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Acne is…irresistible. Well, at least for my skin! No matter how hard I fight it, it will eventually come back bringing a lot of friends. Maybe I have mentioned this before that my skin is actually getting immune of anti-acne properties in skincare – it actually fights back by producing more sebum which causes more acne, obvious as it is – therefore I cannot really use anti-acne products or treatments. Getting back to basic skincare is not very fun, you can’t get your whole acne gone in no time. But when I was on my holiday in Macao back there in July, I found a LUSH store there inside the Venetian shopping centre, and grabbed this raved-so-much product: Mask of Magnaminty, and I chose to give it a try!

And Its Obviously LUSH!
LUSH packaging is made of a thin plastic, but being thin doesn’t make the cap feels a bit loose instead of shutting very tight. To be honest the packaging is not very appealing to see it at the first place, but the labels and its originality, uniqueness, has its own fans (count me in, ofc!)

As for LUSH signature too, they will have this mini label having the name of the maker of this product, when was it made, and the expiration date. Don’t worry – the expiration date is like 3 months ago, I know – because today I’m not going to review an expired product because I’ve actually ended up this one thus I’m making an in-depth review about it.

Refreshing Scent from Herbal Essential Oil
When first opened the cap, you will quickly notice a fresh smell of peppermint and yes it has peppermint oil in it which cause tingling sensation during the wear session giving you the cold and fresh sensation all over your face, neck, and even back.. 

The cream is green in color, with noticeable rough, crushed adzuki beans in it. Texture is thick and creamy, it spreads pretty easy with just a little tug on your face. It will soon dry up and crack—if you smile or laugh a lot during the wearing time—before I finally rub it off with warm water after 10-15 minutes (longer than advised, I know!) and have no problem with the exfoliating properties. The adzuki beans exfoliates through your skin deep, but not harsh at all. It doesn’t cause my skin irritation at all instead of making it glows, feels so smooth and healthy just in seconds.

My Skin is Happy, So Am I
It looks similar to Queen Helene Mint Julep with less harsh exfoliator property, but I prefer this one as Mask of Magnaminty doesn't cause me breakout or tight feeling after wearing. I wear this mask 1-2 times in a week. My acne scars fade & lighten a bit, my small bumps and rough, dead skin are all banished away. Even though I apply the mask on irritated skin or acne also, Mask of Magnaminty doesn’t really cause harm to it instead of helping by calming it down. Wearing serum or moisturizer after this mask would really help for your skin to develop better too~

Mask of Magniminty comes in two sizes, this one I have is 125 g for MOP$90 or around $11. It’s quite a generous amount of mask, I finish this 125 g jar in 2,5 months. Indeed I’m happy with the result, and surely will repurchase as no scrub/exfoliator that has come so far not to irritate or cause harm to my skin unless this one.


Last Words?
Mask of Magnaminty is definitely amazing. My skin is acne prone but also very sensitive to harsh product, but this one causes me a lot of goodness instead. The adzuki bean is not very harsh actually, and this mask gives tingling and cool effect which is relaxing, not the burning sensation! Thumbs up! One thing to notice if you’re allergic toward essential oils, you may want to consider more before buying because it has peppermint oil. 


What do you think of this mask? Have you ever tried it? Will love to hear from you guys, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for upcoming updates! XOXO


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  1. Wah kayaknya bagus ya maskernya ♥♥
    Tapi jarang lihat produk ini dijual diOS hahaha.

  2. beli dmn lin?
    nice reviewww ^^

  3. I would love to try this - been eyeing it since my last LUSH visits!