How to Style Group Printed Tee!

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T-shirt is definitely the comfiest thing on earth, I swear. Even though I’m mostly obsessed with such a neat look – and so is Chub – but our holy grail item would always be the soft, lightweight t-shirt. Be it the plain one or the one with printed graphic accent, I love them all. So, when I knew there would be a customized t-shirt in SBB first anniversary’s goodie bag, my heart did beat a little bit faster from excitement!

This customized t-shirt was made by AHA! Products, a local manufacturer of customized graphic t-shirt. They strongly suggest the idea that our t-shirt defines our identity. That’s the reason why the company exists and is always ready to help us get any words or any pictures printed beautifully on our favorite tee. Woo~

The customized t-shirt for our community has only one design for all. The only thing that differs one from another is our own name which is printed under the big quote at the front part. However, since I was the last person who submitted my name, perhaps they missed my order and didn’t print my name on the tee It was okay tho, perhaps I’ll make it more personal by sewing a white ribbon or bling applique later.

I styled this t-shirt to look more edgy but still casual at the same time. The size of this tee was one size bigger than my usual size, boo-hoo, stupid me for picking the wrong size! Since it’s a little baggy, I chose to roll up the sleeves a little bit and it looked damn good eh!

I also tucked it into my ripped, high-waisted acid denim because the tee is kind of long for my petite body figure. With a tee that’s oversized, or perhaps one/two size bigger than your actual size, you can tie it up or tuck it in for a better fit. I went for the latter. The black plain cap and acid & ripped jeans already made this outfit looked super casual, so let’s level up the neatness by tucking the t-shirt in!

Anyway, have I mentioned how much I loveeeeeee this tee? The material is super soft, stretchy, and lightweight – but not thin and loose at all! The day when I did this photoshoot was blazingly hot, as you can see in the pictures below, the sun was shining oh-so-bright and the weather was super dry. Phew. I actually got sick the next day by the way Surprisingly, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all even though the material was not that airy and the color was black – which indeed, absorbed the heat of the sun even more. It’s super soft on skin, super breathable, and has great absorbent power so it didn’t get sticky here or there even I surely sweated a lot that day. Sounds gross but hey, isn’t that true? Some tees are really burdening us when it’s not soft and stretchy, and even more when they trap the heat inside but absorb no sweat during hot day. Meh!

Bottom - Princess Boutique
Cap - Unbranded 
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell


Whaddya think about this look? Yay or Nay? 👏
Share the thoughts on the comment section below okay, would love to hear from you girls!

And oh, please stay tuned to my blog - tonight I would review a new brightening skin care line of an uprising local brand. Curious what is it? 👀❤

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