Review: Moodmatcher Lipsticks in Dark Blue and Brown [SPONSORED]

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Hello, Angels!

Today I’m going to review something so legendary, a color-changing lipstick that claims to be very longlasting when worn, up to 12 hours, and no matter what activities you do during the day – from swimming to eating to kissing, this product promises to last. It was first invented in 1987 by Fran Wilson – what else right, but the famous Moodmatcher Lipsticks!

So around two weeks ago, Surabaya Beauty Blogger teamed up with Moodmatcher Indonesia for a test-out and review project. The bloggers were let to pick two colors, so I chose Dark Blue and Brown.

Moodmatcher Lipstick
Brand: Moodmatcher
Netto Weight/Content: 3.5g
Origin: USA
Price: Rp 66.000,- 

Where to buy: Moodmatcher Indonesia, Lazada

Apparently, Moodmatcher is in process of changing their old-school lipstick tube to the new one with sleeker and simpler design, which explains why the two tubes are quite different. I like the new packaging much better and I’m sure you do too! With the former version, you can see that the lipstick’s peeking out of the body of the tube. Yes, it’s easier to see what shade is on the inside with the long, transparent cap, but it makes me stressed out every time I finish applying it on my lips and about to put the cap back. Super afraid that the cap will somehow damage the bullet when I put the cap back in hurry or without looking at it, so this kind of cap is a big no for a clumsy person like me. Luckily, they had it changed to a fuss-free, brand new sleek black tube that kinda reminds me of the NYX Matte Lipsticks’ packaging 😊

Now, onto the formula! In general, these lipsticks have no scent at all which may or may not be a plus point for you. But my problem is, with no fragrance added at all, the waxy scent and taste of these lipsticks can’t be hidden at all. That’s kinda bothering for me tho

However, these lipsticks glide on smoothly and nicely without much tugging, and they’re actually kinda hydrating when first applied due to the high content of wax and castor seed oil. I’m the type of person that always wear a lip balm before applying whatever lip product next, but Moodmatcher lipsticks perform well even on dry and dehydrated lips of mine with no lip balm underneath. The color quickly changes after application too, so no worries about looking crazy when retouching in public toilet 😉

In terms of longevity, yes, they’re all super long-lasting. Essentially up to 12 hours just as the claims! But after 4-5 hours or when the shine starts to fade, I do feel that these lipsticks make my lips a little bit dry and the moisture inside is kind of sucked out applying lip balm on top would help a lot, though.

I’m going to get deeper about each shade now:

Dark Blue

Dark Blue turns into a beautiful purplish fuchsia quickly after application. I love this color so much, but the intensity of the color is not very opaque since this shade is quite sheer when applied. It stays up to 9 hours on my lips, and fades a little bit faster than the Brown one. However, this color doesn’t transfer at all and leaves a fuchsia stain when the shiny layer wears off.


Brown turns into beautiful brick red, but it takes 2-3 hours before the color completely changes! The color payoff is very strong, beautifully pigmented and opaque even just with one swipe. The only negative point of this shade is that the lipstick transfers a lot because the shiny layer doesn’t easily come off even after 4 hours of wear. This shade is a bit more longlasting on me, and it leaves red-fuchsia stain afterwards too which I think is actually opaquer and more even than the stain of the Dark Blue one.


Last Words?
Overall, I think the Moodmatcher lipsticks pretty much live up to the claims: they’re all longlasting and can survive through a lot of daily activities such as eating, drinking, and swimming because they actually will stain your lips and it’s pretty hard to remove them once your lips are stained! However, I don’t really like the waxy smell and taste that lingers around 5 minutes after application. I do think these lipsticks will even be better with fragrance added! Just like the other lip product with staining power, I do think that Moodmatcher lipsticks can be a little bit drying after several hours of wear. No lip balm is necessarily needed underneath these lipsticks, but on top of it is a must after 4-5 hours of wear for me 😉

That’s all my thoughts about the legendary Moodmatcher Lipsticks, what do you think about it? Have you ever tried these babies? Share your comments down below 😉


If you wanna know more about Moodmatcher and their latest products, please take a look at their website and social media accounts down below:

See you on my next post, XOXO!

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  1. Baru ngeh kalau ini bukan produk China, Lin! XD Ternyata ada nama penemunya yaa di atas merknya, sungguh kalo ga baca tulisanmu aku ngga ngerti hahaha

    Btw, yang Brown keliatan merah aja yaa di bibir, padahal di bullet-nya ada hint coklatnya :/