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If you’re a loyal reader of my blog, you must’ve noticed how I wear circle lenses in most of my photos. It’s not that I hate my natural eyes but I love the dolly effect given I want to have in my photos, and honestly lately I’m kind of “bored” with the dolly eyes. I started to miss my small-in-diameter lens and those beautiful-color-except-brown! So today I’d like to thank Japan Softlens, for kindly sending me this beautiful lens I really wanted lately~~

Japan Softlens is an online-based shop that sells 100% original Japan circle lens via web and the social media Instagram. The owner, Yulia is a kind woman and she’s very willing and professional to give you a suggestion of some you might want to choose. The lens she sells is very popular lately, and some of the Indonesian icons and actresses have been using them lately. Check here!  

Now, let’s see what I’ve got from them:

Product Info
Brand: Vivian
Type: Classic
Manufactured By: Vision
Water Content: 45%
Diameter (in mm): 14.5 mm (effect could be up to 16 mm)
BC (Base of Curve): 8.6
Color Selection: Grey, Light Brown, Green
Duration: 6 months (disposable)
Available in Prescription: Yes

Why Blister Packaging??
The outer box is made of pink, metallic-ish card. The brand’s name is printed on the front cover of it in silver and embossed font. The design is rather simple, and honestly not very appealing (you see it?), but what matters is the product inside so let’s not judge the book by its cover yet! Moving to the product~~

Coming up in blister packaging instead, actually I was surprised. I thought the packaging would be in vial type—just like Korean Lens like here, here, and here—but it’s in the old-school blister type! When I asked the Owner, the answer was more surprising—she said it’s not allowed in Japan to sell circle/contact lenses in vial type because bottles are going to be recycled over and over again, and nobody could guarantee how “clean & hygienic” they actually were before being filled once more! So blister is FAR safer as it’s disposable (means you’re throwing it away once it’s opened, and no way you can use it all over again in the same form) not very easy to be repackaged like bottles are. Hmm, it sounds very right and reasonable!

Mini Lesson About Plastic!
The plastic used for the blisters is in code 5, known PP (Polypropylene). Far as I know, this type of plastic is a disposable type and sure recyclable, but not to be recycled once again as the same product it was at the first place, instead of being made into something non-food type of packaging. It’s also claimed to be resistant to heat as well.

Into the judging, then!

Color: ♥♥♥♥♥
The color is true as what you see when it’s not worn, it’s a beautiful light grey that pop up beautifully. It’s very vibrant on eyes, but not very overwhelmingly bright and weird that you cannot wear alone.

Design: ♥♥♥
The design is somewhat like random spikes, I don’t really know how to describe it LOL but it’s like slices of crystal…I don’t know. *embarrassed*
I’m usually not really a fan of this pattern, especially if the color is not very natural to blend in with my dark brown eyes. But somehow this lens is very, merry, pretty on my eyes especially with heavy makeup on! Can’t you tell? Even it’s not a heavy lens which requires you to wear heavy makeup on with that, but it blends beautifully with smokey eyes!

Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♥
Claiming to have the effect up to 16 mm even though the lens is only 14.5 mm in real diameter size, this lens actually doesn't enlarge your eyes that much. It enlarges only up to 14.5 mm the most on my eyes and I cannot see a real enlargement effect compared to my other eye (without lens one). The outer ring is not black like any other circle lens, it’s more a muted dark brown, which could be one of the factor why it doesn't really provide great enlargement effect. But this is good hey, since I mentioned earlier that I'm actually looking for a small diameter, almost natural lens!

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥
I had a high expectation of this lens especially after reading some good reviews about it. But well, good things don’t work the same on all people right? I was…very unlucky to feel really bad with this lens on, it was very hurting and stinging my eyes, while others say that Vivian lens is the best lens they’ve tried so far. Even to take pictures with them on, I had a hard time dealing with them. Oh God Why… *sob*

Retailing for IDR 120,000, it’s really cheap LOL it’s on par in price term with Korean Lens! I wish to buy another pair from Japan Softlens though this one doesn’t seem to suit my eyes well but the other lenses are supaaaaaah pretty I cannot neglect them *O*

You can buy it here, or simply contact Japan Softlens:
Facebook: Japan Softlens
Twitter: @japansoftlens
Instagram: @japansoftlens
BlackBerry Pin: 25A8140C


Last Words?

Though this lens doesn’t really suit my eyes instead of hurting them, the result on people of wearing this lens may vary one to another. As what I’ve said earlier, things don’t work the same on everyone right! I should admit the color, and the design—which I underestimated at the first place LOL—turned out so pretty while the lens is worn on eyes, and I really want to get more lenses from Japan Softlens! Still curious, because they’re all so pretty and…well, I want them ofc!

Okay! Have you tried this, and will you give it a try? It’s beautiful and I hope it worked better on you! Place the comments below, I’d love to hear from you girls. Ciao, have a nice day!

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