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Sorry for not posting for quite a long time…I’d been back doing school stuff again, and they really kept me busy all day! Glad that I’ll enjoy another days for holiday because the twelfth graders are going to have national exams until this Thursday. Yay all the way! Viva holiday!

So that I am now using Blackberry, I’ve been busy setting up my new phone too. My friends keep chatting me day and night, too bad we’ve always got good topic to start the chat so there’s like an endless chat lol. Bye to shopping for a while too, but I seem getting worse at camwhoring. All day camwhoring? That’s a new hobby of mine! The Blackberry’s camera is way better than my former Nokia’s, so the new hobby, camwhoring, becomes way more irresistible.
So when my Indonesian teacher asked my class to make an advertising banner as an assignment, I was totally happy to hear that! The first thing that popped in my mind was :


LOL at least one of my camwhoring photos are going to be used in good way *wink*
I chose to advertise contact lens. My eyes are quite big so I thought I could take a nice picture of them lolololol. Long story short, I put on some makeup here and there and voila, here’s the result! FYI I wore NO FALSE EYELASHES atm, the falsies shown was from Photoshop brushes, thank to my superb Photoshop skill.
This photo is also my first FOTD, hope you guys like it! Yes I am a newbie, I only put mascara, eyeliners bb cream, loose powders, and lipgloss on. I didn’t any eyeshadows because I wanted to achieve an innocent baby look. Well, I failed the concept myself though…………………………..
Sorry for the bad makeup, I’m still a newbie and SURE need more practice! >.<

Hadalabo SHA Lotion (as toner)
Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream
Marcks Loose Powder - Crème
Etude Lovely Cookie Blusher #02
Dollywink Liquid Black Eyeliner
Dollywink Volume Mascara
Visions White Eye Kohl
Sebamed Lip Balm
Shiseido Maquillage Lip Compact #34
NYX Megashine Lipgloss – Beige

Thank God I look superbly cute there. At least in my own opinion LOL. I love how big my eyes are, thanks to the contact lens and the self-eye-enlarging control that I’m sure everyone has the ability and the control too lololol……… WTF am I talking about? -___- Yeah I’m sure you understand what I mean, don’t you?
Ha Ha. *bad poker face*

What do you think about this first FOTD? It’s simple but still cute, a type of my daily makeup when I don’t want to go with heavy makeup or I’m in a rush. I would say this is a natural makeup, but I think it’s way too natural I don’t even put any eyeshadows on LOL.
Drop your comment below, lemme know what do you think about me and my makeup! I need your advices and critics though, so just write them down because I’d love to hear from you guys! Help me to get better by giving me advices, kay? Ciao and XX!

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