Weezy Award and Big Dreams Confusions

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OMG how many years have passed since I got nominated awards from Blogger fellas? Thanks to the cute and adorable Aimee this time for the award! This is a weezy award, and to be very honest, I just heard about it now LOL. Now let’s get into the rules of the award first:


1. Make a "note" to the person who give this award.
2. Nominate 3 (or more) friends that you think they are close/good/kind/etc. to you.
3. Give a note to each of them.
4. Tag this award on those friends you chosen.
5. You can tag back if you want. 

*NOTE: The more you received this award, the more it shows that you are friendly and like to be their friend. :)

First of all, note for Aimee!

And now, here are the people I nominate: 





That’s it! Don’t you think my notes are cute? I edited and made one by one carefully, I hope those I nominated would like it and gimme some notes back!


Aside from the award, I have things to share to you girls and maybe, can you gimme some opinions regarding my “confusions”?

As maybe some of you have known, I just turned 17 this year. I’m now in my last year of high school, meaning next year I really have to go to university to continue my study. And this is what my confusions are all about. Questions like “where will you go” or “what subject will you take” is too common for me lately but not very depressing (already), but what really wandered around both in my heart and my mind is:

Will you be able to fulfill all the required terms & conditions?

As for my grades and the scores I got during my previous years, they were all neither bad nor excellent—all around 8.5 like so. I honestly admit that I accepted some letters of offering to universities which affiliates to my school about the free registration fee and they were only issued to around 50-80 people out of the total 400 students of my batch, but none of the universities have interested me to go in there. My friends kept telling me for not being stupid and threw all the chances I'd got just to go for something bigger and maybe, unreachable. I dream for something bigger and…well, am I wrong for doing so? This is the case one, by the way.

Jakarta was on the top of my destination list when it comes to choosing universities, but suddenly it was announced that one government-funded university in Hong Kong was about to come to my school and doing one private presentation, and it was so exclusive even to join the presentation you gotta sign up first. I signed up and attended the presentation with all excitement, the butterflies on my stomach were all wilder than ever—wilder than the moment when I saw cute guys around, seriously—and my brain entered the clown & circus mode. You mustn't wonder how much I love Hong Kong from the people to the country itself from the posts about them here. I honestly say to you here, just right after I got home from HK it’s like I badly wanted to live like forever in that country. And that’s how all the confusions started. Case two:

How do I happen to be granted a scholarship there?

My score met the minimum requirements, but the information I gained from the website told me quickly as non-local applicants are not to be granted any financial assistance. Is it true? The living expenses in Hong Kong is sort of…crazy, especially for the accommodation there. The tuition fee in Polytechnic University—yep, that’s what I was talking about in these last 2 paragraphs—is not really expensive for the international student like me, but it’s definitely much more than what I have to spend for my school here.  If there were a chance for scholarship, how can I not try to apply?

The information about the scholarship is still blurred until now, I don’t really know whom to ask even my school claims to be their affiliate too. Sending our students there had been done for the last 3 years, but I’m not sure if I can really get 100% scholarship there. God…this is the case three.

I know I have nothing to be afraid of actually, as trying can never be wrong—moreover it becomes a truly important moment of life, eh—and there’s nothing wrong to dream big, right?

I wasn’t actually over some famous names of universities, I’m more after what I can get and do right after I finish my studies. And I choose Hong Kong now for my destination, but only if I can get the scholarship because living there is nothing I can afford right now L I wish to have a career there so bad, and I think to continue my study there would be a great stepping stone for that dream of mine!

After a big psywar both in my head and heart, here what I’m going to do next:
   1.     I want to apply to the PolyU Hong Kong and do the interviewwhether I fail or succeed, I will try my best anyway.
   2.     I have also an admission backups here in Indonesia, and still I choose to try my best to get the scholarship here (in UPH Jakarta too!)

Of the things above…you know now I’m a big dreamer. I dream big, but nothing is too big or too impossible until you try and pray hard for it. No dreams will come real without any actions and prayers. The confusions are actually no needed and they lead you to self-destruction, and yes I’ve been through that phase. I talked to a lot of people about my crisis and soon I realized I should’ve worried over everything. Now all I want to do is all the best I can do, whether it’s to do interviews or to write some essays. Wish me luck, kay!

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11 kisses

  1. Awh, thanks, Olin~! Dreams are needed to continue living, so dream a dream, Olin, be it big or small, that is our motivation for living. ^_^ /~~

  2. without dream life will be just plain :D
    and trying won't hurt anyone hehe. salam kenal yaaa, nice to meet you ^^
    Good luck!


  3. gak ada yg mustahil ^_^ u're a smart girl :) keep trying n do all your best.. let God do the rest ;)

  4. Awww, thank you Oline, i saw the notification of your new entry and was so honored (and surprised) when i saw my name :)! Yes, i'd love to travel with you too, maybe we can arrange a blogger little trip, just us girls? That'd be pretty awesome hehehe...

    Keep on dreaming, and work hard to make your dream a reality, i will always be your cheerleader here! XOXO!

  5. My dear sweetie Olin, YOU CAN DO THIS!! hahaha.. semangat sayanggg!! Reach for the highest, even if you're not fulfill your 1st goal you will be near with the 2nd one :D so why not try?? try laaa.
    selama masih ada kesempatan dan masih bisa LOL

    thank you for trust in me on your big Day :*

    anddd last one, even if I'm going to miss you much like I'm going to die, hehe (alay) I'm hoping for the best for your future, so get it girl!

    to me, you just like my little sister. All the best for you!
    LOVEEEEE - margy

  6. Thank you so much Caroline! You're just so adorable~ I'm so glad that I found you blog and got to know a person like you~

    And I really admire your big dreaming. :) When I applied to school, I applied to schools that I knew I was going to get into. Even the schools I would really want to go to, I knew I wouldnt get in..so I thought 'why try?'

    However, in the end, I applied to one far reach school, that I just really wanted to go to..It was a high ranking school and my GPA and SAT scores were below their usual average but I wanted to try and turns out, I got accepted. :)

    Trust me, everything will work out for you~ Your future will be bright~^_^

    Lots of love,


  7. you're very welcome, ci! :3 agree, it's the motivation. thanks for every advice you give to me and sorry to pull you into my problems XD

  8. salam kenal icel, thanks for the feedback anyway! yes, it won't hurt, i will try! ;)

  9. thanks, zy! *kabur bikin tutorial* soon yaa darlinggggg :3

  10. thanks ce Mindy, it's also a pleasure of mine to feature you back there! YES YES WE SHOULD DO THAT, even if I finally move to another city/country we should really do that trip still!
    my cheerleader is a cute girl, therefore i should work my brain harder XD thanks, xxo!

  11. ahh what a cute note oline ^^
    Well, I always bad when it comes to give advice. so, I'm not giving one to you hahaha.. I just wish you all the best in everything! every path that you will choose, I wish you success!