Travel Essentials: What's Inside My Makeup Bag! [Summer Edition]

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Holiday is officially started (especially for us, students)!!! Any travelling plan? I have one! Thank God, Mom and everyone, I’m going to go to Hong Kong for this holiday! Disneyland and Macau, woo-hoo!!!

And being a makeup junkie, everybody in da house has known one thing since my last *ahem* trip only to the hotel, and it was still in the town, and I brought like everything in my vanity case, and moved them all to the hotel’s vanity desk. They were thinking “WTF?” for I only was doing the makeup for two persons. Kay. I just cannot choose what to bring and what not to la, I love them all and family’s not going to be left behind *get slapped* 
Yet, lucky me not to lose any of them there ~(‘’)~ So for this trip, I had already been warned a thousand times, not to bring contact lenses and makeup. Any of them, but only one lipstick and one compact powder. How could they do this to meeeeeeeeeeeee~~

Not repeating my mistake anymore! And I don’t want you to have the same old mistake like what I once had. Nope. You don’t want your most precious gem to be left in some hotel…overseas, right? So today I will show what’s inside my travelling makeup bag, as for you to consider what to bring, and what not! Summer edition, of course

(Nope. Not gonna only bring one compact powder and lipstick. Not only that, so keep reading please pleaseeeeeeee? Friendly reminder, I will be super super talkative in this post. Please read til the end of it, because trust me it’s all informative!!)


1.      Make Up For Ever PRO Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation
You don’t want to clog your pores, have a breakout, and melt the foundation down on your holiday right? So stay away from all of your liquid, cream, stick foundation—grab the powder one! This definitely is my current Holy Grail powder foundation. It feels lightweight yet has buildable coverage, it also doesn’t clog pores! It stays all day and doesn’t transfer. This works both as a base and as a setting powder, touch-up product…everything I would need in my purse, all day and all night.
2.      theBalm Hot Mama Blush
Picking what blush to bring was the hardest part! (the second was choosing lipsticks, believe me.) This blush has the right amount of gold sheen, and the color is kinda peachy pink which will make your face look radiant just in second yet work both for day and night occasion. Very natural on skin, and… C’mon, you do want to have a glowy skin while walking in the park, right!
3.      L.A. Girl PRO Conceal
Nope, not again the cream concealer. It will crease anyway, or else it will melt down. Choose concealer with lightweight formula like this one! This one blends like dream, works on both under the eyes to hide those puffy, panda eyes and also on your blemishes. Hello, flawless!
4.      theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Since what we bring earlier was a powder foundation which sometimes could look flat (erhm, MUFE Pro Finish actually doesn’t. It has the most natural finish, ever.) so I choose to bring this luminizer along! Highlights your cupid bow, high point of your face, and on the nose bridge. Those glowy skin? Hohoho, we can fake it!
5.      Coastal Scents Powder Buffer (from 22 pcs Brush Set.)
I actually use this to apply my powder foundation, because it gives a natural, airbrushed look and could be use to blend everything away on your face. Buff here, buff there!
6.      Coastal Scents Small Angled Blush (from 22 pcs Brush Set.)
This is to apply your favorite blush! Why angled blush brush? If you can’t live without the contour product (while me cannot use one…) and you eager to bring it along, this will work both for the blush and the contour product. Saving space! (p.s: I use this also to apply my highlighter, by pressing it side by side to make the surface flatter.)


1.      NYX Love in Paris Palette #Je Ne Sais Quoi
Bring any of your small palettes along! I bring this one because it (again,) has neutral colors in it. Be sure to bring the one with few matte shades also because you will never know when you will need one. Sssst, there’s one brown color in this palette that I could use to fill in my eyebrows, what a saving place!
2.      Benefit They’re Real! Mascara
This is not my oh-so-favorite mascara, but well at least it’s smudgeproof, waterproof, and a travel size. Remember you will not have much time to wipe away the black stains of smudging mascara there or just to check around, so waterproof and smudgeproof, indeed!
3.      Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Liner #09 Gold
We want something to pop our eyes instantly! Wearing this on your tearduct, or just along the lower lashline will pop out your eyes easily. Beside, it’s summer so you can also wear it on your upper lash line for the summer pop. Woo!
4.      Coastal Scents Small Angled Liner Brush (from 22 pcs Brush Set.)
I use this to line my waterline, do some tightlining on the upper lash line using the gel liner I bring along and to fill my eyebrows with shadow from the NYX palette earlier.
5.      Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff
Contour nose, apply concealer and blend it in, clean-blending eye shadow or color-blending, apply cream shadow…this brush does it all. PERFECTLY.
6.      Urban Decay Primer Potion #Sin
Annoying oily lid, anyone? Prime your eyes before start wearing eye shadow for a longer staying power and greater color payoff. Why not the original one? Because this amazing product also works as quick-to-go eye brightener as it has the shimmery champagne color. Yay!
7.      Essence Gel Liner #Midnight in Paris
Why gel liner? Because it works both on the upper lashes, tightlining in between your lashes, yet it works beautifully on the lower waterline for a quick smokey look! Bringing this could really be a pain in the head (because of its heavy, thick glass jar), but believe me you won’t have much time waiting liquid liner to dry and wiping away the smudges pencil liner gives. Make sure to bring waterproof and smudgeproof one!
8.      LORAC Single Eye Shadow #Serenity
I cannot leave this one at home. Seriously. This eye shadow has that buttery texture and no fall out! This is my no-brainer eye shadow, I would apply this all over my eyelid and still cannot look bad with it. This blends like dream too even if you’re using your fingers. LORAC, all my heart is for you only.
9.      Eyelid Tape
I love having double lids because it’s easier to apply eyeliner on, and well sometimes my lids can turn back into monolid, that’s why this product cannot be left!


1.      Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #117 Almost Nude
Nude lipstick is essentials. Bring one that would not make you look sick to wear it with simple eye makeup, yet it’s calm enough to be worn along with smokey eyes.
2.      Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick #515 Coral Crush
This is summer, babeeeeee! Coral lipstick cannot go wrong, this lipstick brings radiance and brightens up my face just in second! A great color to be mix, also!
3.      NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream #Antwerp
Lack of blush color? Remember, your lips products can also be used on your cheek as long as….they have matte finish. Blush and lip color all in oneeee~
4.      L’Oreal Miss Candy Glam Shine #707 Miss Raspberry
Need some gloss to a plumped lips? Gloss cannot be wrong on summer time, also! Juicy lips ahead!
5.      Burt’s Bees Classic Beeswax Lip Balm
Never forget to wear the lip balm underneath. Yup, you don’t want those cracked lips in this hot, humid summer.
6.      Random Samples
Samples cannot go wrong! Saving more space, but bringing more value.

Phew! Finally this long post is done. Hah. Still, I have some tips to share with  you below, in this cutey picture I just made.

I hope you girls enjoy my summer tips! And what, don’t you remember I’m still missing something……..
Of course the skincare products!
I will blog about my skincare product and how to depot them in mini jars, so please stay tune to my blog. If you have some advices for me, like “you don’t have to bring so much lip products all in one!” or “this product would suit you more” just go ahead on the comment box below! I’d love to hear from you girls. Until next time, ciao! ~~

bonus summery makeup look! :D
Did You Know?
♥ I EXPERIENCED BREAKOUT AGAIN. Am now very depressed. It's 3 days to go, I want to look 100% perfect both with or without makeup on :(

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26 kisses

  1. Aq pingin bawa lipstick maakk.. tpi bingung pol warna apa jek an.. >.<" Fuuuuu...

  2. nyx antwerp for the cheeks? never even thought of it, YOU'RE SUCH A GENIUS!!

    Blog about brushes and your favorite ones after you get back home, pwetty please? :3

    1. yup! try it steph! but remember, be light-handed stipp. i think one drop of the lip cream is enough for both cheeks! blend that away quickly, and you can always build the color up. (it's better than to calm the color down, honestly...)
      i will! XD

    2. it's "still", not "stipp" by the way. oh, typo me!

    3. Definitely will! Thanksss for the tips :*

  3. I can never narrow down my options when it comes to packing, I always bring lots of stuffs..
    But for the lips, I always bring less than four including a lip balm, I just pick a neutral everyday color and one party color for some nights I might not remember :P

    1. neither can I! omg, i should've cut down the amount of the lip products more. gee. picking all the stuffs above? took me 3 days to think over and over again, what to bring and what not to...

  4. nice topic, but i think it's still a lot of stuff. you should bring less lip product, one lip balm and one lip color are enough. and for the eye, i never put on any eye shadow, only eyeliner on my lash line and mascara. because the simplest makeup i wear, the longer time to spend on that day ^^
    well, that's just my opinion ^^

    1. thank you ! yep, i indeed still need to cut down few items. but after thinking it over and over again...i just cannot choose. phew! boo me, eh?
      thanks for the opinion, i rly appreciate it! indeed, less is more darls <3

  5. lucky you ^^
    I'm so busy this holiday cause my little sister will entered to univ
    enjoy your holiday

    1. ohh, wish you all the best in helping her! XD enjoy yourself, dear x

  6. Happy holiday dear ^_^
    Nice tips, memang rempong rasanya kalo mau pergi-pergi :D
    Enjoy ur holiday yaaa

    1. thankyou, pretty! iya, rempong.. i gotta be picture ready, engga mau dong kucel (at least to look decent on pictures lol!) siapa tau ketemu jodoh...hahaa!

      enjoy your days too! :*

  7. aku mesti bawa banyak trs pas disana gk sempat pake loll.. waktu sempat malah maless .. wakkakaka
    aku paleng biasa pake bb cream, pencil or liquid liner, tint and I'm doneee :)

    Nice post sis :*

    1. jangan2 aku juga ga sempet smuaaaa :p
      lucky youuuuuuu to be able to wear bbc! aku alergi nian ama barang 1 itu huahahaha~ and my lids are super duper annoying, not any liner can work on them. gee. hard to be me! :p
      thankssssss hon <3

  8. since you're going to HK, why dont bring less and buy more? LOL *evil grin*

    i was planned to go to HK too, but seems like the whole family won't go back to HK in short time.

    HK has a lot of beauty store (sasa, bonjour, colormix etc) in (almost of) every street! dont need to be afraid, just purchase more hahaha ..

    1. of courseeeeee i'm buying more hon! that's why, ahem i also planned to buy one more makeup bag there *evil laugh*
      aww, too bad :( you can tell me what you wanna buy, i can help you to buy it there! just contact me if you feel like so, kay? :D

  9. awwww I see my faves products too in this posts, NYX antwerp <3
    mau nyobain bgt maybelline yg coral crush, warnanya cantik sekaliiiii ~.~
    salam kenal ya dear, aku follower baru nih hihi
    main-main juga ya cantik, ke

    1. antwerp, is anybody out there could happen to dislike it? nope i think! XD
      coral crush is indeed pretty dear. kudu beli deh, muraaah cuma 70rb something deh di konter. okeeeee i'd play there, thanks for dropping by! <3

  10. I really want that palette from NYX Many thanks for share your favs product is really nice.

    1. should get one, it's more versatile than the older version of nyx palette!
      ur welcome, enjoy <3

  11. that's sure a lotta lip products. I'd bring more balmy one with color.
    tumben ga bawa liptint :p. lbh longlasting wrnanya.
    mary lou travel size ya? dapet dimana, mupenngg >_<

    1. yup indeed hahaha i just cannot happen to narrow the amount down! lol!
      noooooo ga liptint dia heavy glass packaging berat! hehehe. i'd better reapply lah~
      iyaaa, beli hehehe di Make Up Brush waktu beli theBalm smua sihh xixi. itu sample, anyway kayanya jg limited stocks

  12. Nice post! helping banget nih, kebetulan bulan depan mw vacation juga hihi.. Thanks for sharing dear...

  13. You look so gorgeous~! *hug* And I'll take a note of the makeup pouch. Though I don't bring as much but I think I still bring TOO MANY THINGS regarding to enhance my appearance for holidays~
    Thank you for the article ^^