Review : Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in 070 Barely Branded

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One of the things-super-hot lately in between the bloggers all over the world is the series Color Tattoo from Maybelline. Woo-hoo! As you’ve known it, it’s a cream shadow with such a superb formula. Maybe it’s a little too late for me to do a review for this product, but it’s okay right to share my thoughts with you girls?

So Cute, So True!
This product comes in a glass jar packaging, with a plastic twist turn cap. Not very travel friendly though, since the jar is quite heavy because it’s made of a thick glass, yet the cap is quite easy to break even though it’s made of plastic. Beware not to drop this product—for any reason, in any occasion—because it’s very fragile!

Another Amazing Product From Maybelline, Indeed.
So basically Maybelline Color Tattoo 24-hr Eye Shadow comes in, what, two finishes so far? The one I know is in matte, like Tough As Taupe from the permanent line, and the other one is a shimmery, metallic finish like this one I got, 070 Barely Branded from the Metal collection. The metal collection of course has that metallic finish! The other shades available on this Metal collection are these. I’m eyeing on the blue, eh!
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This shadow comes in a creamy texture, a pure cream shadow if I may say. Not too thick, yet not too runny. The creamy constituency is just right. It’s very smooth, very soft, and the color payoff is so damn great! The color when applied is just the same with it’s on the pan. Barely Branded is a pale beige color, with neutral undertone. It’s a universal color for everyone, it’s not too warm nor too cool.

Waterproof and Budgeproof!
Being creamy makes this product super blendable, but surprisingly it dries out to a budgeproof and waterproof cream shadow! The staying power is indeed awesome too, that’s why it can also work as a base just like those MAC Paint Pots, yet is super versatile to be worn alone. It doesn’t crease on me all day without any primer underneath, which is a yay!

my inside arm is NC20-25

Use Primer/Eye Creams Underneath !
On my NC20-25 skin, this color shows up really well and it really brightens out my eyes. Unfortunately since my eye’s areas are quite dry (and I don’t have any eye creams since I’m still 17, does anyone know good eye cream for teens? Comment below!) This shadow turns out a bit patchy afterwards and the finish is not too smooth. A good eye cream or a primer underneath will help much to smooth out upon application, though!

Pay Less for More Quality ;)
I believe this product would retail around IDR 100,000 to 150,000 in online shops, locally of course since neither nor do the shipping worldwide. Think it really is worth the price, since MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (which the quality is better, even I can’t deny this even though this product is pretty much as similar to it) is quite expensive, so well nothing’s wrong with having this as a dupe. It performs just very well, a shade dupe is quite a bonus for a cheap option, rite? ;)


Last Words?
Think I have nothing else to say in order to express how much I love this product. Only please remember this two things, wear the eye cream before and…..GRAB ALL THE OTHER COLORS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL GORGEOUSSSSSS!

XOXO Ladies, until next time!

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  1. where to buy that color tatto say? ^^

    1. go buy them from TWL cosmetic or Make Up Original on facebook, kayanya mereka ada ready stocknya, the cheapest also

  2. I love this shade! I have a few of the bright colors and I agree, they do crease a bit xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

    1. wow, think i gotta go to your blog and see the reviews of yours. surely will be tempted! <3 x