Event : Launching the New Concept Store of Estee Lauder!

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For all the makeup junkie here in Surabaya, have you known this? The UK originated high-end brand, our lovely Estee Lauder had just launched their new concept store on Saturday, June 17th 2013! First of all let me thank Carnellin for providing information about the event and Estee Lauder Indonesia for choosing 5 of us bloggers

to attend the event.

The new concept that the store is using now, is the High Touch concept. The store is now redesigned with all over dark blue color which has always been Estee Lauder’s signature color along with the touch of gold color as for the luxury touch creating a strong, yet elegant atmosphere to the store.
the best-selling items of all times, Advanced Night Repair!

As for the Estee Lauder brand itself, I believe most of us will have a picture and thought of an “old and luxury brand belong to the old people in example my mom, my aunt, and even my grandma”. No lies, they’re all hardcore fans of this brand! (at least, mine…) But with the redesigned store and this High Touch concept which represents the brand new Estee Lauder aiming for the every modern woman—not only the old ones—I personally feels “wah!” to see the store for the first time. Too bad I nor the crews didn’t snap pictures of the old store, which seemed quite “luxury but boring” with white, and kind of exclusive so us young customers would feel awkward to step nearby. Now I would happily step inside without feeling guilty or being stared like “why would that little girl walks into her Granny’s skincare counter”, or whatsoever so!

an interview to Ce Lina about her thoughts of Estee Lauder!

 Ms. Wulan soon brought us the bloggers for a tour around the new store, also introducing us to the products and services Estee Lauder provided.

Estee Lauder’s skincare ranges basically aim for adults women, but they also have the basic ones for young adults like me—okay I’m no longer a teenager I suppose, since I turned 17 just 2 days ago! The main problems our skin may have like dryness, aging, big pores, they have it all in specialties so worry not to find the one that would match you. 

Also, an exclusive skincare range with also, an exclusive price (ahem!) and exclusive ingredients such like gold—yes, the gold, pure GOLD—for a better result for skin. I’m drooling to see them. Touch. Touch. 

So what quickly attracted my attention was this shelter behind the consultation desk. Each shelter has the best-selling products at the store, so the products displayed might differ one to another store. This idea was very fun I think! And the featured products at the moment were :

1.      Advanced Night Repair
2.      Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex
3.      Double Wear Foundation
4.      Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator (my wishlist!)
5.      Perfectionist (CP+) Wrinkle Lifting Serum

Also there's a perfume bar! Oh My, Pleasure always has my heart and now they have the fraiche version of them!

Here comes the attractive, luxury, yet tempting makeup products from Estee Lauder! *drooling* Their products have always been Mom’s fav, she said they are very natural and soft, never overpowering.
At the time there was also Mr. Indra, he’s the featured Make Up Artist atm who just got back from Bangkok for a training along with another MUAs of Estee Lauder. The BA’s and Mr. Indra were offering a free makeover with Estee Lauder products. Lucky me to have a makeover with him!

pic credits to missbelanjaonline.blogspot.com
….here’s the result!

(P.S: I loveeeeee the Double Wear Mascara he applied on me, it quickly beat the crap out Benefit They’re Real gave me before!

Also there's ce Shasha, and ce Shelvi enjoyed the special makeover offer there. 

Ce Shelvi was having Mr. Arya to do her makeup!

here's Mr. Indra again!

Not only a special makeover we enjoyed there, on any occasion we can also have the consultation with the BA-s there! Like what I had back there with one senior BA (Beauty Assistant), Mrs. Neni, she kindly asked and explained to me and Ce Lina about the products aimed for our skin problems. 

pic credits to missbelanjaonline.blogspot.com

Finally, the officially launching event! The launching of the new concept store was done by Ms. Wulan and one Sogo representative. Congratulations, Estee Lauder Indonesia!

After the High Touch concept store was finally launched, Ms. Wulan was explaining the brand Estee Lauder and the truth that it was not only the “old and luxury brand belong to the old people in example my mom, my aunt, and even my grandma”. Skincare and anti-aging products are not to avoid of until the problems and aging signs come out! It’s always been better to prevent than to heal, right? Keep the line always in mind~

Last but not least, a group pictures!
Ce Shasha, Ce Lina, Me, Ce Yennyga, Ce Josephine (Ce Shelvi hadn't arrived atm!)

Don’t forget to visit the new concept store; the first one in Surabaya is on SOGO Department Store, Tunjungan Plaza IV. I hope the other store will soon launched this High Touch concept as well too! Last but not least, let me congratulate and wish Estee Lauder Indonesia all the best for this new concept store!

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