Review : Komilook Leopard Colored Lens in Grey [SPONSORED]

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Adoring gyaru, here are some of their specific signature I’ve found out this far : big dolly eyes!  Thick and long lashes plus circle lenses easily make your eyes turn out super outstanding and dolly. I got tons of lashes, from the most natural one to the most dramatic ones, but seems like NONE of them can make me look ‘Gyaru’ enough! I didn’t realize what’s been missing until I finally noticed one thing, yes, THE CIRCLE LENSES! I surely need something more than just the one with 14mm diameter!

Thanks to Nadia Nicky from Cheapysoft, for sending me some lenses to complete my gyaru look. I wanted to get brown and natural lenses, but brown didn’t look so good on me so well I went with grey then (~˙◊˙)~

Product Info
Brand : Komilook
Color : Grey
Water content : 62%
Diameter : 19.8 mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Duration : 1 year (disposable)

Some of cute lenses that I’ve been eyeing at, don’t bring any range which have prescription in them (;A;   ) and that’s kinda hurt! Got mine in -350, quite a lot eh XD Komilook has range from plano (non-presctiption lenses) to -1000 anyway.

lens inside in
lens inside out
Leopard, like, seriously? I don’t believe any circle lenses would bring a leopard print like this, in obvious color = black. It’s a super unique design anyway, never have seen any other lenses with animal print before LOL~

without lenses
one with lenses

The color is obvious at bright places. At low-light place this lens will just look like a darkened grey. The color is not too bright, it’s pretty decent actually, It’s great for a photoshoot or a party instead. Rock them people!!!! \(°ɜ°)/

close-up look
FOTD : Winter Baby, LOL~
Judging Time!
Comfort :  ♥♥♥♥♥
Been wearing it for 8 hours straight and no signs of irritated eyes, and redness. Yay! (never, ever, try to wear circle lenses more than 6 hours anyway. I’m a badass anyway LOL) Should say that my eyes are the dry and sensitive type, but they can adapt easily with any water content of circle lenses.

Color : ♥♥♥♥
As mentioned before, I should say these lenses are pretty. It has decent color, not too bright but not the type that show up a different color (some grey lenses come up bluish color like Geo Nudy Grey), but it’s drawing attention. Really. Cannot say it gives natural effect tho! I also love how it covers my whole dark brown eyes because some lenses don’t.

Design : ♥♥♥♥
This lens is….unique! I should say LOL because it’s leopard, hey, there is animal prints in your eyes! Wear this lens to party with another leopard-print fashion items and your sexiness will boost like 200%. Boom! The pattern is visible too, but not that scary as if people will notice the pattern from 2 meters XD
IMO you gotta go with makeup everytime you’re wearing this lens to enhance the pattern beautifully (“ ˙◊˙)

Enlargement : ♥♥♥♥♥
This lens will enlarge your eyes, but the enlargement effect is just around 15 mm even though they claim to have 19.8 mm diameter. It has black outer ring too. Haaaa I wish it will bring 16-17 mm enlargement effect tho, for a more more gyaru look *get slapped*

“Nothing really is flawless but hey, this one is awesome!”

Last Words?
If you’re looking for enlarging circle lenses with unique pattern, and you love to try something different, go for this lens. It’s cute anyway, and not that scary. It brings up your sexiness like 200% up! Wear these lenses with smoky eyes and you will look stunning without looking scary. This lens may be too much for a gyaru look, but see how I worked with it! Still gyaru-ish right? The tips is : wear soft smoky look!


So any of you have tried these lenses? You can buy this at Cheapysoft by Nadia Nicky here :
Twitter : @naddnicky
BB Pin : 26D4B2F4
Facebook : Nadia Nicky

Do not forget to mention my name, just go for “caroline” or “carolinelle” to get 5% discount. She sells contact lenses with surely cheap price! Aaaaaaand guess what?

Okay so by for now, I gotta take a nap, been lack of sleep lately *yawn* Ciao Angels! ♥♥

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  9. i really love leopard print. this one looks very pretty <3

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