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This is my very first award, thanks to Ningrum! *bow* Her blog is awsum, almost every of her posts are started with an illustration of the product she’s going to talk about below. The illustrations are madly cute; I wonder what did she use to draw them? How much hours did she spend to draw so perfectly? Well the last stupid illustration I made was the buttons on the left bar, and I ended up sitting 3 hours straight for 3 days drawing each of them using mouse -_____-
She’s a friendly person too! She dropped some comments on my posts; well she really made me started to appreciate my own hard work. I had always thought my posts were too long and boring, even I myself rarely wanted to re-read what I just wrote before finally posting them LOL. Thank thank thank you, Ningrum! *kiss*

Most trophies got a lot of things to do with them. Let’s see what I have to do right now! Here are the rules :
1. Thank the people who have you the award with their blog link on your post.
2. Answer the following 4 questions.
3. Award the blogger appreciation award as many readers/commenters/followers as you’d like.
4. Let the blogger know you’ve just awarded them (by leaving a comment/email/tweet/etc).

Questions I have to answer :

1.       How long have you been blogging?
Wait, this one is a hard question. I started blogging when I was 12 which mean I was still a sixth grader back there. What’s the link? I forgot. Then I made another blog again when I was in eighth grade, which was about my life and things happened, here. Why once again it’s abandoned? Well I forgot the username and password too. Luckily I happened to find it so I can mention it here. You can easily tell it was a stupid blog. Blah. This blog is a beauty blog, which was influenced by so many beauty bloggers out there. I have been blogging about beauty and stuffs here for around 7 months, with very minimal posting. Heh heh. I posted a lot lately since I understood how fun is it to blog!

2.       What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
I love sharing. I tell my stories like to everyone even I say it was a secret at first LOL. I want people to experience good things I once did. I am a very talkative person; I love to make friends with others. Otherwise, I love makeup. I want to get closer and make friends with people who are interested in same things with me.

3.       What types of blog do you like to follow/read?
Beauty blog, of course! Then followed by cute, pastel, girly blog. I love cute things, cute animations and cute page arrangement! I just can’t hold myself from following such a blog. I also follow some photography blogs which I think is amazing. The last blog I will follow is fashion blog.

4.       What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
A CONSTANT AND WEEKLY UPDATE. Geez I am bad lazy person! I am too lazy to write reviews, because I write a lot for each review. It’s a hard things to be such a talkative person, eh…  And oh, if I can add one more thing I want to improve, I’d say it’s the template. I want to make a template by my own. My templates will be 100% pure from my very own design and animation and illustration etc. Wish me luck to work on this project so I can finish it soon!


Soooo, I pass this award to my angels, who are… *drum rolls*

And oh, here’s a bonus self pikku of me! Please do not vomit LOL. Soon I’ll do a lens review. Stay tuned, angels! Ciao! Xx

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4 kisses

  1. LOL, you're welcome, dear! :D
    I draw the product since I can't capture a good photo! There's always some trouble with lightings, etc. Illustration just makes the review more personal for me. :)

    Thanks for doing the trophy task! XD And congratulation!

  2. What a lovely blog you have here :) I've followed you, mind to follow each other?
    Thanks before, darling.


    1. thank you! i followed you back, by the way :D

  3. liiin... dikau ku tag di sini yaa ^^ hehe