Hong Kong : Day 1,2,3 ft. Ocean Park!

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*huff huff*
*blowing away all the dust*
How’s your day…without me? Do you feel empty or something like missing something in your wonderful life? Don’t close the tab now, ei-eonk, because today I’m back already and I will start telling you the reason behind my absence lately!
If you were following me on Instagram and Twitter, or maybe you’re on my BlackBerry Messenger contacts you will soon remember that I was on a HOLIDAY TRIP TO HONG KONG! The trip started from June, 29th 2013 to July, 8th 2013. And if you’re asking why I just got back blogging by today, well even a week is not enough for me to gain the strength, mood, and all I need to do my routines back. Now I’m ready!

Basically I was having 10 days of holiday trip. I was happened to be in HK for my first 3 days, and then I got away to Macao for the next 3 days and stayed back at HK for the rest 4 days. During my trip, I also visited some amusement parks and some interesting *ahem* restaurant, but not I took the photos of them all. Okay. Often forgot to bring my camera along. *run far far away*

I will divide my post into 3 parts; the first one will be this post which tells you about my first-in-Hong Kong for the first 3 days. R U READYYYYYYY?

This trip was joined by 4 people, me, my brother, Granny and Grandpa. We flied using the Cathay Pacific airlines, because my Grandpa didn’t want to transit in anywhere to save time and energy. The ticket was quite expensive as I paid $6250 for the journey and back. It was the high season, so no question la, the service given there and the entertainment I enjoyed really were worth the price!

After the tiring 4 and a half hours flight, we were picked by Granny’s cousin there and we were quickly heading to Tsim Sha Tsui for a lunch!

My Granny’s Auntie swore by, this restaurant has the BEST, MOST DELICIOUS Hainan chicken rice she ever had in the life! And…yes, it is delicious. Supaaa delicious. Not even the Hainan chicken in Singapore, not even one can beat it… Visit there when you get chances!
No pictures attached, we were extremely hungry to quickly munched them all LOL but the kind me told me to snap a pic of the address of this awsummm rest!

The city’s view, taken from inside the car. Tsim Sha Tsui and the Airport’s located in the other island, while we were going to stay at a mansion at Hong Kong Island, meant we gotta go through some underwater and tunnels ahead!


It’s day 2! Today’s plan was to go to Ocean Park. Before that, we should have breakfast and lunch which were had at this ah-may-zinccccc restaurant, Fung Shing Restaurant! It’s located in Sheung Wan area, Hong Kong Island. I swear byyyyy this restaurant also has the best dim sum set, and dinner set, EVER… to the pictures!

this is my fave!
who doesn't love Mochi! :3


"Mom I want more." "Okay, here you go."

Okay. Enough drooling. The restaurant sure was quite crowded, especially on working days as the workers usually had their breakfast there before going to work. Psst, an useful information alert, this restaurant’s having the discount for the order placed before 11 A.M!

Next to the restaurant, there was this Western Market. OMG. I quickly felt like being in London alreadyyy…with the touch of Asian market. Okay.

miniature of the Western Market building.

can't help not to camwhore!

We took this tram to go to Ocean Park. CHEAPEST RIDE IN HONG KONG. LOL! We called it “teng teng” because it always sounded the “teng teng” out every time it stopped! ~(‾‾ᴥ‾‾)/\(‾‾ᴥ‾‾)~

At the terminal before getting in bus to go to Ocean Park. This terminal is located at Admiralty, and you can get the ticket for Ocean Park here.

In my opinion, the ticket to enter Ocean Park is quite cheap compared to the one to enter Disneyland…and well, the park is also a looooot, lot bigger than Disneyland but that also the main reason keeping me far from the hope of getting back in there once again. Tired to walk and queue!!!!!!! NO KIDDING! 

So here's the Ocean Park! Not a lot pictures, I know you're enough to see it and scroll your way down...

some attractions inside the Park!

It didn’t make sense, how they could sell CUTEEEEEEE things like those penguins and pandas, far far faaaaaar more expensive than the entrance ticket itself. Made people lost their passion to buy stuffs, u know the feeling right… *sob*


panda fever is everywhereeeeeee

I also rode the cable car to go to the other side of Ocean Park. The queue itself took me ONE HOUR before we could finally reach the cable car. This is the reason, second reason not to getting back in there. Started to wonder if going there on Sunday was my biggest mistake…

Good to know my Acrophobia didn’t react too much when it came to the ride. Phew. I swore I won’t take that cable car again to go home, so Stewart took us to ride the express train. WHY WON’T HE TELL ME THERE WAS A TRAIN AT THE FIRST PLACE??? No queuing, anyway!

pic taken from inside the cable car!
Think you will realize soon that I camwhored just a little? I usually am a camwhore everywhere I go, but this time..too lazy la~

don't mind my carriage. duh.

If croco actually looks like dis, I don't mind being his meal.

Finally the show of dolphins and the other ocean creatures. After the show (and sorry for the spots—my camera was kinda crazy, I didn’t know what was wrong with it geez) and visiting the Grand Aquarium, we got back to the city and that’s how I met H&M and shopped like crazy.

And for day 3…I shopped all day, ftw. Left my camera at the mansion for me to reduce the weight of my carriage inside the bag. Glad I did… *get slapped by reader, virtually* By the way, these are two pictures I managed to snap before my cam's totally dead. Beautiful indeed.

Jellyfish, too transparent to be seen without the colorful lights.

That’s how my first three-days of trip in Hong Kong. Do you think..I should really *glek* continue writing this report? Not so much photos were taken—you know I got not very plenty of time to do such photograph and so, because we were always after the time. Time flies sure fast…

Amazing to see these fishes! How many are they...I mean, how much!

Okay. No more being random. Glek.
Tell me if you’re still, ahem, curious about my trip-without-too-much-photos-and-too-random-not-beauty-related this time. Would really appreciate if you still expect for the following days’ report, tho!

Good to know this huge, boring rambling is over? Okay, I’m closing this post now! See you later, please please pleaseee don’t unfollow my blog. Hihi. Got a tutorial coming up very soon, and manyyyyy reviews ahead. Cao! <3

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  1. olinnn... i really want to try that ocean park.... XD

    sayangnya tiap mau ke HK gagal2 muluuuu g pernah jadiiii

    #really envy you linn

    btw nice trip postt i am so excited to read your next trip post

  2. Ahhh tsim sha tsui, sheung wan, admiralty... I want to go back to HK now because of your post olin he5.. Btw the penguins are so cuteee.. Did you bought one?

  3. Hi! New follower here <3 I really really like your blog, it's so cute ; u ; And this post is so interesting ;o Aquariums were always my favorite places to visit as a kid (even now ahaha)