Review : Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner #2 Brown

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This week will be started with an eyeliner review, this time it’s a famous gel-type liner from Tony Moly, the Backstage Gel Eyeliner! People might have been familiar with this product, and thank to bntNews for putting this item also in my April package, so, I can learn what’s the hype is all about!

Unique Packaging (plus Bonus Brush!)
The packaging is all made of a sleek, sturdy plastic, which is tightly packed and I found it easy to travelling with. The jar is made of clear plastic looking like a glass, but it’s as sturdy too. This eyeliner has a quite tall twist-turn cap, featuring a built-in-but-removable handle which is actually a retractable eyeliner brush!

If you find it out too short for the brush handle, do not worry because it’s actually retractable and can be a little bit expanded. 
Taking off the cap and you will quickly found a white plastic separator in between the cap and the product. I love how Tony Moly products always have this plastic separator in every of their jar product. It can really work to protect the product inside from being dried or melted all the way if you loosely screw the cap back, eh?

Comes in a Lot of Color Selection!
I got this eyeliner in #2, it’s a Brown color according to the web. There are all 13 colors available to choose over in this Backstage Gel Eyeliner, from an ordinary black to khaki and pearly navy! Every single product has 4 g in it.

Creamy Baby
This gel eyeliner actually surprised me when I first swatched it. It was more like a cream than a gel for me. The texture is so smooth, sooooo creamy, so soft and very smudgeable! Being creamy both in the jar and on the application, it surely takes up some time to completely dry and turn into a waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner. But when it’s not all dried up yet, you can always smudge them to make a soft smokey effect as well.

see how creamy its constituency from the left line!

It glides on smoothly without any tugging or repeated application, as the color payoff is very true and bold just in one stroke. It’s more into a medium-dark chocolate on me than a brown. The finish of this eyeliner is matte, even though some other colors like the one in #5 for example, is a navy blue with pearly finish.

The staying power is awesome; it lasts on me from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. without any smudging! Of course, I take the time to wait it to completely dry tho. Don’t forget to wear eye primer underneath as it will make your eyeliner just as vibrant and as long lasting.

Cheap but Great!
Surprisingly, as the rest of Tony Moly products this eyeliner is as budget friendly as well! It’s only around IDR 90,000-130,000 depends on where you get it. The price is very reasonable due to the quality of this eyeliner! Well, lucky me to have the chance trying on this product from bntNews April’s Package. Maybe I’ll buy another color?


Last Words?
For the texture to the staying power, overall I like them all! It’s creamy, super smooth, glides easily yet is easy to remove with any makeup remover. Don’t you think you should grab one too? For those who have problems with its creaminess after the application, make sure to let it sets for 30 secs or so, and there you are with the budgeproof and waterproof eyeliner!


 Don't forget to check on bntNews' site, I myself haven't checked out their site for quite a long time. Sigh. Do you girls notice my absence lately? I've been very very busy since my Auntie got married, that's why I didn't post a lot since the beginning of 2013 I was pretty much involved in the whole process. I was very close with her, that's why!
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