FOTD : Gal Student!

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Gyaru is what I’m always into! I love looking cute, but I do like my style to be outstanding and different just like those gyarus on the other day. Big dolly eyes, outstanding eye lashes, nude lips, and a crisp eyebrow is all gyaru about. So here comes the idea to my mind: 

Why I don’t make a gal look for gal students?

I know I’m in one of the strict school which doesn’t allow the student to wear makeup, but I know there are some of you who are allowed to wear makeup to school. In case you need a guide to your gyaru look for school without doing too much—don’t look at me, I know whoever  you are reading this are very often to reach school just in time—in such a little time you have in between waking up and getting to school

Products Used
Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF30/PA++
Make Up For Ever PRO Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation #117 Golden Ivory
theBalm Hot Mama Blush
Benefit They’re Real! Mascara
Rimmel ScandalEYES Waterproof Kohl Liner in 001 Black
Shiseido Maquillage Crystallized Lip Palette in #34 (shade 1)
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

So I only used the products I listed above. Can you actually believe that? I keep this look simple, if you can see it in the pictures.

I wear no eye shadows, because I think eye shadows are too attention-grabbing for school. Instead, no liner also on my upper lash line but I put some on my lower waterline. Telling you, now I prefer to tightline my lower waterline to my upper ones because it makes a really different and fresher look to my eyes!

As for my eyebrows…..OKAY I AM STILL NO GOOD AT DOING MY EYEBROW. Pardon me laaaaa~ Why can’t I be good at doing them!! *hysteric* ~(˟◊˟)~

Mascara is all you will need, so skip those dramatic lashes! Curl your lashes up and use mascara which could separate your lashes well, not the one that makes spidery lashes. If your lashes are not too long, use mascara with fibers will help much lerr~


So! That’s all for now, anyone requesting the tutorial, I mean video tutorial for this look? This look is quite easy to be done, so I’m offering you girls a video tutorial. MUAHAHAHA. I realized I’m still no good at doing expert and advanced eye makeup so I offer the easy one for you to try until I get really good at doing the expert ones. Drop your comments below, advices or critics, I welcome them all. Enjoy your weekend, and, XOXO from me, chuu~

Did You Know?
I bought 3 dresses online yesterday and none of them fit me perfectly. They're still too big for me, even I love them! Gotta do some make over then, to resize them :(

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14 kisses

  1. wah kulitmu bagus <3
    ini anak sekolah masih imut2 :3 wahahaha

    1. nayy ren, ini makasii ke CC cream >.< thankyouuuuu huehehe, iya masih menik-menik udah centil yak

  2. wahh beb, kulitmu uda lebih baik drpd yg dulu kering banget itu ya...
    makinn sweeeeet!!!! #cubit

    1. wekeke iyaaa ci tinggal bekas2nya nii, jd ketutup kalo ama fondi dll, makasiii :*

  3. waaaa nice makeuplook loch ;)
    aku juga ke kampus kadang makeup kilat xD tapi eyeshadow tetepp pakeee, biar eye makin pop out.
    pake warna"naked gitu juga ga gitu keliatan kok say xD

    1. hehehe makasii neni!
      ini buat seru-seruan ajaa sih, hehe biasanya sih gyaru engga terlalu nonjolin eyeshadow dan buat aku blending eyeshadow itu lamaaaaa that's why i skipped it this time :p xixixi!

  4. seems like it's really work.. keren banget hasilnya :)

  5. wow, keren loh :) salam kenal ya

    my blog:

  6. Kerennnn natural look banget.
    Hi Caroline, salam kenal ya.
    Hebat masih sekolah tapi bakat makeupnya udah jago.
    Thumbs up
    Love ur blog ^_^

  7. Your blog Qoute like avenged sevenfold song. . (like it very much :P)
    I like how you write an article in your Post. (rapi gimana yah, secara personal sih).
    Good Job XP.
    and shock, you are still teenager but can playing many make up tools. #ahhaaahaaa, not like me (suram . . . )

    find me here:

  8. pake softlens warna apa dan merk apasis?? bagusss

  9. Pake Dueba Sugar Candy Lens say, ini ada reviewnya :