, trusted online shops. I got mine from the April package of bntNews. The price may vary, but I think it’s around $13 to $15 something.


Last Words?
So far I love this product, as it’s very cute and eye-catchy but hell-yeah useful as well! This lip balm has been such hype in the topic between me and my friends, as I once brought it to school and showed them it. They even planned to buy one for each person and bring it along with them for our overseas trip next year, LOL~ Don’t forget to use the keychain as well, attach this product on your bag’s zipper for a lips and self protection.

Have you gotten interest in this product? Or any of you have tried it? Until next time, do not forget to drop the comment kay? XOXO!

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