Review : Etude House AC Clinic Intense Mask Sheet

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After browsing around the Etude House counter a while ago, I bought one mask home. It’s a mask sheet, by the way, you know I’mma mask-sheet-freak rite XD
I bought one from their AC Clinic Range which was aimed to those with troubled skin. This mask has only one variant in mask sheet, but I managed to take one only because I wanted to try if they work on me or not.

Okay first let me apologize for the crappy angle for each photos uploaded eh? I found it super hard to find the most good lighting so well that was my best, now I found it already!

Sleek, Doff-Matte Green Packaging.
The design of the packaging is actually very simple, and it’s made of a doff-matte green plastic and an aluminum foil on the inside. I love the nurse-with-acne picture tho LOL. The lines on the right side, in case you’re wondering what are they (the descriptions are all written using Hangeul and I was only like “hmpfht asdfghjkl gomawo gomawo” reading them loud, it’s the step to a total skincare regime using the whole AC Clinic series.

Paying attention to the red box above the last line, it says this product is a special care then back to “asdfghjkl pffthmpft thump thump omo”  LOL. I can only tell this mask is not a part of AC Clinic daily skin regime, it’s only a special care for some occasion only.

Contains a Lot of Product!
Nah while other mask sheet only has like 14-16 ml in their volume, this mask has 20 ml. Hohoho. Does that mean the formula inside is a lot more?

  Finally, English Description!
Hooray! Now I don’t have to wondering about the Hangeul anymore that makes me keep thinking of asdfghjkl and so. This description is a must, well, because this product is not for Korean people only right? You better know your product well before starting out using them!

˟ A Little Too Expensive?
This mask is IDR 58.000 or $6. What the…mask? I’m very sure this is cheaper in South Korea as the origins, but $6 for a mask is….asdfghjkl for me. Meh. I wish for a cheaper price, please! Online shops sell it around IDR 30.000-40.000 each mask. And still, sorry, it’s a little bit overpriced for me; despite of how good it works!

˟ Smell Something……….herb?
This mask has strong herbal scent, a weird herbal scent like those you will find in Chinese herb store. Bleh. I hate the scent, and this scent is what they have in every products from the AC Clinic series.

I wore this mask for 25 minutes, 5 minutes bonus LOL. After pulling the mask off, don’t forget to gently pat your face so the lotion can be fully absorbed. *pat pat pat*

After wearing this mask, I feel the cool sensation on my skin and the most important is, my redness has been reduced! Yay! I also noticed I got no breakout after wearing this, my acne got calmed instead. I love love love the result, my skin feel so refreshed and moisture, no tight feeling at all, and super smooth. No sticky feeling also because all the lotion is fully absorbed by the skin.

“The smell cannot bring me down. No!”

Last Words?
I only give this product 4 hearts because of the price! This mask surely does amazing to my skin and I cannot wait to stock up some more, but it’s really pricey just for a sheet of mask. Really. The scent it has doesn’t bring me down, but the price, it may be! *get slapped* This mask is great for anyone with troubled skin like me, and yes, this is mess-free and easy to use. Get one!


It’s only 3 days to a new year, and I still have so many, many things to be reviewed before this 2012 end. Even I haven’t posted my haul yet! OMG I’m still sick *cough cough* but well, wish me luck to come up with new posts ASAP. You know I’m kind of perfectionist I cannot deal with mistakes and “ngawur”-written post so well, hope I can concentrate better! Ciao for now, and, kiss kiss ~

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  1. Nice post ce!
    Aku juga pingin nyoba ini, tapi mikir2 juga soalnya harganya lumayan nguras. I worry when this product doesnt work on me, my money is useless T_T *kantong anak sekolah*

    1. thankyouu novia :D
      yes, berat juga ini masker di kantong anak skolahan. macam kita. worknya sih work, work greattttt, tp harganya......*plak*

  2. waaa.. andai ada foto before afternya lin.. penasaran tingkat tinggi xD
    aku jg penasaran ma spot patchnya AC clinic.. interesting :3

  3. LIIINNNN.... JADI MUPENG T_T Postinganmu = racunku T_T tanggung jawab lin... lol..
    Herb? me like it <3 lol... Aku isa suka pol sama bau si ac ini... Mempesona ;) *wink wink* #tabok
    musti coba jika ada kesempatan ;)

  4. wahhh.. definitely will purchase this when I go to Korea :D

  5. oOoo~ def. loving the ingredients ~ Will have to try ^,,^

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  6. waa jadi pengen coba. thx for sharing sayangg :D

  7. hmm I'vr been reading a lot of good stuff on this. Too bad I skipped this when I hauled this line:P check out my review here:

  8. I bought it in Korea. About KRW2000/sheet or IDR20000. But if you buy 10 pcs you'll get free 10pcs. So IDR200.000 for 20 pcs or IDR10.000 for 1 mask.

  9. buy this from intagram : ICHIGOACCSUPP
    and you will get 27.000 for each mask... :)