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Why am I saying goodbye?

Yep, I used a totally dramatic title here. I am just soooo excited! My mom bought me a new smartphone, it was Blackberry! *jump jump* Actually I have nothing to get excited about, it’s just another common smartphone. It was Blackberry 9780 or mostly known as Onyx II. But I was expecting this phone for a long time! My mom wouldn’t buy me a Blackberry at first instead of buying me Nokia E72, because she thought the most popular app Blackberry had, their Messenger, would make me chatting all day with my friends and abandon my school stuffs.  She was totally wrong. Having a Blackberry Messenger or not, I would still be a lazy person. ~( *w*  ~  )  (  ~ *o* )~ ~( *w*  ~  )  (  ~ *o* )~
(LOL I hope she will never know about this post. )

Back to the story, yes I admit it I’d become such a helpless lazy person.  I was helplessly lazy and not serious in doing school stuffs. But in the second semester which is still going on until today, I realized I have to change this bad habit. I have to be more serious, I have to be more diligent. Gee. I tried so hard to learn and earn good score in every subject. And I did! I nailed them all. Thank God! And as an appreciate, or we may say it’s a form of present/gift/whatsoever it was….She chose to buy me a Blackberry. She said I was doing great in this second semester of my tenth grade; I got no bad score at all. I’d nailed all the subjects and I gotta keep on the track (WTF new idiom? Lol).  I was thankful, relieved etc etc. I couldn’t say such a thing. And oh, this smartphone will also be my birthday present which is still 2 months to go \(       ^.^ )/

She was superbly kind! It was like, ehm, I was ashamed to reveal it here but:

I have always changed my phone every year.

It seemed like it has become such a habit for me. Such a bad habit, I mean it. I always wanted something new, something in trend. That cost me a lot, of course but I would do anything to get new phone. But this time, I promise I will stick with this phone a little longer. Perhaps 2 year and more? Because this is the first phone I got from my own hard works. Even though I also bought my SE K770i using my very own cash, but I feel like this Blackberry is a gift for me. I feel appreciated and loved, for serious. No, I’m not being so melancholy or overacting etc. I just feel it so true.

Every hard work we do will surely cost us a price and we gotta pay it. But there’s a gift, a present behind all the process we’ve been through. A gift we’ll never know until we receive them, a gift from heaven, a piece of heaven that is given for us for what we’ve done. A gift that we can never use currency to know its value. And my gift? Was a common smartphone, in white, and come with 5mpx camera. I do not care how much did it value, all I know was this is a piece of heaven that was given for me by my mom.

A love from God and her.  
An appreciated feeling, a loved feeling.

It’s enough for me to feel thankful and shed a tear today.

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone. Hope you guys find your own piece of heaven in this special day, cause I just did! Sorry for such a lame, boring and melancholy post even though I am a sanguine, a pure one, and for posting this in a beauty blog. I just want to share about my feeling.
Thanks for reading, and GBU all! XOXO

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