Kawaii Naomi's Giveaway

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I found another blog that holds a giveaway. I hope I can win all giveaways I've entered & joined! #awwYEAH
This time, it's from Naomi. Another sweetheart with cute and sweet blog, Kawaii Naomi. She has just been set free from a hacker's site possession, thank God she made it *exhale* Her blog is awesome and she's really a nice girl. I love the way she writes, always is honest and lovely!
Her giveaway contains of sooo many samples from many brands! Geez I'm a sample freak, actually LOL I love free things! Well, who doesn't?

Now take a look at her giveaway banner :

I'm so excited to join this giveaway. I hope you guys would join it too, because she's giving away a lot of greaaaaat things. Who knows if we win or not? Just to have some fun and make a friend with each other! Yeah, isn't it what we actually are looking from blogwalking and joining events like this? *wink*

You can simply click here, and follow the instructions given to join this giveaway. It's very easy! Share here and there, and there you are waiting for the winner announcement. The giveaway ends on April 15th 2012 and the winner will be announced on April 20th 2012. Too bad I lose +1 point because of my personal facebook account had reached maximum numbers of friends and likes that could be made, so I couldn't like her page. \(;__;    )/ But luck does matter. Yeah, I believe in that! *motivates self* the giveaway ends on April 15th 2012 and the winner will be announced on April 20th 2012.

Bye for now, and let's join this guh-reeeeat giveaway.
Take care and XX! ;)

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4 kisses

  1. Semoga menang ya giveaway ini.. :)

    By the way, berkunjung ke blog saya sebentar yukk..
    Ada beauty brand besar yang sedang mengadakan kontes untuk menangin hadiahnya sampai jutaan rupiah..

    More info on my blog: http://glitzbyokinice.blogspot.com

    1. thanks dear ;D
      hehe ikutan join yuk, biar lebih seru.. :D

  2. awesome post!!
    wanna follow each other :) ?
    i've follow you :)

    check my blog or follow sometimes
    just comment for followback :)


    1. oh my your editing skill is AWSUM!! i've visited your blog. SUPAAA AWSUM! \(^o^)/
      i've followed yours ;)