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This is the item I got from a talkshow with Frais Monde and Yemima Beauty Center back there at The Grand Palace 1st Birthday Celebration. Read the complete long story and useful information I got from the talkshow here, but after this review eh! *get slapped ><

Frais Monde comes from Italy. I’ve looked for the online description for this brand, but I found nothing in English L You can check their official site here. I used Google Translator and found out that Frais Monde don’t test their products on animals, and their products also contain NO CHEMICAL AND NICKEL, ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Wow! I never used any European skincare product though, except for the lipglosses and balms from L’Occitane which are originated in French. Since the glosses & balms worked very great on me, I have a really high expectation too for this product, because mainly European skincare products are made of natural ingredients. Awesome!◦ᴥ◦

I got Acqua Di Repole. It’s a facial mist that is purely, genuinely made of Aqua only! This mist is also free from ozone damaging propellant gases. Its use is for soothing cosmetic treatment for sensitive, delicate and irritated skin. Wait, doesn’t it just describe my needs as well? LOL

All the explanation on the box is written using foreign language, such as Italian, Russian, and English. Well there is just a little explanation in English though >.<
And here’s the uses! Just all that I need, won’t you say? \(ᴖᴗᴖ)/

The price is IDR 225,000 or around $24 for 150ml of mist. It’s not expensive if you see the benefits and the result eh!

It’s very easy and nice to spray the mist to your face that the spray cap is not too hard to be pressed. Spray the mist in circular motion that it would cover your whole face with a single spray, and gently pat your face so your skin would absorb the mist faster and better.

The mist is colorless—YES IT IS! I love, super love that this product has no artificial coloring or weird smell. It has no scent at all—aqua pureness strikes!

I apply this mist before my skincare products, and after putting some makeup to set them from smudging and smearing. My face instantly feels smooth and supple right after the application. Love!
I have started using this mist since this morning, and I will update this post in a month since this is a skincare product. (This will be on October, 17th 2012) I already saw some differences and improvements in my skin too even I’d just used it twice! Wow really can’t wait to update this post next month and to see the result ( ~ᴖɜᴖ)~

I would admit that it’s kinda hard to find this product in Indonesia. You can visit The Grand Palace in Grand City Mall, Surabaya. There’s a Frais Monde tenant there inside the marvelous department store. You can buy it online too from FYI they used Frais Monde products only for the clinic, so come there and get your skin pampered with those amazing products from the line!
Share your thoughts on the comment box below. Have you ever tried this product? Or maybe another product from Frais Monde? What do you think about them?

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