Surabaya Beauty Bloggers' First Anniversary

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Hi Angels, today I have a very special event report for all of you – it’s about the Surabaya Beauty Blogger’s First Anniversary! Woo!

Actually I haven’t been an “official” part of them for one whole year yet – because I was on hiatus for like a year, due to hectic campus life – but I was super excited to be back and able to meet new and old friends too here in this event.

If you stalked my InstaStories like 2 weeks ago you’ll notice that I’ve been quite busy with Ce Mindy and Redha preparing the goodie bags for this event. Even though I only helped a little here and there during the preparation, but seriously girls, if you read this, it drained my youth and energy so much. I couldn’t imagine if I were in Ce Mindy’s position tho, to be the head of this event! Salute!

This event was held at the rooftop bar of Muttonbird Bistro & Rooftop, but at 2 PM because natural lighting is all we need for good photos, eh! Selfies before beers, right. #girlslogic

Black and hot pink were the two main colors in this event, as in our logo, and obviously that became the dress code. The venue was decorated with cute DIY balloons in those two colors too. Uber cute!

The venue quickly got packed with a lot of beautiful ladies, luckily, I managed to snap some pics first at the photo corner with some cute props from F2F Cosmetics.

The MCs then walked in and opened this event by letting Ce Mindy, the official Founder of this community, to give a speech. She was clearly super happy and grateful to be our “Mommy” and work with all the girls, brands, agencies, and sponsors without any great difficulties in these past 52 hectic weeks. We were all touched when she then called Lilies from WomanBlitz to come forward and expressed her gratitude for all the work they’d done together and help they’d given to one another since the day of SBB was merely just a crazy idea, to the making of the community, and finally until the day it is today.  

Our very first workshop of the day was by Me-Nail, our favorite nail salon! The owner teaches us how to apply fake nails. Inside our goodie bags they’d provided one cute set of fake acrylic nails in different sizes, a nail buffer, and one bottle of nail polish. Ce Ellysa then demonstrated all the correct steps of applying fake nails on Claresta, while us, the guests, carefully followed her instructions.

Then the event continued with a presentation of Face Reading by Clariskin. Yep, you read that right – face reading! It was their newest service, where you sent your close-up, bare-faced photo to them and the doctors would then analyse your face and give their suggestions about improving your facial features.

And last but not least, it was F2F Cosmetics’ workshop! They introduced their newest product to us here, and we were so excited about it: Perfect Creamy Eyebrow. I think it was the very first eyebrow cream product by local brands, amazing right? And again, Claresta was so willingly to be the model for demonstration purpose. Her eyebrows looked so damn good afterwards, didn’t they? So bold!

F2F Cosmetics also just launched Eyeshadow Booster, which was an eyeshadow primer. As its name, its purpose was to boost the eyeshadow colors and make them pop up beautifully.

After that, F2F made two mini Insta-games for us to join! The first one was “recording yourself on InstaStory while applying lip liner then coat it with lipstick using the opposite hand”. I didn’t wanna miss the fun, so I quickly grabbed the XOXO Lip Liner and Pure Red Lipstick from F2F’s goodie bag, and started to record myself using that.

this is the result of applying lip liner + lipstick with my left hand. decent not??
I didn’t know I was quite good at doing this…until my name was called by the MCs as one of the winners! Thank you so much F2F Cosmetics!

The second game was taking the most Instaworthy photo using F2F’s photo corner props that I mentioned earlier. This time, the winner was Chelshea and Bella. Congratulations, you both!

Once again, I’d like to say thank you Surabaya Beauty Bloggers for welcoming me again in the community after such a long hiatus. I promise I will work hard too for our beloved community in the upcoming years! Wish us more prosperity ahead, and stay solid everyone ~

all the pretty ladies!

what's inside the goodie bags - from all the sponsors! thank you!

By the way, #selfiebeforebeers right. So here’s some of my OOTD pics and groupfies with other pretty Ladies. Please bear with us!

i love the cute hairpin Ce Mindy (forcefully) made us wear that day! It's so cute and goes well with my outfit

tripleting Zara Off Shoulder Top with Ce Mindy and Ce Cynthian, because it's the only hot pink item in our closet!
our snob style! with Ce Ryen and Ce Tiffany
Cute style pic with Ce Ryen!
XOXO, and see you on my next post! ❤👄

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