Cominica's Cawaii ありがとう Giveaway!

by - 2:43 PM

Hello angels \(^o^)/
I joined another giveaway this time! It’s from, and that sweetheart puts too many cute things for this giveaway. The theme is ‘cawaii’ giveaway, and I can’t disagree anymore. I badly wanted those ribbons for my own!!!!!!

She’s totally sweet too; she puts the items she loves so the winner can also have a great product on her version and hopes the winner likes it too. Awwww I want it too. #marukmodeON

I think you have nothing to lose by joining this giveaway. All items she’s giving away are way too cute and irresistible! It’s open for international readers too, so don’t worry for you gals who live overseas. Here’s the link. Follow some easy steps and there you are, already joined this giveaway.

I hope you will win too if I won’t. Well of course I wish I’m the winner la LOL but yeaaaa, I just wanna share some love! I hope we all can win those cute things for each of us! *gone mad*

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