Review : Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF30/PA++

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After the hype all over the world about the BB cream a.k.a Blemish Balm cream, now the world once again is on the rage of another cream-with-double-letter-as-an-initial : CC cream! This CC cream hype however started from a Singapore brand, Rachel K. The hype was easily spread all over the world after the first introduction of it, and South Korea is not an exception to get into all the hype after being an expert and a pioneer in BB cream!

CC cream stands for Color Correcting, Color Changing, or Color Control cream.
I’m very lucky to get one of the CC cream out there from bntNews, it’s a CC cream by Tony Moly, a Korean brand which always has the creative and cute design for every of their product. Hmm, is this cream gonna work on me, since most of Korean BB Cream and complexion products are causing me breakouts. Most of them. Sigh. Keep reading, girls!

Pump It!
Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF30/PA++ has packaging which is quite simple with an off-white color as the main color of both the box and the bottle, and some touch of black as for the cap of the bottle and the writings on the body. Simple, but sophisticated enough! 


the ingredients list, never forget to check this out especially you with the sensitive skin!

Pump dispenser for any liquid product is a MUST! Not only you will not dispense too much product than what would you need, but the product inside will also not to be infected in any way since you won’t return the remaining of the product poured out inside the bottle. Great this product comes with one la~

[NEW] TONYMOLY Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream. CC cream makes perfectly natural skin tone as providing natural color change and skin care effect with moist radiance. Black/red/yellow color capsule pops and perfectly mixes up upon applying on skin to naturally conceal redness and imperfections. 7 Free - parabens, benzophenon, talc, mineral oil, organic pigment, sulfate surfactant. 50ml.

the manufactured date. it's a new product!
Really has it a lot, 1.73oz/50ml in one bottle! The sunscreen agent it has is also quite a lot, and it really does its job well.

Abracadabra, It Adjusts Beautifully!
I was actually quite surprised when first dispensed some amount of this cream out on the back of my hand. The texture of the product is actually a thick liquid in white color—OFF WHITE, to be precise—and there’s like, what, color capsules they say? Dots on the liquid and the dots are in dark colors, cannot describe much when seen with bare eyes.

And then rubbing it in, you will quickly notice that the liquid’s color is actually changing and is adjusting to your own skin tone. I tried this product on different people too, as for example, ahem, even on my brother too (he’s around NC30-ish something), and it just matched him perfectly. Wow!

Set for A Better Performance!
The finish of this cc cream is more into natural on me, and it will quickly become dewy right after few minutes. The staying power however is not too good if you’re wearing it on sunny day and super hot yet humid weather, but it has quite a nice staying power while worn indoor. It stays alone—without any setting powder—on me for up to 4 hours on me indoor, while it just stays there for 3 hours max. on me while is worn outdoor. I have combination-oily skin, so setting powder is a must. Indeed, with setting powder the staying power will lengthen a little bit, like one hour on me.

Now You Know It…
As for the coverage, I cannot say much about it since this is a CC cream.  It has super sheer coverage, more like a tinted moisturizer which adjusts to any skin tone but with better formula to even out your skin tone. So many people out there seems to be mistaken CC cream for the previous BB cream which is actually to be a blemish balm cream and indeed works by covering those blemishes. CC cream is more into a “color-changing” cream, which is focused more on color changing properties like evening out your skin tone, eliminate that redness and any discoloration than covering your acne scars and blemishes. Coverage that CC cream has is just a bonus actually, since it’s not made for coverage btw.

Current HG Base!
I love this product the most as a base, it works really great to even out my skin tone. I start off with Tony Moly CC cream as a base, and then work my way out with concealer on my blemishes, then finish everything up with setting powder. Amusing! My skin looks very natural, very healthy like it’s wearing no makeup at all~

without setting powder. okay. ignore my stupid eyebrows...

The one and only minus for this product is, well, this product will cause me some little bumps if I put too much moisturizer on. The cream is not drying and it has luminous, healthy dewy effect but its texture is quite thick as I mentioned above so I prefer to put moisturizer on before the application. 

This product is retailing around $15, or IDR 130,000 to 150,000 in our local online shops. I believe this product has not entered the nearest official stores here in my city, but it may have entered the store in some Asia countries.


Last Words?
Correcting the skin tone’s discoloration well, I think this product has made it to the aim. Yet you can layer it if the correction is still not enough in your liking, with still looking as natural. Its ability to adjust with any skin tone is also amazing because of its sheer coverage, as for some CC cream out there it’s kinda hard to find one which will just match any skin tone with only one product. Last but not least, yay for the sunscreen agent and it’s not gonna make an awesome white cast on flashy photos! If you're looking for a luminous cc cream, well this product is quick match for your need~


So! Aren't you not interested in trying this product? I really am loving it now, and I'm pretty sure you will love it too especially if you have normal skin, lucky you because you will not really need to set it with powder for a real luminous look. See you ASAP, and, bye <3

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  4. It suits you very well :)

  5. This product is getting so much love from beauty bloggers, it makes me want to purchase it and test it out on my skin as well. xD The CC cream looks really natural on you, I am very impressed. :)

    1. yes, this product really is worth the hype, pinky promiseeee :D
      it will look natural on you too, try try try~ <3

  6. Hey.

    thanks for this cream review:))..natural skin lotion

  7. it seems like CC creams are worth the hype.. i just ordered one for myself :D
    at first i thought it will turn whitish, but it doesn't, I should have ordered this instead of the chanel one :(
    anyways, the cc cream makes your skin look healthy and natural, you're as pretty as always! :)

    1. yes it is, especially this one! you ordered the chanel one? heard it's good for NC20 skin! honestly i have no interest in chanel product therefore i cannot say much. not even the cc cream nor the foundation! lol
      so pretty on skin, right? :D thankkyouu, so are you!

  8. waaw, jadi flawless sekali kulit mukanya :D

  9. blemish nya dikasih concealer apa Lin?
    aku juga ada blemish, n bingung dipakein apa,. -_-'

  10. nyimak, pengen tau juga pake concealer apaan.... :)