Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Perversion

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Black shadow is an essential thing in makeup world—at least for me—especially for the matte one! I have Oil Slick in my Skull Palette, but it has silver sparkles in it so it can turn out too much on some cases. I need my matte black eye shadow! Luckily when I was browsing through Urban Decay’s websites during the last Black Friday sale, I happened to find this baby, and it was on sale for $3!

Coke-Metal-Cap Eye Shadow?
The box is a clear box, with purple printed Urban Decay logo and additional information of the product on it. I barely love purple color—it’s one of the colors I hate LOL—but should admit that I love the purple Urban Decay uses! The packaging itself is more into vintage than cute, it looks like a Coke’s metal cap eh?

There’s also an embossed Urban Decay name and random line strokes on it. In the middle there’s an embossed star logo too, and it’s clear so you can see what color is inside. The whole packaging is made of sturdy plastic.

Yay for Cruelty Free!
This product is cruelty free, yet its packaging is made of 25% post consumer recycled content and 25% post industrial recycled content. Truly beauty in an edge, eh? We do not harm others yet we’re making ourselves beautiful!

Poor Pigmentation,…Wait!
To be honest, I was about to put it on my blogsale after swatching it for the first time. The expected pigmentation I had was far higher than how it turned out on the back of my hand. It was sheer, yes it’s black but not the kind of strong, jet black. Still not a good black color! Even Oil Slick turned out more pigmented. But then I know the advantages of having a sheer-but-buildable matte black eye shadow, are that you won’t apply too much and too bold when you only need a sheer color.

˟ $18 is A Lot…
Lucky me to get this while it’s on sale. I got this for only $3 when its non-discounted price was $18—which I would not have been buying if the price had been that high. This is a full-sized product, and it has 1.5 grams or 0.053 oz. Think I will hit the pan, but very later?

˟ Is It Matte Enough?
Urban Decay Matte Eye shadow in Perversion is a matte black—yeah the name just said it,, right—but pictures cannot lie, eh? Tell me if you see the silver sheen on the pan! I tried to take pictures of it in different lighting, and still the sheen is seen as well. It has the sheen, and the micro-shimmer tho once applied, but only seen from like 10cm. Wonder why matte eyeshadow can have such a sheen? Ha, just found this description on the box!

      “Pigment intense shades that glow, shimmer or sparkle with a deluxe, velvety texture. Incredibly blendable. Sweep them on wet or dry for a whole now look at the world.”

The swatches are here!

The texture is rather dry than creamy, but it’s neither chalky nor powdery. I have no issues with fallouts, but the color is a little bit—the tiniest bit—hard to be picked up using brush. It’s buildable to the kind of black of your own liking, by the way! Very blendable too, as it claimed :D

Perversion is not a 100% matte black eye shadow, it still has sheen that is barely seen tho. I was about to let this go on a blogsale, but now I won’t! Your eyes won’t look too muddy and scary with black eye shadow that you can control how dark will you go. It is still, two steps closer to my kind of matte black shadow for its price, and the sheen.


Last Words?
If this thing was not on a sale, I wouldn’t buy it for sure. I don’t think of repurchasing also, as some palette nowadays contains black matte eye shadow.

Have you ever tried Urban Decay’s single eye shadow? What do you think about it? And here's a bonus photo of me and Gloria. Me looking fierce, eh? Who says I always am cute! *evil grin* Sinner and Saint somehow suits us, both in this photo and in real life. Good Night everyone! <3

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